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19-08-2006, 20:46
They're, like, a THOUSAND points!

Commander 122 pts
- Dragon Armour, Shield, Reaver Bow, Additonal Hand Weapon, Pure of Heart

Mage 160 pts
- Level 2, Hand weapon, Dispel Scroll, Channeler

15 Spearmen 195 pts
- Full Command, Light Armour, Shield, Hand weapon, Spear

12 Archers 150 pts
- Musician, Hand weapon, Longbow

12 Archers 150 pts
- Musician, Hand weapon, Longbow

6 Silver Helms 173 pts
- Full command, Heavy armour, Shield, Barded Elven Steed, Hand Weapon, Lance

Great Eagle 50 pts
- Talons (duh!)

Ok, so I decided to pick up High Elves again after... never mind (how far back was 4th edition again?). I've got myself some radical new High Elf character models and as a result I'm all fired up about these guys.

So in what direction do I want to take these guys? Well, I want to have a justifiable core of Spearmen and Archers that are supported by the elite troops rather than just playing second fiddle. I also want to avoid the all-mage character selection I'ver heard such "great" things about.

I imagine the army expanding to 1500 points with a unit of Phoenix Guard (I like them) and an additional character, preferably a Battle Standard Bearer, though I would be a liar if I said I didn't have a second mage lurking about among the rafters. :)

I should have no problem bringing my Griffon or Dragon out of retirement either. :)


19-08-2006, 20:49
Doh! (spits out foot) Wrong sub-forum!


19-08-2006, 21:13
I would muh like this list with two slightly larger spearmen units rather than one of fifteen.

20-08-2006, 03:50
Fifteen is about the right size for a 1000 points, as it is too expencive with Elves to go much larger for the full static CR, and at 15 they take good advantage of the fight in 3 ranks rule.

20-08-2006, 09:02
I like the list. Your Commander could use some wheels for 1500 pts. :cool:

I have found that high elf characters with magic bows in chariots with great weapons are pretty good. Being able to move 9" and still fire is nice. US5 for rank negation is nice. The 3 str 6 attacks when you go into combat helps out the chariots substantially for you roll badly for impact hits. Naturally, just watch out for cannonballs. (Does anyone know what happens to characters in 7th that get blow out of their chariot? Do they still take a str 6 hit?) Even if you get blown out you still have a character with a magic bow running around causing trouble. ;)

At 2k, a Prince riding beside him in another chariot with the Bow of the Seafarer and a great weapon makes for a very potent flanking force. I have playtested a list with these two units, a level 1 mage, 20 spear, 10 archers, 20 white lions, 8 shadow warriors, 6 silver helms, 6 reavers, and 2 bolt throwers and so far it has 4 wins, 1 tie, 0 losses, including a massacre of a dwarf army with multiple str 7 bolt throwers. A good, fun combined arms army with low magic.


20-08-2006, 09:10
Wheels, huh? I seem to recall having the old-school single-crew chariot from 4th edition laying around somewhere. That should serve nicely, if I ever find it again. :) I guess the old boys are finally coming into their own...


20-08-2006, 09:14
Well, what do you know, in the back of my closet: A High Elf Battle Chariot, still in its shrink-wrap. Along with a pack of four (!) Reaver Knights (Marauder Miniatures) and a pack of three Dragon Princes.



Seeing as I have an additional unpainted charioteer of the aforementioned chariot, it seems I may actyally have a second chariot somewhere...

25-09-2006, 06:56
I've planned on putting my Dragon Prince models to use as a trio of heroes instead of waiting for the off-chance that I might come across a more old-school Dragon Princes.

I was considering avoiding magical weapons, seeing as how the High Elf magic items' section is somewhat lacking in magical lances. This, on the other hand, opens up a whole realm of other items I rarely see used.

So: Three High Elf Commanders on barded steeds. Optionally, one of them can be a Prince. How would you kit them out?