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20-08-2006, 21:05
I will be starting WHFB when 7th comes out and I am leaning heavily towards the High Elves. I have a grasp on how the game works, although I haven't read the rulebook cover to cover(I have the HE army book, tho). Anyways, I was looking for feedback on this 2k list.

Prince: Dragon Armor, Shield, Vambrances of Defense, Swordmaster Honors 231

Mage: Level 2, Channeller and Seer Honors 170 <--Main spellcaster

Mage: Level 2, 2 Dispel Scrolls 170 <---While being the caddy, I still want him to be able to cast from time to time.

15 Spearelves: Musician, Standard Bearer 183

15 Spearelves: Musician, Standard Bearer 183

5 Silver Helms: Champ and Musician, heavy armor and shields 136

5 Silver Helms: Champ and Musician, heavy armor and shields 136

14 Swordmasters: Bladelord and Standard Bearer 206 <---Prince goes in here

5 Dragon Princes: Drakemaster and Musician 157

5 Reavers: Bows, Spears and Musician 127

2 Repeater Bolt Throwers 200

2 Great Eagles 100

Total: 1999

Also, is it possibly to have a meaningful magic phase without a archmage in 7th edition?

20-08-2006, 21:40
In 2k, it would be worthwhile to make the spearelves (why oh why did they call them men?) units bigger so they can stick around longer, maybe taking away the dragon princes since silver helms can pretty much do the same jobs.

Divine Shadow
20-08-2006, 23:31
I've never seen the great eagles do too much, but they are flyers so I would hang on to them. One of your spellcasters should take the ring of corin...that's the most annoying magic item I've ever come up against.

21-08-2006, 01:43
Great eagles are simply amazing, they can hunt down warmachines, lone casters, etc. as well as interupt your opponent's marching.

Furthermore, you can use them to set up a devestating flank charge. Because they are monsters, the enemy must turn to align to the base of the GE, meaning you can angle your GE so your enemy that charges them are now open to a flank attack from helms + chariot.

As a 2 for 1 rare choice, Great Eagles are an amazing buy.