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19-08-2006, 11:10
Iíve been playing Empire for a few years now with varying degrees of success. Itís taken me a while to figure the army out and I could probably still do with some help. My main concern is that I have too few troops but whenever I field a larger force my line is too spread out and my weaker units are easily overwhelmed. Enough waffle, here's the list:


Elector Count
Warhorse, barding, shield, full plate armour, sword of might


Battle Wizard
Level 2, dispel scroll

Battle Wizard
Level 2, dispel scroll

Battle Standard Bearer
Griffon Standard, full plate armour


24 Swordsmen
Sergeant, musician

Detachment 1: 5 Handgunners
Detachment 2: 5 Free Companies

16 Handgunners
Marksman, hochland long rifle, musician, standard

Detachment 1: 5 Free Companies
Detachment 2: 5 Free Companies

9 Knights (Inner Circle)
First Knight, musician, standard, steel standard


2 x Great Cannon

1 x Mortar

6 x Pistoliers
Marksman, Repeater pistol


15 Flagellants
Prophet of Doom

Hellblaster Volley Gun

A few points starting with the obvious: Count goes with knights, captain with swordsmen. The army is pretty static and will probably be deployed against one flank. Pistoliers defend the one exposed flank. Flagellants can either tie up an enemy unit or act as a speed bump.

Other than that the tactics are simple: blow my opponent to hell and hope that they are weak enough for my army to mop up when they arrive at my battle line.

19-08-2006, 12:07
Give sowrd of power to your elector and SoM and AoMI to your BSB.
Remove your hochland marksman and 4 handgunners and give the standard to your swordsmens+ griffon banner. and boost the detachment for the swordsmen to 8-10.

19-08-2006, 12:16
Interesting list.

May I ask why you are using an elector count but not taking advantage of his special rules?

One unit of state troops in allowed a 50 points banner if you take one - i.e. the Griffin banner in the unit of swordsmen, instead of on the far more vulnerable battle standard. Do not forget that in 7th the battle standard with stack with a normal standard. Then give the battle standard the armour of meteoric iron to improve his defense. You want the re-roll on the break tests, and improving his defense means he will live longer.

Your free company detachments are too small. They are one casualty away from not negating rank bonuses on the counter-charge. With Toughness 3 and no armour that is an easy task to accomplish. You need at least 8.

15 Flagellents are nice but not big enough to be the lasting tarpit you want them to be.

I like the rest of the list generally, though I am inclined to take enough knights to be 6 wide x however many ranks I want + characters.


19-08-2006, 12:28
Good advice so far, cheers.

I will definitely switch the banners and give the BSB the AoMI although I am struggling to find the points to boost the free companies to the required strength.

Should I drop the handgunner detatchment on the swordsmen or completely drop the detatchments on the handgunners? I could also switch a great cannon for a mortar and save on 25pts.

21-08-2006, 08:50
I really like that list i have played agains empire and found it is hard to engage the bloks of men (swordsmen mainly) with 2 cannon and morter, as i field Vampire Counts i can only get my hands on The Galloper Gun so the amount of cannon fire is huge (compaired to myn), i think the list you made is very nice and would dread to face it in battle :D

21-08-2006, 12:34
A very good list and very intimidating in the shooting phase. Only 3 units positioned to charge the gunline has got a hope!

3 observations:
1) Your 2 wizards are vulnerable under 7th edn rules. Even if you temporarily place 1 in the swordsmen unit, the other will still be in a unit susceptible to magic and shooting. OR keep the wizard with the BSB in the swordsmen unit and give him Van Horstman's!

2) 16 Handgunners is a long line unless you're lucky enough to get a hill. What about 2 units of 10. Additional pts? - see below.

3) Detachments could be modified in the way you stated. 5 shots from S&S on average will inflict 1 wound or less. So the 5 handgun detachment is more useful in normal shooting. In that case why not simplify and have another unit of handgunners.
The swordsmen detachment: A unit of 8 free company to support charge and another of 5 to bait and deflect charge might be more effective. The 8 gives a leeway of 3 wounds before it is down to the effective US of 5.
1 freecompany detachment for the more exposed handgunners unit is sufficient to deter a unit of flyers or small skirmishers.