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18-08-2006, 15:49
There is a little debate going on in my gaming group about the Alpha Legion and Night Lords.

The core question is, which army has the more usefull special rules for Cities of Death.

A short summary:

Alpha Legion:
- Cheap infiltrate ability
- Infiltrating cultist

Night Lords:
- Cheap +1 cover save
- Fast deamons

Or to put it in words:

Night Lords have increased survivability in ruins, but are need to stay in cover to really use it, thus hindered in movement.
Alpha Legion on the other hand, can infiltrate, and thus have an deployment advantage. With a lot of terrain, there is good chance that they can infiltrate up to 12" to the enemy. Need the infiltration strategem though.

Furies of the Night Lords, prove to be fast and good for taking unguarded ruins, and attack small squads.
Alphalegion Cultist, are very cheap have a set of good abilities and can take on an enemy by sheer numbers. Good for holding ruins.

I for one can take sides for either of them, as I never fought nor used either.

Both look advanteus in different ways, but maybe some more experienced players of you lot, can shed a light on this issue?

18-08-2006, 16:58
I'd prefer the Alpha Legion, but i'd be a bit biased, as i play them. I play as a more horde army, and in COD where you can use the cover of buildings to get that close the enemy while leaving even the biggest horde army in even a little cover, numbers are a big advantage, imo.

If you can get your Cultists (really the backbone of the force, not just cheap cannon fodder like some say) into posistion to strike quickly enough in the first/second turn, while having clear fire lanes for your support, it gives the enemy two choices- fire at the stronger, better equipped Marine pelting you with bolter/las fire, or fire into a seething mass of bodies that will be on you next turn.

Plus, a smaller Cultist squad for objective grabbing/holding key buildings is never wrong.

And, since Cultists can carry demon icons, the inclusion of a pack of 'Letters or Daemonettes for a random punch of reinforcements might be could- I would not know, as I don't like to use demons.

Chaos Lord Primus
18-08-2006, 17:04
Don't forget that Infiltrate is great for taking objectives, and cultists can be used to summon Furies (and other Daemons). The infiltrating meat-shield daemon bomb cult troop is hard to ignore.

Having proxied both when deciding what Chaos army to use, the AL came out on top. Sure the Nightlords have mobility, but the AL can basically deploy in ideal defensive setups or right on top of an objective.

Da Reddaneks
18-08-2006, 20:08
its alpha legion. better variety of demons and infiltration work great. taken with the infiltration stratagem alpha legion is a very tough opponent. CoD basically comes down to hand to hand combat as normal shooting and ordinance is nerfed as everything has a 4+ cover save. the stealth adept skill is great but in a game where shooting is limited it really is not as great as it sounds. stealth adept skill is actually better in a normal game of 40k than it is in CoD.

18-08-2006, 20:52
Let's not forget cultists, which in large numbers would be a pain to drop below scoring.

18-08-2006, 23:03
btw, Alpha legion can't take daemonic beasts, so no furies :(

19-08-2006, 04:41
NIght Lords end up being pretty nasty. Plsu my locals have a heavy ammount of infiltrate.

19-08-2006, 04:49
I say Night Lords. Having them sit there just letting the enemy come to them. QUite evil in itself

19-08-2006, 06:09
Infiltration, if only for the fluff aspect. A swarm of sneaky, brooding cultists, treading carefully through the blown out city, swords and pistols in hand, silently creeping up on the enemy and suddenly sowing chaos and confusion with a mass attack just seems very appealing to me.