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19-08-2006, 18:38
Exalted Chaos Sorcerer
Mark of Slaanesh; General; Magic Level 4; Lore of Slaanesh; Chaos Armour
Spell Familiar
Chaos Daemon Sword
Steed of Slaanesh

Bray Shaman
Mark of Chaos Undivided; Lore of Beasts; Magic Level 2
Staff of Darkoth

Bray Shaman
Mark of Chaos Undivided; Lore of Beasts; Magic Level 2
Dispel Scroll

6x Chosen Chaos Knights of Slaanesh
Mark of Slaanesh; Barding; Chosen Unit; Shield

6x Chaos Warhounds

20 Marauders
Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician; Chieftain

6x Marauder Horsemen
Flail; Musician

10x Beast Herd
10x Ungors
2ndWeapon; Musician; Foe-Render

9x Beast Herd
10x Ungors
2ndWeapon; Musician; Foe-Render

6x Chaos Furies

2x Fiend of Slaanesh

Chaos Giant

Casting Pool: 10
Dispel Pool: 6
Models in Army: 90
Total Army Cost: 2000

Ok this is second variant of my slaanesh list this time it's slower and more cubersome but it got much more punch - if the rumour about bears anger beeing 1 on the list beast magic is great as shaman can transform into s5 t5 a5 monster seriously helping heards in CC , i wanted do go infantry heavy ( thats why i took marouders in fevour of chariot ) because slaanesh magic gets realy nice if you have big units to cast spells such as unbrekable or frenzy on ... - marouders deploy at the center on both sides herds are placed fallowed by the spawns on one siede and the giant at the other - on the far far and there are chaos knights together with snake mage and marouders horsman on the other ...

Due to the changes i can finaly hide my snake in unit of chaos knights - not to mention that with deamon sword i can give it serious boost when situations goes out of hand ...

If i want to go magic heavy this is the list i usulay take - 10 Pd and 6 DD means that i can be sure to get some spells of and high model count ( 3 fighty units and 3 strong supprt units ) can realy make short work of other cc armys - gunlines require some thought and nice tactics but thay can be destroyed :)

Also if someone wanders about the use of spawns ... There is nice tactic that seems to be always overlooked or simply not known - you pair up spawn with beast heard ... spawn hits the unit befeore or with the beast heard ... since beastheard are skirmishers the placing is not a problem ... and even if you loose the spawn will probably be still alive and opponent wont be able to persue ... if spawn gets there faster and gets toasted somehow ( not easy with t5 and 3 wounds ... - at least for normal regular infantry ) you are at least sure that beastherd will get the charge ... ( as you first choose the direction and then roll for distance its still perfectly ok to clip something with chaos spawn :) - not nice but my opponents are fond of overguessing and such practics so no harm done to them )

How do you like it ???

20-08-2006, 04:06
...You have to have Gors as well in a beast herd. (they are a min of 5 of each), And everybody know Slaanech Spawns rock, pretty much any way you use them really. Other than that, the list looks pretty good, although I would consider switching to a Beast army so that you can Ambush, and maybe dropping the Giant as well.

20-08-2006, 07:44
..You have to have Gors as well in a beast herd. (they are a min of 5 of each)

I have gors :) the number on the top ( 10x beast herd ) is the number of gors in the unit ( bad transfer from AB )

And everybody know Slaanech Spawns rock, pretty much any way you use them really

i know that but my gaming enviroment seems to think otherwise ( all my frineds always tell me drop those spawns and take 5 mounted demonetes and so on )

I would consider switching to a Beast army so that you can Ambush

That would
a) be totaly diffrent army ( diffrent general that dosnt have any accses to slaanesh magic :) )
b) ambush is to random for me - i dont like playing armys that largly depend on few rolls in second or first turn

and maybe dropping the Giant as well.

any reasons for that - i mean hes good at taking the units had on all by himself , killing large targets , tar pitting , terrorising and so on - and if opponent is missile army he will get his attention and attract lods of missile fire

Divine Shadow
21-08-2006, 00:26
The giant is a good fire magnet and lets most of your real hitters live to see combat. The spawn rock, especially at aggrivating undead player who aren't used to getting stuck in a tarpit themselves. I guess a sorcerer general is cool...until you miscast in 7th and get vaporized...think about it.

30-08-2006, 05:39
i love that combo for the general, i thought i was the only one who used it, but instead of the spell familar take the 6+ ward save, it has saved me more times than 15 points should.

30-08-2006, 12:50
i think that you need bigger units and more strenght on your army!
Slaanesh magic isn't so direct damage, it's more likely aiding magic, not destructive, slaaneshy, i love it ;)
only strenght in your army is giant and cavalry, but i think that you shouldn't rely to much on them.

30-08-2006, 13:18
Not that I'm suggesting it, but couldn't you take a great bray shaman w/ MoS? He has ambush I'm almost certain.

If your shaman is in your beast herds, you'd probably be better off casting bears anger on the foe render. That way you can still gain the benefits of your bray staff and the foe render will maximize damage.

List looks pretty good. Don't replace spawn w/ 5 mounted daemonettes, that wouldn't be good.

I'd give one shaman MoS to give it more feel and because 2 beasts casters aren't that necessary.

30-08-2006, 15:31
Exactly what I was going to say, Warsmith. A Great Bray Shaman is a lvl 3 wiz, can be upgraded to lvl 4, can take MoS and the Daemon Sword (plus still have pts left for Chaos armor) And lets your army set up using the Ambush Special rules (with make Beastmen rock hard in 7th)