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Brother Smith
21-06-2005, 09:51
Hello all,

This is the recruitment thread for a BFG style stratergy RPG. You take command of a ship / s and as time goes on, you can be promoted, or aquire more ships.

You must include:
Name of Ship
Class (Includes Crarriers, Transports etc)
Size (Escort, Small, Medium, Large, Battleship, Behemoth, Battlestation)
Notes (optional)

I will GM the rest of the fleet.

Backstory to come at the start of the RPG.

Name of ship (s): (The) Abyss
Class: Adeptus Mechanicus research vesel
Size: Large
Captain: Eviscerator
Escorts: Squadron of Mechanicus Escorts
Notes: The real name of the ship and the captain are unkown, but included in the above description are the names given to it by other captains in the fleet.
There is no communication other than military information with the research vessel, and it a free roaming vessel capable of requisitioning other Imperial Vessels (the basis for the storyline).

21-06-2005, 12:40
Name of ship (s): Solar Death
Class: Imperial Dictator class cruiser
Size: Medium (I think)
Captain: Bartimaeus
Escorts: Squadron of three Firestorm class Frigates and one Sword class Frigate
Notes: Highly modified from the original specifications after a torpedo salvo destroyed most of the ship's bow. The Solar Death now has a prow Lance battery in place of it's torpedos. Because a large amout of space previously taken up by torpedo storage was being unused the fighter bays were expanded, they now carry 3 squadrons each.

I hope this is ok. My experience with BFG is rather limited but this sounds like it'll be fun. how will the game mechanics work? text based or with dice rolls?

Brother Smith
21-06-2005, 13:35
It is text based. You control what your captain controls, and your escorts.
Please include the number of escorts (maxiumum of 5).

You also have the ability to do what you want to your ship, salvage other ships and basically with a little time, create your own mini-fleet.

22-06-2005, 17:16
You must include:
Name of Ship: purigator mk2
Class: imperial frostbite battleship
Size bemoth
Captain: quinn
Escorts: 5 Firestorm class Frigates and 2 Sword class Frigates

Notes: a one of a kind vessel from the planet malphesteron prime in the porthon sector. the vessel is a giant ship with huge firepower. it also carries a regiment of the malphesteron guard 'purigator defence regement' and the '102nd atrean drop regiment'

23-06-2005, 02:38
Name of Ship: Emperor's Rightoues Fury
Class: Dictator
Size: Cruiser
Captain: Captain Mika Elone
Escorts: None
Notes (optional): Standard ship, and carries a normal flight of Starhawks. It does however, have an the Imperial Eagle on its bow in gold, a memory of its service in the Gothic War (provided this is after it, if not will edit it from a made up war)

I'll have to get a ful lread-out of weapons and stuff, so Adam, if you can send them to me via PMif you have them handy (or anyone for that matters)

23-06-2005, 06:28
Name of Ship: Hammer of Terra
Class: Seditio Opprimere Battle Barge
Size: Behemoth
Captain: Master of the Fleet Julius of the Dark Angels
Escorts: Shark Assault Boats, Thunderhawks
Notes: equipped with 1 Vortex torpedo, Deathwing Terminators used in boarding actions. The Hammer of Terra is one of the oldest ships known to man, predating even the Imperium, it is believed to be at least 15,000 years old, possibly more. Many of its systems cant be reproduced by any know means, which means that repairs would be impossible for it, except for the fact it has an army of Nanoprobes, constantly repairing the massive ship. It bears many decorations along it, most notably, Service in the Gothic War, and service during the Horus Heresy.

Brother Smith
24-06-2005, 19:54
Oky doky, I'll up the IC thread in the next few days. Should be different from the usual Character based RPGs (and fun!).

25-06-2005, 02:38
looks interesting to say the least

26-06-2005, 15:12
Name of Ship: Requiem
Class: Chaos Desolator
Size: Battleship
Captain: Set
Escorts: 4 Chaos Infidel Class raider

26-06-2005, 21:11
Name of Ship: Forge of Retribution
Class: Imperial Mars Class Battlecruiser
Size: Large
Captain: Captain Kelroth Dorn
Escorts: Three Cobra class destroyers

Lafeel Abriel
27-06-2005, 03:22
Room enough for one more player? Haven't exactly done much of this sort of thing, but this sounds interesting.

Brother Smith
27-06-2005, 15:58
Of course, and Bmaxwell, you must be Imperial for this RPG (Or at least a friendly / mercenary Xenos).

27-06-2005, 16:19
Would it be okay if I jumped on the Bandwagon?

Name of Ship: The Equaliser
Class: Imperial Dominator class Cruiser
Size: Cruiser size (medium or large?)
Captain: Cpt. Iacobus Millar
Escorts: None.
Notes: Like all Dominators the Equaliser sports a Nova Cannon and fierce side weapons batteries. The main tactics used by the Equaliser and her crew are to bombard an enemy from long range with the Nova Cannon and if neccessary to destroy anything remaining with it's massive plasma batteries.

27-06-2005, 21:19
what would be a friendly Xenos?

Brother Smith
27-06-2005, 21:45
I don't know. Do you have any knowledge of the fluff?

28-06-2005, 00:37
Maybe Eldar Pirates, Kroot Mercs, Demiurge, something you make up? You could say that the ship was captured if Brother Smith will let you.

28-06-2005, 10:56
Demiurg is the most reasonable

29-06-2005, 03:41
i was hopeing to be a pirate force so i guess thats out yes i have a quite large knowledge of the fluff

lets just say that its caputred chaos ships at the moment

29-06-2005, 04:29
hate to rain on your parade, but if it was chaos, no way the imperium would like it being used unless cleansed for a long long time

29-06-2005, 04:43
i was hopeing to be a pirate force so i guess thats out yes i have a quite large knowledge of the fluff

lets just say that its caputred chaos ships at the moment

It might just be easiest for everyone if we all just stick to regular Imperial vessels for now.

29-06-2005, 06:32
Was the Desolator ever used by the Imperium? Or is it something the Traitors came up with?
Cause if it was used at any time by the Imperium then you I think you could probably use it. But I agree that we're probably better off with Imperial vessels only for now. Maybe if we fight one you could capture it?

29-06-2005, 16:24
yea im starting to realize the proplem with that okay let me make up another one

Name of ship: cyclone
Class: Dictator
Size: med?
Captain: Jonas Roland
Notes; Vessle is equiped with the barests of need and more powerful engines to make this one of the fastest cruisers in the fleet

Lafeel Abriel
30-06-2005, 22:56
Name of ship: Invisible truth.
Class: Tyrant class (modified)
Size: Large (thats about right for cruisers, right?)
Captain: Alain Beresick
Escorts: 4 Sword class frigates, 3 Firestorm frigates
Notes: The Invisible Truth is a standard Tyrant, but she has both the increased weapon battery range refit, and the nova cannon replacing her torpedoes.

Does this fit in well enough? If anyone, especially brother smith, has suggestions, reccomendations, or anything like that, pm me. I'm always open for those.

30-06-2005, 23:38
so when we gonna get this battleship busting show on the road?

Lafeel Abriel
30-06-2005, 23:52
Good question. All depends on our game master, me thinks. Seems we may have a bit of a time difference issue. It's a bit late for me, but I can stay up for a hour, or two, more (is in Iceland)

01-07-2005, 01:31
yea i hate when that happens i live on the east coast so much of th action here happens when im asleep

Brother Smith
01-07-2005, 16:29
RPG will be up in a few days now everyones sorted out.

01-07-2005, 20:28
I don't know about the rest of you guys but Smith i can't wait to play so im gonna start up the thread.

It'll be Battle Fleet Gothic RPG IC

Lafeel Abriel
02-07-2005, 00:09
With all due respect, Bmaxwell, aren't you pre empting a bit? I, for one, can wait for a while, as it usually is worth it..

02-07-2005, 01:21
its not the creating of the thread that takes the time bmaxwell, its getting the plot together and all the rest, so it still wont be up for a few days.

02-07-2005, 20:59
yea I realized that after I made it so I apolgie's for jumping the gun about that but im still gonna leave the thread up in case we want to use it

03-07-2005, 18:23
im ready to start, i say we go now and just start so we can all get introduced in the game

03-07-2005, 23:44
as the days count down I can't wait to start this!

Brother Smith
04-07-2005, 10:27
OK IC thread will be up in the hour.

09-07-2005, 21:16
Okay i just wanted to put some more things into my ship and captain

Captain Jonas Roland

a vetran of the trynic wars that where fought on the eastern frigne at the time he was simple captain on small merchant ship unknowingly it was secrectly transporting Admrial of the imperial Navy back to One of the nurmoes port where a small fleet awatied him to take the fight back to the nids. the ship was caught in the clutches of a tyrnid partol ship and it begun to board the ship. Jonas just doing his duty he fought off the trynids with a surpisely effeicent way. knowing that the ship was doomed the admrial made his way to a small fighter to try and make it to the port. Jonas did the same and while the admrial was getting the fighter loaded up a massive trynid beast broke into the hanger fighting off the beast until they could leave the ship for if it wasn't for Jonas the admiral would have never made it back to eh port allmost a entire subsector would have been lost. TO show his gatuide the admiral gave Jonas a small escort to be the captain of a corba class ship. due to the fact that Jonas was a trader he in fact was able to use many of his "shadier contacts" to bulid up quite a good information network that saed many worlds for being invade by xenos and the like.

many years went by Jonas eventually was in commaned of a Overload battle crusier. know thourgh out the eastren fringe many he was able to acuattly use many pirtes to his advantage to take down foes of the emporer. for he understood that for the greater good some evils must be allowed to exist. until one day his ship was ambused by Trynids Jonas him self dose not rember what happened all the any one knows was that he was the only one left alive on this ship and was barely alive for all his limps where ripped off and he was missing a large amount of organs. lucky his cobra escrot was able to survie the attack and he was taken on the ship and nursed back to health and also was give many bionic parts.

now in charge of the cyclone he patrols out lineing systems. until he recived the call of the abyess

18-07-2005, 22:56
Hey people, mind if I join in?

Ship Name: Thunderchild
Class: Cobra-class frigate
Size: Escort
Captain: Julios Dominina
Escorts: 5 cobra-class frigates (Squadron Name: Lightning Group Gamma)


Julio Dominina was the son of Frederico Dominina, planetary governor of Xerxes VI (a sprawling hive world in the galactic East). His position brought him many privileges, yet his relationship with his father soured after he refused the 'honour' of joining an Imperial Guard regiment; his heart was set on the cold reaches of space. Despite this, he was enlisted in the naval academy. Finally, his dreams were realised as he was issued command of the cobra-class frigate 'Thunderchild', lead vessel of Lightning Group Gamma.

Dominina settled into his new role quickly, leading the squadron on several patrols and he proved a competent captain and leader of men. His trial by fire, however, pushed his leadership skills to the limit.

While on patrol, Dominina's astropath received an emergncy distress call from Xerxes VI; a massed Chaos fleet had broken from the warp within range of the planet. Dominina's battle group was a great distance from Xerxes VI, as the patrol had taken them into the deep space regions of the sub-sector. Despite this, he ordered the ships intothe warp, braving the great distance and volatile warp space to aid his people.

The battle group arrived around Xerxe's orbit as the battle had reached its climax; the Chaos fleet has overwhelmed the Imperial defenders, with the Imperial flaship Invincible blazing in the cold void by the heat of a dozen fires. Imperial transports were fleeing the planet as the Chaos craft bombarded Dominina's homeworld, each blast killing thousands of innocent civilians.

As Chaos escorts swooped inon the defenseless transports, killing as leisure, Dominina struck. His squadron swooped in upon the Infidels, massed torpedo salvoes and batteries destroying two as the others pulled away, shocked by this sudden attack. Their morale lifted by this small act of defiance, what remained of the Imperial fleet rallied around the transports, beginning a four0hour battle that would allow the transports to escape. Dominina's squadron - now at half strength - was one of the last to jump back into the warp, a single last torpedo salvo towards the Chaos flagship their final defiant act.

The post-battle investigation decided that Dominina had acted with bravery and skill, and he was offered promotion to a larger ship. He turned down this request, however, and remains with Lightening Group Gamma to this day. Now, they race towards a beacon, issued by the Abyss, and to their destiny...

18-07-2005, 23:16
you have to ask brother smith i haven't heard form him for a few days

Brother Smith
19-07-2005, 16:37
Im still here, just Eviscerator isn't the sociable type. Im checking out the new guy now.

Brother Smith
19-07-2005, 16:41
Ok, he checks out. Introduce yourself as a new arrival in the meeting room in the IC thread. Good luck in the RPG.

Brother Smith
19-07-2005, 16:46
And may I say 2_heads_talking, your posts are very well thought out and written. Nice one.

20-07-2005, 03:17
I have decided to drop out fo this RPG.
Sorry Brother Smith, I just prefer the more person to person combat over space battles. If someone wants to take over Captain Bartimaeus and the Solar Death then feel free. Otherwise just have them suicide to save the rest of the fleet or something.

Thanx for the experience

27-07-2005, 22:42
Name: Sergeant Rialdo Menguez
Weapons: Lasgun and bolt pistol
Class: IG
Squad: 9

28-07-2005, 17:05
name: seargeant stern
weapons: hellpistol, power sword
class: elite atrean drop trooper (storm troopers)
squad: 4

Brother Smith
30-07-2005, 13:27
Ok, i'll wait for two more replies and i'll start the mission.