View Full Version : Help please! I need a favour

16-08-2006, 22:19
I'm running a WFB tournament in early November, and I need to get the poster done. Unfortunately, the person who said they could do it has moved to OZ, and doesn't have time.

So I'm looking for a person that has time, and the will to help me out.

I'm not very good at Photoshop. I'll say that right away. If I had time, I'd learn, but I really don't at the moment.

Anyway, the poster would be A3 landscape, divided into two halves. Left half will have the text and info.. Right half will have the evocative image of the dark, stormy clouds and lightning, with shadows of Chaos Knights against it.

The tournament is called Dark Stormy Knights, you see...

If you have the time to help, that would be wonderful. I really can't pay anything for it, but I can provide entry to the tourney, and overnighting accomodation if needed. It's in Bergen Norway, incase you were wondering.

I'd love to hear if people can help.

Thanks, Pert