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21-08-2006, 13:59
Hi I am thinking of playing some warhammer again in the future, heres the list

Radiam Gem Of Hoeth
Great Weapon
Heavy armour
Barded horse = 140

Lvl 2 mage
ring of fury = 180

Lvl 2 mage
jewel of the dusk
seer = 175


9 Silver Helms
Full command
war banner = 262

20 spearmen
full command = 250

20 Spearmen
full command = 250


12 swordmasters = 156

2 chariots 170

5 dragon princes
banner of ellyrion = 163

= 489

2 rpb 200
1 eagles 50

= 250

= 1996

22-08-2006, 21:40

22-08-2006, 22:52
Maybe split the Silver Helms into 2 units. 9 is an odd number. Not enough for a rank bonus under 7th, and too wide to have them in a single rank.

22-08-2006, 23:05
Commander goes in that one so you've got 5 wide and 1 rank ;) and US 20

22-08-2006, 23:14
i would drop the great weapon on your commander, as it only gives +1 S in 7th ed. your better off taking a lance or a halberd.
Otherwise it looks pretty good!

23-08-2006, 11:22
Hi, your army list looks fairly balanced, and although most players don't think High Elf infantry is worth its points the debate is so old now that many people don't bother to mention it. A few things that came to mind when reading your list:

- Intrigue at Court - the bane of High Elves! you have a 1/3 chance of ending up with one of your level 2 wizards as your general. What I would suggest is making the two mages a single archmage. He's about the same price, and gives you the same number of power and dispel dice but he's got Ld 9 so he can get some use out of being the army general.

- Pure of Heart - one of your characters must be pure of heart. I'd suggest the Commander.

- Spearmen - I like units of Spearmen 18 strong deployed 6 x 3. With a frontage of 6 fighting in 3 ranks they can dish out a lot of attacks. They sacrifice a rank but it lengthens your battle line.

- Swordmasters - for a small flanking unit like this I'd go with White Lions. They have a better save against missile fire, which is important because small expesive units are liable to get targeted, also on they hit harder. The biggest advantage however is that they can move through woods, which means you can set up your flanking unit in a place where it cannot be charged easily by enemy troops. Obviously White Lions are rare and you have no rare slots, however if you were willing to swap the Commander's Radiant Gem for the Lion Guard Virtue the Lions would become special and the Silver Helms would become stubborn... It's something to experiment with.

23-08-2006, 12:13

Yup I know, but an Archmage is too much of a one trick pony I rather have 2 mages, ´cause if one dies I still have the other :D
PoH, yupo Command has it ;)
I rather have 1 rank more then 3 S3 attacks.
White Lions can't go I already have 2 rare choices

23-08-2006, 13:35
I rather have 1 rank more then 3 S3 attacks.Where'd you get 3? The point of them being 6 wide is that most opposing units are 4-5 models wide. If you deploy 6 wide you should be able to get 6 models into close combat, and HE spearmen fight in 3 ranks - that's 18 attacks.

White Lions can't go I already have 2 rare choicesRead my post...

23-08-2006, 14:17
Well you sacrafice a rank for 3 attacks
First I have 3 ranks and 15 attacks
After that 2 ranks and 18 attacks
The Radiom gem of Hoeth is a must for the extra dd 5dd and 1 scroll is goed, 4 dd and 1 scroll is just not enough.