View Full Version : Searching for a picture...

17-08-2006, 10:08
I'm searching for a picture - one I sadly didn't save a few years ago.

It features a group of Marines - possibly Ultras - breaking through a corridor wall and being somewhat outgunned. I vaguely remember one of them handling two Bolters (Bolt pistols) Gung-ho style...

I didn't remember until I saw the cover of the 1st edition 40k Compendium (linked for here (http://www.vigyan.com/~peterson/ilibrary/covers/10500.jpg)). The version I'm looking for could be inspired by that picture - the style was more towards that of the 3rd edition Space Marine Codex (linked for here (http://www.silverstars.co.il/files/SM.jpg)).

All very vague, I know, but perhaps one of the vast numbers of knowledgable WarSeers knows which picture I seek and where to find it.