View Full Version : 1500 Point Dwarves Vs Mainly HE

16-08-2006, 13:50
After a friendly round of banter, i was issued a challenge. To make a 1500 point army list at the same time as a friend was making a 1500 point HE list. Once done, we would duke it out. Also note, if this army works well, i'd plan on keeping it at this point value to play just smaller games where my gazillion points of ogres aren't needed :(

Anyways! Onto the list! Any help would be appreciated :)


1 x Thane - Runic Armour + GW.
Point Cost: 94
(Goes with the Unit of warriors with HW + Shields)

1 x Runesmith - Master Rune of Spellbinding, Rune of Spell Breaking.
Point Cost: 145

1 x Runesmith - Master Rune of Balance, Rune of Spell Breaking.
Point cost: 145

Total Hero point cost: 384 (25%)


19 x Warriors - Full Command, HW + Shield
Point Cost: 196

20 x Warriors - Full Command, GW + Shield
Point Cost: 245

10 x Thunderers
Point Cost: 140

10 x Thunderers
Point Cost: 140

Total Core point cost: 779 (48%)


10 x Miners - Prospector
Point Cost: 120

10 x Miners - Prospector
Point Cost: 120

Total Special point cost: 240 (16%)


1 x Gyrocopter
Point Cost: 140

Total Rare point cost: 140 (9%)

Total Roster Points Value: 1485
Model Count: 83
Dispel Pool: 6 (Plus one stolen, plus +1 to dispels, plus two dispel scrolls)

Yeah so i've got 15 points left to play around with, and i don't know what in the world i can do with em. Any thoughts? Cheers in advance :)

16-08-2006, 16:08
As for the miners, I would only take one unit, and spend the other unit's points on either a cannon or a lovely pair of runed bolt throwers. Being that your fighting high elves you WILL most likely face a crap load of magic, which means you need to get your warriors into comabt asap, but to do that you must dent his arsenals with your own firpower...Now a NASTY way of using your miners is to stick a thane with them (rune of brotherhood) and then the rune of challange, so basically you will be seeing fat dwarfs erupting from the ground and challenging some very disturbed high elf mages.