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Black DH templ.
16-08-2006, 23:02
Now Don't get disappointed here guys. A lot of this stuff I have already, or will post in the General Discussion. But I just figured I'd make myself a thread of my own to post some of my present and future projects.

First off, a plastic BT Chaplain:



Then, one of his Servitors or Noephytes (I haven't decided which yet, maybe you can help me?) The Milliput will be filed down to look smooth.



Black DH templ.
16-08-2006, 23:03

Lastly, I had the Brilliant idea of converting a Monolith into a Drop Pod. I really need some help here. What can I do? It doesn't look like I imagined it to. The plans I have so far is to make small wings like the FW model (but smaller). And of course place an engine a top and stuff it with SM insignia.

I originally planned to use the four gunports for Storm Bolters but I think I have ditched the idea and will cover them instead.

NOTE: I have done some serious sawing and converting on this thing (seriously). It's just really hard to notice. http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y14/M55ikael/Black%20Templars/18.jpg

Here are the Venerable Dread and Annihilator I posted earlier:



Black DH templ.
16-08-2006, 23:08
Now, on to IG:

Here's a test model I did on my new German Themed IG
I learned a lot from this. That I am in fact capable of painting relatively fast (as I did this chap in 3 hours including assembling).
And that I have to make them a bit brighter.

The test model is not converted to look germanish like all my actual models will be.

Here's a pic of a WIP Veteran (or Grenadier in my case) and his authentic equipment. All my Veterans will have this.


And the thing in the backgound is a converted MG42. I will try and pas it as a Heavy Bolter but am unsure.

Lastly I have an EXTREMELY WIP IG Command Squad (with the Grenadier to the right which is not to be included in the squad):


Black DH templ.
16-08-2006, 23:22
Now I will attempt to dip a Warrior (refer to this album for previous Dipping results: http://s2.photobucket.com/albums/y14/M55ikael/MY%20DIPPING%20ADVENTURES/)

I painted this model quite carefully so the dip will be quite thin:


EDIT; This thing is not actually dipped yet.

16-08-2006, 23:24
This is like a magic show.
"What me pull this Tyranid warrior out of the paint can!"

17-08-2006, 00:37
what is dipping

Black DH templ.
17-08-2006, 00:47
what is dipping

Please do a search:

17-08-2006, 00:59
still lost I now know what it is but can;t seem to make what products are used

17-08-2006, 01:01
how about doing the following for the mono-pod

removes the pink bits so you have got a solid shape
fill in the yellow bits
the green bits would be doors
and the orange bit the engine

17-08-2006, 01:06
Dude that chaplain is looking pretty hardcore, I think he needs a banner or some insignia on his backppack though, just to make him stand out.

The dreadnaught just screams 'Your ass is mine' :D

I envy your highlighting skills on your Templars, I had to settle for battle damage on my BT veheicles.

The neophyte/servitor would work for both really, I personnaly think he should be a servitor. Mainly because although Templars are a very knightly chapter with lots of heraldry; to face the truth, they are men in robotic armour, and I dont think that guy would look right standing next to a marine.

17-08-2006, 08:38
I like the mono-pod!

I recon the whole sides should fall away, leaving a structure like the fw one.

Make the structure hold 10 marines, with that bit slotting out so a dread could go in instead.

for the germans IG, one small problem:


17-08-2006, 08:43
Wow cool idea for the drop pod, nice chappy as well.

Black DH templ.
17-08-2006, 09:30
I like the mono-pod!
for the germans IG, one small problem:


Camo? What? Where?
The Grenadiers will have camo schemes. But not even they wore camouflage all the time.

Unique 1: Could you elaborate on the sides going away thing?


17-08-2006, 12:41
Hmm, right elaborate:

If you've played Dawn Of War, you'll see that the drop pod "shatters" when it hits the ground, the doors blast away and the marines charge out. You could to a similar thing here, with the doors hinging from the bottom outwards. Or even just the bottom half of the doors hinging down, and follow you storm bolter idea, or go deathwind with 4 assault cannons or missile blocks (filling the entire spaces up with 4 big missile pods basically, following the shape of the monolith). I'd also sand all the necrony detail such as the plates away, and simply add large wings where you said and all loads of eagles.

17-08-2006, 19:16
Whats the head from the Space marine chaplain from? He looks wicked!

Still learning
18-08-2006, 12:28
what have you used for the equpiment on the grenadier? it looks like Kroot baggage and something else?

Black DH templ.
20-08-2006, 21:36
Shaw: It's the Terminator style head from the "new" Tactical Squad upgrade sprue.

And Still Learning: It's definitely not Kroot baggage. I've picked up loads of different WWII kits for this army. This is from the Tamiya 1/48 WWII German Infantry set.

Unique1: That was the idea.:)

21-08-2006, 03:52
In Relation to your mono-drop pod, had you thought of cuttin/hacking (take your pick) the corner pieces of the monolith, thus making the fins of the pod, and using plastic card to bulk the rest of the pod out. this way you could make two drop pods using the monolith kit.

21-08-2006, 21:09
I like your painting style a lot, the warrior looks very nice indeed! A few words of advice for your command squad though. In at least two of the models (the center piece and the forge wolrd comissar) the legs are proportionaly too long. The fw comissar has two belt lines. Try chopping the plastic paints off further down. Other than that, looking good.

22-08-2006, 20:49
where´s the stahlhelm-the helmet at the grenadier from?

Black DH templ.
23-08-2006, 17:35
where´s the stahlhelm-the helmet at the grenadier from?

Tamiya 1/48 WWII German Infantry set again. It's way too small though. So for the non-grenadiers I will make my own helmets (by cutting away at the Cadian heads).