View Full Version : Count as wrongness, Using 3 buildings as drop pods

17-08-2006, 11:43
Hopefully the title says it all, How far is to far when using the counts as convention?

17-08-2006, 11:52
That would be fine.
Buildings are BIGGER than Drop Pods I think, so Hes giving you an advantage.

17-08-2006, 11:56
Counts as should only be used when a model isnt available or its something "special" Like my Salamanders Force Thunder Hammer. Sure it "looks" like a thunderhammer but i wanted to stay in theme so its just counting as a forceweapon..

Your talking about proxie. Which is fine as long as the person is working on getting the correct models. I know its expensive so i have nothing agasint people paying for things very slowly as long as they are actually putting in the effort

17-08-2006, 12:55
when some one uses coke cans as drop pods i really dont mind as i know they cost a packet to buy from forge world (seriously with so many people using them why not make plastic ones gw?) but when they pull out the CD spindle as a monolith thats where i try to draw the line, unless of course that person throws a hissy fit about not letting them play???????????? 3yrs on and he has only just got a monolith

17-08-2006, 14:42
Proxies are good when a player is testing out a new unit type before they drop a pile of cash on models they may not have a use for. Some models, esp. FW resins are great in the right army list, but they're just so expensive! As long as all proxied models are explained at the start of the game, I don't mind. Just don't wait until turn 4 to tell me that that spore mine is really a winged hive tyrant!

17-08-2006, 14:51
That would be fine.
Buildings are BIGGER than Drop Pods I think, so Hes giving you an advantage.

Not if he's using a building to block LOS to his deploying drop-podders he isn't.
The proxy should be around the size of a FW drop pod so depending how big your building is then it could be very naughty.

17-08-2006, 20:38
our group uses beer bottles and pint glasses for drop pods.

half the fun is making sure you pay attention so a drunk doesnt walk off with your drop pod.

17-08-2006, 22:55
Beware my Housing Commision Homes of Doom!

17-08-2006, 22:58
Jolt cola makes canisters now throw on some plasticard and its perfect. Hell, drop so dry ice in there for a smoke effect.

17-08-2006, 23:42
Although using the counts as rule sometimes for playtesting things, it can get tiresome and confusing when its overused. Tell your mate to buy some water bottles and strap some plasticard to them and spray em black with some details, doesnt take too much effort and at least it looks like he's trying.