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Commissar Vaughn
22-08-2006, 00:43
I, like many an Imperial Guard commander have dreamt of collecting an air cavalry force. Another thing many Imperial guard players have in common is that churning in the gut you get when you see the £80 price tag for valks and vultures! So I have looked for another way, a way inspired by a throw away comment in a thread about flying sentinal gunships, the Way of the Chimera.

Somebody mentioned that its possible to make a Chinook out of a Chimera. Having looked at both I'm not convinced....but that doesnt mean you cant make any other helicopter from it, right?

So my project: To construct my 5th company of Imperial guardsman. This company to be air cavalry : consisting of infantrymen, flying sentinal gunships and transports conveted from the chimera apc. So the other day i purchased a pair of sentinals and a chimera and large amount of plasticard, with the intention of making it fly...my friends and clubmates who work at the local store were sceptical to say the least and assured me that this was the maddest of a series of rather insane ideas that I have presented to them over the years.

My aim is to build no less than 7 of these vehicles, plus the infantry and at least 4 gunships as escorts...naturally ruleswise it'll simply be a mechanised infantry company with sentinals. Fluff wise they shall be the 52nd Cestrian Air Cavalry regiment, Echo company.

The process of converting the sentinals into gunships is a simple: Im just going to copy somebody elses. The chimeras will be a little trickier, an exhaustive search of the net turned up exactly zero flying chimeras that other people may have tried to build. Of course if anyone knows of one plz get in touch!

Essentially I intend to get a similar shape to the normal chimera, the main hull will be essentially be the same...however the multilaser turret will be slung below the hull, and there will be no hatches or firing ports on the top of the hull, becouse of the large rotor blades that will decapitate anyone who pops out for a breather. Even imperial engineering isnt this bloody minded! The hatches on the top will be replaced by vents and grills, the lasguns by road wheels stuck to the inside of the hull. The turret ring will be covered to allow a more central engine and rotor shaft assembly, and of course the blades themselves. the track units will be ommited but the engine housings off the outside of the tracks will be used upside down and along the lower edge of the hull. I intend to add a tail, but at the moment cant quite see how! Construction has begun and Ive taken a few pics, Im now wondering where on earth all my big flying bases are....

For the infantry, I'm thinking I may "borrow" some ideas from those very nice australian light horsemen that are floating round the forums. Lighten the look of them by shaving off the shoulder armour and maybe modify the lasguns. Its tempting to go for the lee enfield look, but Im dying to have a go at turning them into sa80 style bulpup(sp?) lasrifles!

anyway for now heres some pics of the chimera, hopefully by the weekend i should have a bit more done and maybe some work done on the sentinals.

Oh and as a side note, I found something on wiki that increased my confidence in the liklihood of a successful outcome to this project: Another old meaning for the word Chimera is "castle in the sky", and how else would you describe a flying apc?

Commissar Vaughn
22-08-2006, 00:48
cor those pics are terrible, must get the hang of these photo editor thingies, still they give you some idea how its progressing i spose!

22-08-2006, 00:49
The Idea sounds cool ,The Chimera is looking good aswell, looks like the shuttles used in Star Trek ,Im looking forward to more updates :D keep up the good work

22-08-2006, 01:21
I apologise in advance for not reading all of your post (I'm very tired!) but the flying APC-thingy looks damn fine!

Might I suggest linking the back of the lascannon to the underside of the craft with some wiring or something? It would make more sense in terms of how the gun operates, plus it would look cool IMO.

Looking forward to seeing it finished and painted.

Commissar Vaughn
22-08-2006, 01:25
its hard to see on those pics but attatched to the underside of the hull ive put the powerpacks from a sentinals multilaser, they dont actually connect to the laser yet, but im trying to work out how best to do it...

cheers for the comments!

Anvils Hammer
22-08-2006, 01:31
it looks quite cool, and very original.
once you got some good rotas on there it will look excellent.

Its very imperial like, get a box and make it fly.

good luck mate!

Commissar Vaughn
22-08-2006, 01:47
ok heres a couple more, ive started on the rotor and engine assembly, basically just adding parts that look right and happen to fit! the big roadwheel bit at the top will be the root for the rotor blades when i work out how to make them.

22-08-2006, 03:18
The pictures are not that bad; a little grainy perhaps but still, not that bad. I like the concept- very good idea.

22-08-2006, 08:45
I'd add a cockpit or something to the front, It doesnt look like the pilot can see very well at the moment. Other than that it loks damn good.

22-08-2006, 10:22
Oooo, thats a lota' work. Good luck, keep us posted. Oh, and your photos look fine to me.

22-08-2006, 10:36
The current pose for the "Shuttle" isnt very dramatic though is it? xD Great concept, and nice model, its coming along. But have it so its on an angle, like its swooping down.

Not just sitting there perfectly straight :P


Commissar Vaughn
22-08-2006, 11:33
The only reason its in mid air at all is cos just before I took the pics I found a small flying base and drilled a hole to take it . Its only temporary! I'll get it a proper flying base and once its finished and ive worked out where it centre of gravity is etc i'll fix it properly.

Cockpit wise, I'd like to try that, but an open cockpit would require a lot of detail that I lack the skill for and cant be bothered to do. Im thinking of replacing that front hatch though with a larger window , though obviously not a see through one!. I'll put smaller viewing ports on the sides and possibly a smaller one on the downward facing front plate .

Oh and ive started on one cadian pattern sentinal as well this morning whilst I had breakfast, got the cockpit done and started the tail. I'm at work now though so no more pics for a couple of days!

thanks for the encouragment guys!

22-08-2006, 12:15
Looking pretty good... should be an exciting army if you can get it 'off the ground'.

Hah, I crack myself up.

22-08-2006, 17:26
Good idea, i like where youre going with it but i would think a big roter on top would seem outa place, But hey its not done so who knows. anyways im gonna throw this out there, but what if you had two VTOL jet engines on the side and a tail in the back to stabalize the thing, like an Osprey but with jets instead of turbo props. theres my ten cents nugga!

22-08-2006, 21:09
Any chance for Redshirts?

23-08-2006, 03:15
i really like the idea however i dont think rotar baldes is the way to go.

im thinking 4 turbines where the track where would be the way to go, seems more 40kish i think.


something like that?

i also know a small turtorial on how to make turbines so if this sounds like an idea you like pm me or something.

Commissar Vaughn
23-08-2006, 10:20
i did think about turbines rather than rotors, but i think we are then entering the realm of eldar and tau technology. One of my staff friends suggested using the engine of a devilfish or a boeing 747 but the extra cost and the fact that they would look completly out of place on an imperial vehicle which is best described as having all the grace and agility of a breeze block. for me an ungainly, robust and noisy set of rotors sounds about right, and is probably easier to make! wether or not it'll look any good is another matter entirely....it worked in my head!

I would have loved to get it looking like a G-Police Havok Gunship tho! those are beautiful and fly like a butterfly.....

and erm...redshirts? Do you mean like the people who go down fto the planet stand behind kirk and then get shot or what do you mean?

23-08-2006, 20:21
Well then, doesnt a vulture or valkrie fly with turbines???;)

Commissar Vaughn
23-08-2006, 20:42
yeah but thems big flyer thingies and....well thats not the point at all! I want a chopper so there...;)

And here a feww more pics with main blades fitted, and the tail on. now i just need windows and landing gear and a tail rotor and to fill al the gaps with greenstuff then i can concentrate on the sentinals....and go and buy 4 more chimeras obviously!

23-08-2006, 23:54
It really does look great, but I agree that it needs a propper cockpit and nose built out from the front. To avoid the extra detail work just don't make it open. Make the glass out of plasticard and paint it some funky glowing color like green. I'm having trouble explaining myself, but I guess what I'm trying to say is that if you painted the "glass" like a lense on a helmet or some other glowing detail it won't necessarily need to be seethrough...

24-08-2006, 02:52
I love this. This is the kind of thing I would like to see more. Its creative and has spirit behind it. Even if it is kinda wacky, so what? Its cool, and unique.

Please do more!

Commissar Vaughn
24-08-2006, 08:54
mr chair: thats pretty much what im trying to do! As i type this im trying to build the frames for the windows . im not building the cockpit out any more , dont think it needs it , just trying to improve the visability . mostly though im just wishing the hangover would go away cos ive got work soon!

My housemate pointed out that a huge window on the front actually makes it look quite sleek, hopefully i'll have pics up tonight but I cant find my mobile and my camera has flat batteries!

And ive decided not to go for landing gear cos i cant find any suitable parts, so Ill leave it with little hatches on the pontoon thingies where the landing gear would come from.

24-08-2006, 12:12
For insperation check out my imperial gunship. its mayby a more expensive aproach but still cheaper then Fw
here (http://warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31152)

24-08-2006, 19:04
Great concept, and great execution!
Looking forward to seeing some sentinel light copters!

Konrad_Curze II
24-08-2006, 19:37
i think they look awesome but the propellers look quite flimsy compared to the rest of the model, but maybe thats just me.
perhaps doing something like the blades on the chopper on this
http://games.tiscali.cz/images/news/mgs4e06trailer.jpg(look at the picture on the top left)
again maybe its me but they look alot more thing and able to support a chopper better.

Commissar Vaughn
24-08-2006, 22:28
hi there guys thanks for the input! I'm not sure about the rotors, I'm quite happy with them but they do look a bit flimsy! I might consider replacing them. Well tonight ive added all the detail i think i want to for the moment, the windows are on, and framed, the tail rotor is in place, and the tail plane thickened some stowage etc added on the sides, plus a probe thingy that could be a comunication device or the probe for inflight refueling or something . I just need to greenstuff and file down any cracks and gaps, and then paint. On that subject any ideas for the colour scheme? I'd like something fairly prototypical so I'll probably google military helicopter pics and pick one I like.

24-08-2006, 23:02
Take a second look at the gun mount it needs ammo feeds and actuators to bulk it out and make it loks like it works.

A good source for "pistons" is the bi-pod and tri-pod legs for the new IG plastic heavy weapons. One leg makes a good piston and chances are if you have an IG army you have some spare.

Remember plausible not uber realistic is all that is required to make the brain believe.

25-08-2006, 00:43
Ah, what IG player can watch Apocalypse Now and not want to create this army? Looking good, keep it up, I'd love to see a whole fleet of these things!

25-08-2006, 03:26
after seeing those pics I am now a believer in this army.
Maybe you could pose some of your infantry models as though they are fast roping down a static line?

Easy E
25-08-2006, 03:32
I have to admit, I was also skeptical at first. I didn't think it could be done. Now, I'm a convert.

Commissar Vaughn
25-08-2006, 21:58
"ROLL up! Roll up! its a good life in the old 'ups and downs' finest air cavalry regiment in the whole of the Imperial Guard! You get 3 meals a day, all the boots you can eat and the ladies love the uniform, so which of you likely lads is going to be first behind the drum?"......

Nice to see im recruiting more support here! well another days work and a few more pics. added something chunky to the back of the chimeras laser dunno what it does but it bulks it out a bit :) Started the sentinals as well, still a lot to be done though! And probably not quite as good as inquisitor lorrs version who inspired me!

Went to the store today to try to cut a deal with them, was hoping to save a few pounds by getting them to swap the russ in the cadian battleforce for a chimera! unfortunatly only the manager can authorise that sort of thing and he wasnt in, so will have to wait a few days.

btw: Im thinking of naming the sentinals "airfox's" cos their not big enough to be wolves! cookie for best name for the flying chimera!

Easy E
26-08-2006, 00:51
Air Fox sounds smooth and quick. Your choppers are awesome, but that is not how I would describe them. How about:


Of course the troops would call them something else:

Flyin' Pig
Whirlyin' Coffin
Emperor's Joke

Keep up the great work on this projest. It is coming along great.

I'm a believer.

Commissar Vaughn
26-08-2006, 07:38
oddly one that crossed my mind was skypig, or posibly skyrat, ok done a bit more on the sentinal, might start the second one this afernoon after work. then i can think about getting all three painted

26-08-2006, 14:01
sentinal looks great! and the chimera is certainly looking different, though looks a little boxy right now

26-08-2006, 14:11
I may have to steal your sentinel idea for my scouts landspeeders...hope you dont mind.

Commissar Vaughn
26-08-2006, 15:33
Not my idea but feel free to steal it! I think the sentinal lends itself better to the conversion than the chimera , which doesnt actually look as if it can fly. I dont consider this to be a problem though as none of the other Imperial flyers do either!

26-08-2006, 15:47
Yeah, especially the Arvus Lighter, more like Arvus Heavier! :p

26-08-2006, 19:14
How about ading fins to the Chimera? It would make it look a bit more like a helicopter, and a bit more sleek, yet not very "Eldary". Like the SM Land Speeder, a box with fins, sort of...

Love it otherwise!


Commissar Vaughn
26-08-2006, 19:19
like on the sides? hmmm. U know i think thats what was missing! *reaches for more plasicard*

26-08-2006, 22:27
This is looking like a great project which I am definitely following with great interest indeed..

The Chimera, does look a bit boxy, but that is great for an Imperial transport.. what I think it could do with though is more substantial booms to the tail, similar to the Valkerie.. Those that you have seem to be too flimsy to take the stresses of resisting the torque of the main rotor.. An alternative could be to keep the thin booms, and have contra rotating main props.. ie a double set of main rotors going in opposite directions..

I love the sentinal conversion..

Continue the great work.. it is giving lots of ideas as inspiration..


26-08-2006, 22:29
yeah, now imagining the chimera with fins i think it will look a hell of alot better, and possibly like it could get airborne :D nice work though, any further ideas to make a battletank fly? chinooke (sp) style!

Commissar Vaughn
26-08-2006, 22:36
ok ive discounted the little fins idea now, on account of the fact that i couldnt work out where they should go, and after looking at some real military choppers decide they wernt used for much other than carrying more guns anyway! the tail is a bit flimsy, but i cant see how to strengthen it without preventing access to the rear hatch! Would criss-crossing girdiring work u think ? along the length of the tail booms?

26-08-2006, 22:40
You could look at some real helis for that. There is a Russian heli that has that, a back door with a proper tail boom, and it kinda looks flimsy, so maybe you could just go with the flimsiness.

Commissar Vaughn
26-08-2006, 22:40
steel legion: Im not sure I want to get a russ to fly as well! if I did I'd probably use the hul minus the tracks, mount the gun on the front and for lift two wings with the vectored props that Bell seem to be using on their unmanned recce choppers, sponsons would be mounted on the underside of the wings.....dont give me ideas for flying guns!! I'll be here for ever!

I think the first two are ok now and will do as they are , I might start undercoating tonight, conce the base ive had to build for the chimera is dry ( had to use a large round base with two brass verticles to hold it its so heavy!). Ive also started the second sentinal, and hope to have bought the second chimera and some infantry by tuesday!

Commissar Vaughn
27-08-2006, 22:32
Ok another step close to finishing the first pair of choppers!

Last night i sprayed them black and spent today painting them catachan green and codex grey, with a liberal black wash over it, plus highlights.

A quick lesson: never do your spray painting down a dark alleyway, by the light of a mobilephone, whilst standing downwind of the spraypaint and wearing a white tshirt. Just sharing something I have learnt!

anyway heres some pics of the first painted coptors , only a bit more to do on them i think.
thoughts and opions guys?

"we shall ride to battle, and this shall be our horse!"

Yes Ive been watching "we were soldiers" again....

27-08-2006, 22:46
I've been watching this project log and, I'll admit, I wasn't too sure if these models would come out well. I have to say that I was.....wrong.

They came out great and I can imagine an entire force flying at the enemy. You have made a believer out of me...:)

Commissar Vaughn
27-08-2006, 22:48
woohoo! thankyou, its an amazing feeling when people say something like that! now wheres that shrek sound track.....

Wolf Scout Ewan
27-08-2006, 23:50
I agree with the above post. I thought... "Great idea but its gonna look silly"... but you proved me wrong.

Very good work.

27-08-2006, 23:54
The word "Wow" show my feelings on this quite nicely!

28-08-2006, 01:13
Would have looked better if you'd changed the shape of the hull to make it look more aerodynamic, instead of just blocked up the sides and putting a rotor on top.

28-08-2006, 01:36
Aerodynamics? How familiar are with 40k fliers? Most are not aerodynamic nor could they fly.

28-08-2006, 11:42
Well I have to say, 'Well Done'

These look great, a fantastic imaginative concept that has truly worked.. (hears ride of the valkeries).. 'I love the smell of napalm in the morning'..

Great inspiration here, continue the great work..


28-08-2006, 13:02
Aerodynamics? How familiar are with 40k fliers? Most are not aerodynamic nor could they fly.

They are still more aerodynamic than a flying box tank hull which is basicaly what this is.

28-08-2006, 13:16
Aerodynamics is not something you can judge based on looks, its a lot more complicated than that, there are shapes which look like it would have low drag characteristics but actually performs worse than a brick wall.

Its an uber complicated thing which is beyond the grasp of most people including myself.

As for wether it could fly that would more depend on the weight, rotor cross section and the thrust to weight ratio of the engine.

Back to the model anyway, looks good though i think could be improved in a couple of spots. The first is cockpit windows, it may be worth investing in some smoked or mirrored lexan to use to represent the glass. The second is the nose gun i still think it could do with some pistons, servo's or linear actuators modelled on to make it look like it can be trained onto a target.

Commissar Vaughn
28-08-2006, 13:51
for the windows do u mean a kind of glassy stuff you cant quite see through (and therefore see the undetailed interior?) Dont recall ever seeing anything like that, not that could be used on this model anyway. I'm quite happy with the windows though they do stand out a lot! No worse than many of the windows that come on GW tank kits!

the gun: I cant see what else to do with it to be honest. I added that big chunky thing to the back that contains the techy bits, but as the gun swivels around and I don't want to fix it in place, I cant see how to add anything that wouldnt restrict its traverse.

Im rather pleased with the way its turned out: wasnt so sure halfway through! I know its not uber realistic but if Id wanted that Id have bought a bunch of 1;48 scale hueys! Besides what place does a discussion of realism have when your discussing a universe where superhuman warriors fight in huge skirmishes against hordes of aliens, demons, mutants and robots? Its ok when your discussing ww2, cos we Know what happened! But 40k is made up (I hope!) and if GW and startrek can rewrite the laws of physics so can I!

Anyway Im committed now, so forward to death or glory or both! Ive just been and bought the second chimera and some infantry and heavy weapons, so the first platoon is well under way!

cheers for the support guys!

Brush your teeth
28-08-2006, 15:00
very nice chopper there, my one querry about it is, how does it land with the gun sticking out at the bottom there?

28-08-2006, 15:05
Aerodynamics is not something you can judge based on looks

Actually, in general terms, you can base it on looks.

28-08-2006, 15:11
So your saying something that looks smooth would be good aerodynamically because the air can move easily over it?

Why do golf balls have dimples then?

Disrupting airflow can actually be more beneficial in terms of reducing drag than having a smooth airflow.

But to keep on topic again, i wasn't telling you to make a detail cockpit that would be madness. The mirror lexan you can't see through and if you used a flat black colour underneath the smoked kind it would give a glassy depth and the impression that it is too dark to see the details inside if they where in fact there.

The main good point of this project shows what is possible for people with a smaller budget who can't afford FW flying goodness or simply do not wish to work with resin.

Commissar Vaughn
28-08-2006, 15:20
well the landing gear drops out of the pontoon thingies along the bottom of each side (ive made hatches where it comes out from!).
I rekoned it looked to big and heavy for runners (most large choppers seem to have wheels anyway) and I couldnt find any suitable parts to model it with landing gear down (no small wheels anywhere...I spose I should have gona back to my parents and dug out the old lego!). I might try the next one with its gear down, but i dont think it needs to land under combat conditions anyway, just get low, everyone piles out and it buggers off quick before it gets shot!

noneedforaname: no I didnt think you where :D where do you get that stuff from? And at what price?

28-08-2006, 16:54
Shops that sell remote control cars or good model shops stock it but i think www.ripmax.com may do it online.

Anvils Hammer
28-08-2006, 17:37
WOW! I really like those alot, very cool idea and youve pulled it off well.

damn you! another idea to add to the list of imperial guard regiments I need to do at some point.

vell done mate, make more!

Commissar Vaughn
30-08-2006, 10:46
quick update: I havnt been able to get much done the last few days due to the evilness that is work and the fact my girlfriends not very well so I've been looking after her.

However Ive managed to get started on the infantry platoon and I'm halfway through the 2nd sentinal gunship....th 2nd chimera is still in its box! I've gone for ordinary Cadians , though I might removertheir shoulder pads to lighten them up a bit.... Ive got as far as constructing the LT with a bolter, 2 missile launcher teams, a heavy bolter team, and pair of scratchbuilt plasmaguns cos I dont like the metal ones which are terribly expensive and have really limited poses.
I'll post some pics later if I can but to give you an idea of how I made them: Take a lasgun and remove the barrel, ammo clip and sights. Take a bolter from which you'll need the foregrip: remove this, invert it and glue it on top of the lasgn stock in the middle. Take the spare mortar bomb (or the handheld one) from the cadian heavy wepons sprue and cut it down till it looks like a flask type thingy :D and attach it to the lasgun where the ammo clip was. Cut the end off a flamer: remove the pilot light and cut down the business end a bit and glue it to the front of the lasgun stock. I cant describe that bit any better so You'll have to wait for a pic! I then added half of the flask from an old plastic handflamer I found to the side of the stock just above the ammo flask to be the coolant flask. Its then just a case of filling in the gaps with green stuff so that the top of the flamer noxxle and bolter foregrip are flush, and slope down nicely at the rear of the gun. And there we have a cheap alternative to buying seperate special weapons!
I do apolagise if none of that was very clear, but I was playing nurse till 5am, and then was up at half 6 for work, tonight its her turn to look after me!

30-08-2006, 17:18
Loving the idea and the Execution, very tempted to try this out with the spare chimera kit i have.

The plasma guns sound interesting, another way of doing it is to cut the hose off the flamer leaving the raised detail, cut the front off the flamer, removing all the barrels, then cut the back off a plasma pistol from the space marines at the last rib of plasma coils, and glue to the front of the flamer body.

Wow thats a lot of typing for sucha simple job :)

Looking great and i can't wait to see the infantry, and the gunships aka leman russes :P



Commissar Vaughn
30-08-2006, 17:49
Well Ive been quite lucky today: I managed to get out of work 5 hours early and catch some sleep and finish modelling the infantry platoon and a lone sniper!
So we have the command section: Lt, with bolter, a vox operator, missile launcher, plasmagun and medic.
Squad 1 with plasmagun and heavbolter.
squad 2 with missile launcher and grenade launcher.
and a sniper who'll be added to a special weapon squad when I get one, or will perhaps ill use the light infantry doctrine for one squad and add him there....

AS ive got nowt else to do except paintballing and work for the rest of the week i hope to finish the second sentinal and get the second chimera started as well...who knows i might even paint them!

30-08-2006, 19:12
Great models. Are you thinking of adding backpacks to any of them to show parachutes? I think that would be pretty sweet.

Easy E
30-08-2006, 21:43
A suggest on the Sentinels. Your Flyin' Pig copter has blue window screens. To carry the theme across your army, you should do the same for the view slits on the sentinel choppers as well. This will make them more uniform across the board.

Nice work on the Plasma Guns, however, the flamer barrel makes them look more like Melta Guns to me. I think they would look better with out, and then drill a hole in the flat front.

Otherwise, keep up the great work. This project looks great.

Hope you GF gets well soon.

30-08-2006, 22:29
heh... haven't checked this thread out before. I appreciate the amount of work involved in the copters... but the end result... at least in my opinion... isn't necessarily as good as I was hoping.
Honestly, I would have liked to have seen them turn into something like a chinook (http://www.zap16.com/images/kb04%20DAF%20Chinook%20D-664%20static%202.jpg) or at the very least, something more akin to a blackhawk (http://rotored.arc.nasa.gov/images/blackhawk.jpg). Though, to your credit, it does look a bit more like a Russian model (http://www.mga.ru/8MTw1.gif) but could use more blades on the main propellor.
I realize that's quite a bit more work to transform chimeras into something more stylized... but...
Ah well, to each his own eh? Long live the flying bricks! :)

Commissar Vaughn
31-08-2006, 10:30
resurected: some of them normal kit backpacks, I dont think I'd add chutes, as i see them fastroping/rapelling or even landing rather than jumping out of a chopper at high altitude. Anyway Ive always been under the impression(perhaps falsely) that jumping out of a chopper isnt the same as leaping from a plane or glider and is a lot riskier. In addition Paratroopers are best deployed en masse so that even if they are spread out they will remain an effective fighting force. Airbourne cavalry allow a smaller force to deploy in a more concentrated group, parachutes would spread them out so much it would weaken them too much. Edit: actually I cant see why it would be dangerous to jump out the back of a chopper as long as it was moving away from you as you did! I think mainly though If youve got a chopper that can get you safely close to the ground regardless of terrian you don't need a chute!

Easy e: they do look a cross between flamers, plasmas and meltas dont they? I might try modifing the front ends vents to look more like tear drop shaped vents on a plasma gun, could probably achieve that by fileing into the flamer nozzle.

Deadite: Oh well cant please everyone ! suppose :D It was originally my intentionto build them into a chinook but theres no way I'd have got two sets of rotors on that little hull...maybe two stuck together....hmmmm.....Anyway. And a blackhawk is far to sleek for the Imperial Gaurd. I was aiming for a 40k style helicoptor, all brash and heavy and square looking with no concept of the words sleek, agile, aerodynamic, elegant, graceful, or even airworthy! Just like all the other imperial flyers. I hope you all agree Ive achived that at least!:D

01-09-2006, 03:17
I'd really recommend beefing up those booms on the transport helo. They look a bit weedy compared to the rest of of it.

Other than that all I can say is "wow!"

Commissar Vaughn
01-09-2006, 14:44
cailus; Unfortunatly your right there, but i cant make them any thicker without obstructing the rear door, unless i build them upward wich would look silly! Im thinking of doing some kind of open girdiring around them with some thin rods...like the tail on MASH medivac.

During my lunch break today I put my creations through the VDR and made a comparison between the results and the "count as" version. I very much would like to know what people think. Oh and Ive decided on their names now as well.

Pegasus Transporter:

Count as: Chimera with RTM, smokes, multi laser and heavy bolter :93pts (transport choice)

VDR: normal sized tank, normal speed, armour 11/10/10, BS 3, skimmer, transport 11 men, armed with a heavy bolter and co-axial multilaser (cos thats the only way to get two guns on a vehicle and be allowed to use it as a transport!) : 136pts!! :eek: (tansport choice)

Hawkeye Sentinal Gunship

Count as: sentinal with autocannon, RTM, smokes : 58pts (1-3 per fast attack)

VDR: small light vehicle, fast, armour: 10/10/10, BS 3, open topped, skimmer, armed with an autocannon: 85pts!! (1 per fast attack)

As far as I can see theres no point VDR-ing the Pegasus, becouse for 40pts you get -1 armour and a little bit more manouverability.
The Hawkeye however might be worth the extra points simply for the speed (though it loses its H2H ability) and when using "count as" it moves like a walker: very slowly! :chrome:

Oh and thanks for all the nice comments guys!

02-09-2006, 08:02
How about using the smaller helicopter gunships as Salamander Scout Vehicles? They're a fast choice which actually have some speed...


02-09-2006, 08:15
Why do golf balls have dimples then?

Because golf balls aren't just supposed to go fast, but far and in the right direction.

Any more pics soon? I like the look of those infantry. Are you gonna give the Chimeras landing gear?

Commissar Vaughn
02-09-2006, 09:07
hi guys dont think ill be able to get much more done till monday, so pics then....hopefully have the second chimera underway and the infantry painted-ish. I might issue some with landing gear, but I think it'd e too delicate and very hard to do...becouse i tried it on the 1st one and it wasnt very succesful. Landing gear is retracted for the time being.
And the salamader idea..its crazy but it might just work!

not up to modelling today, Im very hungover!

05-09-2006, 04:50
Commissar Vaughn, I'd have to agree with Deadite, I think the Chimera 'copter needs more blades to be more believable. Only the lightest helicopters have 2 or 3 blades. Most have 4 or more. From where you're at, just make another 3-blade set and attach it on top.

Personally I don't think the whole helicopter thing is very fluffy as the technologies of "skimmers" is reserved for other races or to Space Marines as Land Speeders, that said, I think you came up with a really creative idea and have mixed the "technology" in a very Imperial Guard kind of way.

Good luck and enjoy.


05-09-2006, 05:11
The Salamander idea is a good'un, autocannon heavy bolter and a couple of hunter killers, awesome.



Commissar Vaughn
10-09-2006, 16:51
Ok time for a bit of thread necromancy! Ive been a bit remiss lately in not keeping the project going at maximum output but real life keeps getting in the way of the important stuff, you know how it is. However on friday night i managed to twist my ankle whilst out clubbing (somebody had spilt their drink on the dancefloor) . nowts broken but its the size of a small child and very hard to walk on! This has given me some more and much needed hobby time!

First to respond to the most rescent responses:
I quite like the sally idea, unfortunatly I didnt build the gunships with a heavy bolter!

I may well add some more blades to the Pegasus, theres room for them, Ill uild the second one with 5/6 and see how it pans out.

As to why I think Choppers are fluffy (or at least fluffier than antigrav skimmers) Guard aint going to have advanced antigrav vehicles like speeders and falcons, but the helicopter tech is so much simpler, cruder and easier to make its practically compulsory for the guard to have choppers. Every army needs to be able to have low level air support and transports, there will always be a need for rapid response in dense terrain, which is why choppers exist! And if some Italian turtle could invent them several hundred years ago, I dont see why they wouldnt be common throughout the Imperium as a cheaper and useful alternative to rare antigrav tech. Btw "antigrav" was banned for the Guard, but "skimmers" aren't, its just that the Guard would have to use a different type of skimmer.

On a side note I'd like to point out that the Imperium contains billions of planets, with billions of races/cultures/peoples etc, and it covers a period of some 10000 years! Every World is different in its technology,politics and social make up....Are we to believe for a moment that not a single planet has kept hold of its helicopters in the absence of anything to replace them with? I find that hard to believe.

Anway back to the Project: Today Ive started on the second Pegasus and and done some more on the second gunship. Also pictured below are the beginings of an idea I had regarding the left over parts from the chimera kits: I've constructed the track units with an idea towards making a squadron of battletanks! Might as well eh? not gonna do much else in my bits box!

10-09-2006, 17:06
Good to see the project up and running again, even if you can't. Bad joke...bad joke. :p

Easy E
12-09-2006, 00:50
Pegasus... I was lobbying hard for the Flyin' Pig. Pegasus sounds so elegant.

Oh well, keep up the good work. Are they all going to have the same armament?

12-09-2006, 07:00
A Heavy Bolter would easily fit in under the cockpit of the gunships. Now get in there and make them quick little bastards...


Commissar Vaughn
22-09-2006, 00:22
Hello again! At last another update! Bet you all thought Id forgotten, but no, I ve just been a bit busy with a small empire army, a gobbo horde and about a million other tanks and things to paint...However tonight Ive managed to get some more done on the 2nd pair of choppers! The Pegasus has recieved its windows and tail plus a few other bits and the hawkeye...well hasnt progressed much but will be finished soon. Ive also just started painting the troops, and have built enough to get a basic force out there on the tabletop. Ive just been and spraypainted the lot black and may start experimenting with colour later on.
So far the Company looks like this:
Captain with boltpistol and powersword, with his squad including a meltagun and grenade launcher and medic.
Lieutennant with bolter, and his squad packs a missile launcher and plasmagun.
2 infantry squads, 1 with heavybolter and plasmagun, the other with a missile launcher and grenade launcher.
Armoured fist squad, with meltagun and lots of grenades.
Hardened Vet squad of 6 men: Sarge with plasmapistol and powersword, 3 meltaguns and 2 shotguns and even more grenades.

Im intending that these last two squads will be tasked with getting up close with the biggest, nastiest, hardest, most horribly beweaponed and worst tempered thing in the enemy army and reducing it, one way or another to either a pile of molten slag, or a gibbering wreck desperatly in need of a drink. More shotguns may be required.

plus one combat ready pegasus and a hawkeye and one more of each nearing completion.
I just need a few more chimeras and a couple more sentinals and the force will be a half decent size...I may pick these up on games day, if the Death Korp dont hijack my soul and credit card first!

Heres some pics... a few of the infantry before being sprayed and a few of the choppers...
Afew notes on the models: Ive been attempting for a week to model landing gear on that pegasus as requested and suggested, but so far no method has satisfied me. It either looks rubbish, doesn't work, or falls off everytime a light breeze rattles the windows in the next room. Hopefully I'll have thought of something better for the next one, or the one after that. Meanwhile these pegasi are not intending to land! And Ive decided against adding heavybolters to the hawkeyes, they'd be too nose heavy, I mean, I had to trim the autocannons a bit so it looked like the damn things would be able to get them airborne! (Im often puzzled by Imperial Guard heavy weapons, does anyone really believe that it would take less than ten men to lug one of those autcannons around? Their huge! The death korp ones are much mroe sensible).
The guardsmen are all fairly basic, apart from the addition of meltas and plasmas i couldnt really think of anything to do to them to make em look different without making them look rubbish, though its tempting to get rid of those huge shoulder plates. The hardened vets got a bit more work: a few catachan arms and heads, plus a few shotguns and meltaguns and plenty of grenades and spare ammo.

So whats next? Well lots of painting, a few more choppers obviously! And a lot more guardsmen, Im often terribly worried in games these days that I havnt enough infantry and thats with 80 odd men in 1500pts. This army currently has a mere 46! Not, as Caine said, much of an army for you.

Commissar Vaughn
23-09-2006, 15:37
no replies yet...how odd..

Anyway Ive finally sarted painting the infantry, 3 are done and Ive photod them to see what people think. The battle dress is based loosely on that of the parachute regiment, halfway between their battledress and their denison smocks. Its very hard to paint camo on to plastic figures, the whole point of camo is to break up a bodies outline (and that of his equipment) and that is the last thing u want to do with a nice figure becouse nobody will be able to see it or work out what it is! In an attempt to get round this Ive gone over all the edges of the model(like the edge of the plates and webbing etc) with an awful lot of black ink, hoping that I can retain the camo and the definition. The rest of the colours i used: Catachan green with darkfleh, vermin brown and bubonic brown over it for the smocks and armour, graveyard earth for the trousers, and khaki for the bits over the ankles, darkangels green on the rucksacks and grenades and an equal mix of komando khaki and catchan green for the webbing, ammo pouches and canteens. Guns i'll leave black.

The pics havnt brought them out very well, due to the washes they are quite dark, but becouse of the lighting my camera seems to have focused on the bubonic brown and skin areas and made them look very yellow!

comments welcome guys!

Commissar Vaughn
23-09-2006, 15:44
a few more pics which are a bit clearer!

23-09-2006, 17:04
Don't worry about the lack of replies to this thread. I had @1,000 veiws in two days w/ just a handful of replies.

On to your models. I like where they're heading. The picts are a little too blurry but, I like the camo scheme a lot.

If I can offer a suggestion or two. To help w/ the much needed "table pop" that GW models need, maybe you can paint the body armour in a different way. Meaning, paint the colors in a different shade. For example, darker, lighter, washed out/pastel. You can paint them with less camo on or, even a solid color like the helmets. Basically, it's their armor that gets lost in the pattern. Good luck.

Commissar Vaughn
23-09-2006, 17:31
yeah it is tempting to do the armour catachan green as well....hmm time to experiment!

Commissar Vaughn
24-09-2006, 19:20
After all that gluing and cutting of my infantry the other day...I went to gamesday today, bought some forge world bits, the cadian accessories and hVets sprue and the elysian weapons sprue...so wish Id get them before trying to convert things...oh welll back to the modelling table!

Oh and this project nearly ended today. When I saw the Death Korps in the flesh, and when I saw the krieg grenadiers I promised tzeentch my soul for a platoon of them!

Colonel Jacka
26-09-2006, 15:45

Very impressive conversion mate. True! You have inspired me to do a conversion I have been plotting for a while. I think I will do a thread like yours.

Commissar Vaughn
30-09-2006, 15:38
Excellent! Another convert and some fresh meat for the grinder!

Hi folks, just another quick update, Ive spent the last few days painting my infantry, just got twenty more to do.
In the end I decided not to bother painting all the armour catachan green cos it meant there was hardly any camo on them at all and they stood out to much, so I opted for a compromise: The vest and jacket gets the camo effect and the shoulder plate and helmets get the pure green! Im rather pleased with the efect so far. A couple need some touching up, but im not a perfectionist when it comes to painting, more of an impressionist! Oh and they all need the bases doing eventually which will probably just be simple static grass, on the basis that I can more easily imagine my guardsmen choosing the flatest, clearest area for their LZ.

I took my two finished choppers down to the local club (RGMB Chester part of the club network!) to see what people thought. There had been many who called me a fool and a heretic and worse but they all admitted that I hadnt done to badly and everyone told me to down load Ride of the Valyries!
They even took part in a large game of 40k, 5000pts aside. I used 3 of my infantry companys and my armoured coy as well against 2 marine companys and another guard coy. They didnt do much, just zooming around strafing the enemy, but the looked the part!

Anyway some pics here for you, you'll notice a few conversions (one of my favourites is the heavy stubber in the last pic), theres afew pieces from forgeworld, for the hardened vets plus a few elysian weapons around as well! The great thing about Guard is the variety!

Oh and sorry about the interuppted post my computer started acting up so i had to reboot, amazingly without losing half the post!

30-09-2006, 15:50
It's amazing as to how quickly your army progressed. Do you have plans for more? Only asking because I stumbled upon a Yahoo group that has templates for hover vehicles and shuttles. I have no use for it, now atleast. But, I wouldn't mind passing on the link. Lemme know.

Commissar Vaughn
30-09-2006, 15:58
Im not really planning on building hover vehicles etc in the antigrav sense, I'm sticking to whirlybirds! And I will have next two done and dusted this week! Then i just need to get paid so I can buy another 6 chimeras!

05-10-2006, 23:38
very nice stuff mate ^^ Though I'd of called it a "skyhog" myself lol :p It has turned out really well so congrats to ta, cant wait to see more :D

06-10-2006, 01:55
yo can we get a group shot with all the air-mera's?

Commissar Vaughn
06-10-2006, 11:03
unfortunatly due to oversleeping every day this week Ive barely finished painting the infantry! Thy'll be done by lunchtime, :D only one pegasus and one hawkeye are painted the other two coming along nicely though. I think by next mid next week i should be able to get a pic of the entire force ready for battle! maybe even a game in as well, their first blooding! then ive gotta wait for bonus day to come round again so i can buy the next batch of chimeras!

Commissar Vaughn
25-10-2006, 14:19
Ok i feel i must apologise for not being able to get any more pics for you just yet of the air cav. They are progressing but unfortunatly my computer recently decided to explode and I cant yet afford another one so no pics till bonus day!

In the meantime: We Apologise For The Inconvenience.

25-10-2006, 15:36
the guy with heavy stubber is awesome, although it looks like his back should be breaking. Are you going to count it as a heavy bolter? IIRC there are no weapon choices of heavy stubber in ig, except in hive gangers and pintle mounted on vechicles I think.

Commissar Vaughn
25-10-2006, 16:31
yeah it'll count as a heavy bolter. i chose it simply cos of its small size! it actually looks like someone could carry it about by hand, rather than most of the heavy weapons in the imperial guard range that would require all the kings horses!

11-11-2006, 13:31
They don't need grav-chutes or parachutes since rappeling lines (and a stubby, vertical metal cylinder at the belt buckle mostly for the look of it) will suffice well if he chooses the Mechanized doctrine.

The Catachan Green for shoulder pads worked excellent, in my opinion, and I'm a great fan of your plasma gun pattern.

Cadian 21st
25-02-2007, 18:36
- I like that Sentinel conversion! I've been thinking about VDRing a Sentinel-type skimmer, and thought that a helicopter would be the best way. I'll definately be using this thread for inspiration. Thanks!


- Chimera transports can't Deep Strike. That'd be tricky to convince other players to let you drop in Chimeras

25-02-2007, 18:46
Threadomancy most foul Cadian 21st, threadomancy most foul!

...for shame...:(

-peace out

28-02-2007, 08:41
Wow, those chimeras look like... really good. They've almost got a huey-ish-ness to them and I, personally, am a huge fan. bring this thread back to life... LIVE, LIVE!

28-02-2007, 08:53
As an ex-chopper pilot, all I can say is wheres the speaker on the skid! ;)

You need that music blearing out as you come out of the sunset!

Commissar Vaughn
28-02-2007, 09:54

My air cav project has taken a back burner to others(a model railway, a 3000pnt empire army and a british rifle coy for flames of war!) recently but now it shall come to the fore!

It has been to war for the 1st time a few weeks ago and has faught an eldar and space marine army to a standstill, the sentinal gunship claiming an awful large amount of Eldar skimmers in combat, and my company Captain has won much reknown by besting a Spacemarine Librarian biker in single combat!
Their only victory so far though comes from destroying a Harlequin strikeforce by careering across the battlefield with all guns blazing!

coming soon to a project log near you: more pics of flying chimeras and the second sentinal!

28-02-2007, 20:59
YES! Now I know how Igor feels. Keep up the work, man... it looks smashing

Commissar Vaughn
01-03-2007, 15:44
Ok so Ive finally dug out the models Id been working on in my last post before the death of the thread! THis morning I completed the second transport chopper and second gunship, just need to paint them tonight after work but ill post pics before hand! In addition I devised a flying base for the two larger choppers, the ones I'd been using before being too flimsy. Something else Id missed doing was finishing the bases on the infantry, I need some pva but I rekon ill have the entire coy with a nice simply grassy base tomorrow, just in time for some group shots!

And I might just have time to start the 3rd....

01-03-2007, 23:06
Very good to see this ongoing again!


Commissar Vaughn
02-03-2007, 00:10
ok pics as promised: A few group shots and some of the completed and near completed choppers!

Cadian 21st
02-03-2007, 01:14
- I like the group shots! I really perfer the Mars pattern cockpit to the Armageddon one; more viable. Perhaps you can find clear pieces of plastic to make it look like a window? (Blisterpacks, cellophane, resin even?) Could be interesting.

- The Chimeras' Heavy Bolters seem somewhat useless that high up: maybe making it co-axil - counts as hull-mounted - would look better? Especially since this is 4th ed where the Chimera can only fire at one target. What could also look good would be if you moved the mounted lasguns to the side (or even the underside) of the Chimera. Maybe two large doors on the sides that some of the troopers can fire out of? The whole army has a very "Starship Troopers" (#1-the only one :mad:) type of feel to it :evilgrin:.

Commissar Vaughn
02-03-2007, 01:23
I know what you mean about the heavy bolters but theres only so much room under the nose of the chopper...I though about wing mounting them but didnt have a suitable heavy bolter in my bits box, and i dont know what Id have done with the area they are currently mounted.

I removed the lasgins completly, i think they look daft on a normal chimera, as if theyre depressed enough to shoot a man on the ground theyve got to cope with being torn off by turning tracks! I Reckon the rear hatch is all thats needed, though I like the idea of lasgins slung under the hull....

Starship troopers wasnt quite the image i was aiming for, which was more A Bridge Too Far meets We Were Soldiers in the 41st millenium, but it'll do nicely:D!

Cadian 21st
02-03-2007, 01:54
I know what you mean about the heavy bolters but theres only so much room under the nose of the chopper...

- I find the GW Heavy Bolters to be soooo oversized....such a pain. I like neat alternatives, like the Ork Shootas. Oh well, it still looks good!

I removed the lasgins completly, i think they look daft on a normal chimera

- Agreed.

Starship troopers wasnt quite the image i was aiming for, which was more A Bridge Too Far meets We Were Soldiers in the 41st millenium, but it'll do nicely:D!

- Haha, I'd love to see the look on the German faces as those beasts came ripping across Arnhem! If that's the look you're going for, then you could always throw in some of the Gliders they used there? I haven't seen the movie, but I've read the book :eyebrows:, so maybe there's some inspiration on the big scree??

02-03-2007, 09:27
Not much else to said, awesome!

03-03-2007, 07:02
Looking good, but if the small gunships are supposed to be Sentinels, I'd go for a bigger base.


Commissar Vaughn
03-03-2007, 07:58
to be fair you might be right, they keep falling over!
next pair of chppers on the painting table, pics on sunday i reckon im away for the weekend :(

Easy E
03-03-2007, 10:24
Still one of the most creative things I've seen in 40K. I'm glad it's back and growing.

03-03-2007, 16:37
Can't believe I've not seen this thread yet... excellent idea on the 'Copters, neat conversions too! Well done! :cool:

Commissar Vaughn
04-03-2007, 22:16
4 completed choppers. 5th starts soon.

and Ive been and bought an enormous amount of Classical music. Including, Wagner: Ride of the Valkyries. Ipod...speakers...DEATH FROM ABOVE!!!!

Commissar Vaughn
04-03-2007, 23:19
And I thought Id thrown in a few group hugs.....

cheers for all the support guys, the Emperor knows I wouldnt be still building without it! :D

05-03-2007, 00:00
I haven't checked in here in a while; the choppers look great. Nice job with the multi-lasers.

Commissar Vaughn
06-03-2007, 08:06
Ive decided to have a go at something a little different for my third Pegasus: On the first two Ive put the chimeras top hatches along each side, Its occured that one of these could easily be fire ports for say a heavy stubber... so Im going to have the next one built with one, or maybe both hatches open, and one of them with a heavy stubber poking out, maybe a couple of lasguns on the other side.

Cant work out how to make skid mounted speakers tho...

Flame Boy
06-03-2007, 20:39
Wow, this is a daft idea that's been executed very well in my opinion. I've seen Guard aircav before, but this time I think it works. I love the dinky little Sentinel Helecopters, they remind me of the battle choppers in Advance Wars! http://gc.advancedmn.com/images/media/AdvanceWars02.jpg

Have you considered making a similar weapon-fit to the Forge World support Sentinels? Some variation on the various rockets and missiles they are armed with might look good and be appropriate. I think the Salamander might be the best rules for the light choppers though, so that would rule out using support sentinels, sadly, without some creative rule-tweaking.

Commissar Vaughn
06-03-2007, 23:34
I reckon the next sentinals Ill build will be missile launcher armed for anti tank work...
I played a couple of games with my aircav tonight, going up against Raven Wing. My Air Cav found themselves totaly out gunned and out manouvered by the landspeeder tornados and bikes. All those Assault cannons! EEk! It didnt help that he had a chaplain and ravingwing master on landspeeder. The first game only lasted a couple of turns before my choppers and deep striking guard were wiped out for the loss of just 4 marines! The second game went better downing most of the landspeeders and coming close to bagging the master (damn that AV14!) and the bikers. But at the end it was still a victory to the marines.

This has brought home how fragile my army is, it doesnt have resilience, and it can have either speed or firepower but not both, which puts it at a serious disadvantage!

so I need something that can add some punch to my army, to buy the rest of it some time to make those shots count.
So the Chopper under construction will not simply become another Pegasus Transport.. I need something heavier and packing some firepower. So instead I intend to attempt to build something Ive already said I wouldnt do. But circumstances are against me, and needs must! So I must build a Pegasus Exterminator Gunship!
With a heavybolter on the hull, two more on the side hatches, and synchronised autocannons on wing pylons, plus maybe a hunter killer, I might just have the edge I need!

Cadian 21st
07-03-2007, 00:33
So I must build a Pegasus Exterminator Gunship!...

- Haha, damn, if that doesn't kill those Landspeeders, than you'll totally have to add those Assault Cannon miniguns through VDR ;)

- Anyways, don't feel disheartened! You went up against Ravenwing, who are not only extremely maneuverable, but have very high firepower, very high armour value, and a whole lot of cheese spread :skull:. You'll find your army will fair a lot better against Marines, other Guard, Tau, or even (possibly) Eldar.

Commissar Vaughn
07-03-2007, 03:41
Ok the Pegasus Exterminater Gunship is under way! Those bird-orientated bikers are gonna get a whole lot of 20mike-mike spread all over them! Dakkadakakdakka!

I know what you mean Cadian 21st, they could do everything the Air Cav could do, but faster and with more firepower and better armour! Oh well, the scoreboard will look a lot more even next time!

Ive put the two auto cannons on pylons either side of the hull, and heavy stubbers in the aft hatches, with gunners, and random equipment and ammo lying around.

Commissar Vaughn
07-03-2007, 03:47
A few pics as well from the first battle I played tonight, but it was over so fast I didnt bother taking any of the ravenwings mopping up operation! Damn that 1st turn charge!

Anyway I think I covered, in no perticular order the Choppers being gunned down by massed assault cannons and then the Guardsmen being gunned down by massed assualt cannons!

Commissar Vaughn
07-03-2007, 15:32
I Was up till 3 in the morning glueing and cutting and Ive just done another 3 hours now, but apart from some greenstuff the Pegasus Exterminator is nearly ready for painting!

07-03-2007, 16:13
This is really cool! Great idea and execution of the idea. Good stuff.

Commissar Vaughn
07-03-2007, 19:28
Nearly lost the exterminator tonight! Took it outside to spray it black and a random muscle spasm sent it across the street, breaking into pieces and landing on a drain grill! luckily none of the parts fell thru, and I was able to rescue them. Phew! The horror of losing something youve been working on down a drain! Ill be more careful in future....

Mr Zephy
07-03-2007, 22:21
Wow, oh well, at least it's not as bad as if someone had been walking there and had got hit... Extra Embarrasing explaining your hobby if you've just hit someone with it.

Commissar Vaughn
07-03-2007, 23:06
Im really pleased with the way this chopper has turned out so far, especially liking the 50cal gunners at the rear!

Cadian 21st
07-03-2007, 23:15
Im really pleased with...the 50cal gunners at the rear!

- They're really neat! I love the look of those guns and the Autocannons! The HK looks so lonely by itself :p.

08-03-2007, 00:59
Amazing looking army. Really top notch.

Commissar Vaughn
12-03-2007, 17:07
hello again! ok, at last another update! been busy this weekend but I took a day off and spent it painting today! This has got the Pegasus Exterminator Gunship ready for the clubnight tomorrow, where im hoping it will unleash bloody revenge on the ravenwing!

The third sentinal Gunship should begin this week too, my housmate very kindly bought me one for my birthday! Im thinking of adding more inmfantry to the force again, possibly another hardened vets squad, but one thats tooled for with close assualt weapons like flamers, rather than more meltaguns, which just make them a priority target for the enemy.

Anyway, pics!!

Cadian 21st
12-03-2007, 21:39
- I love the three Pegasuses(?)! They look soooo awesome!

13-03-2007, 08:16
Cadian's comment above got me thinking...

The newest addition looks too much lika a Chimera to be counted as a Russ. I think it would need a bit more "chunk" in order to really pull that off.

Sorry to say it, because the Exterminator is my all-time favourite tank and I want it used a lot on the battlefields.


Commissar Vaughn
13-03-2007, 09:51
I know what you mean, but then I thought that if GW can get away with using the same model for the av11 rhino and the av13 predator than I can use the chimera hull for av12-14! Im suupose i could justify it by saying that the carrying capacity has been much reduced to allow extra reinforcing on the inside and around all the delicate bits and to carry extra ammo for all those guns.

Cadian 21st
13-03-2007, 18:57
I know what you mean, but then I thought that if GW can get away with using the same model for the av11 rhino and the av13 predator than I can use the chimera hull for av12-14! Im suupose i could justify it by saying that the carrying capacity has been much reduced to allow extra reinforcing on the inside and around all the delicate bits and to carry extra ammo for all those guns.

- Awww, but that's GW's excuse for the Hellhound's AV12-12-10!

Son of the Lion
13-03-2007, 19:54
Very, very cool. Between this and Irfpio's Leviathan thread, MPT is my favorite section of the forum these days. We need more talented scratchbuilding nutjobs around here....

13-03-2007, 22:03
Out of curiosity are the undersides of the vehicles painted a lighter colour (light blue-grey) to provide camoflauge against the sky?

13-03-2007, 23:18
Excellent work Vaughn, glad to see you nutjobbing around 'ere again.

-peace out

Commissar Vaughn
14-03-2007, 00:10
Out of curiosity are the undersides of the vehicles painted a lighter colour (light blue-grey) to provide camoflauge against the sky?

No theyre not, I wasnt sure if they should be, as far as I can see military choppers tend to fly low and so get camo all round. I could be wrong though, but Ive never found many pics of the underside of a chopper!

Latest purchase (spending birthday money!) another chimera, which will probably get turned into another transporter. I still think I need some really heavyfirepower though to make up for the lack of ordnance (playing with this army is like having to learn 40k from scratch again!) So Im contemplating getting or scratch building a forge world flyer, maybe a thunderbolt to unleash the napalm!

This evening I led the 52nd Cestrian Air Cavalry to battle again and achieved a total victory over the Tau! I borrowed a couple of stormtrooper squads to make it up to 1500pts, (I'd left mine at home) and my army looked like this:

Captain: plasma pistol, power sword, carapace armour,
Staff: Lasguns, melta, bet with medic
Demolition squad with melta, Glauncher, demo charge.
LT with bolter, staff with heavy bolter and Glauncher.
3 squads with plasmagun and MLauncher.
Armoured fist squad, with melta, Hbolter, mounted in pegasus with smokes,
hbolter and multilaser.
Veteran squad, sarge with plasma pistol and powersword,
6 men with shotguns, 3 with meltaguns,mounted in pegasus as above.
2 sentinal gunships with autocannons (fast skimmers with av10/9/9).
Pegasus Exterminator with 3 heavybolters and hunter killer and smokes.
2x10 storm troopers with glauncher/plasmagun and melta/flamers and infiltrate.

Tau force seemed to consist of Battlesuited commander and bodyguard, 4 other suits(a trio and a monat), 4x6 fire warriors, 1x12 man squad in devilfish, a dozen or so kroot, and 2 hammerheads with railguns.
The scene: A river crossing the winter themed board and a bridge to capture!
My opponent was unlucky at first missing all his railgun shots, which allowed my choppers to start gunning down his men, as the two forces charge towards each other in order to gain the river crossing. The two sentinals performed well in this game claiming a hammerhead in the first turn, then numerous tau/suits and even knocking wounds off the super armoured tau commander. One sentinal was disarmed early on and spent the game tank shocking crisis teams, eventually killing one! The brand new exterminator took a while to get going but showed its potential when it annhialted squad after squad of firewarriors.
The borrowed stormtroopers get up close and personal blasting through the kroot and trying to take on the tau commander, unfortunatly terrible dice rols meant both squads legged it never to return! The Vets tried to finish what they'd started and dashed in, managing to hurt it, but failing thier break test too! I really must find something to compensate for the lack of standard bearers and commissars in this army, my other infantry companies dont run away! never mind, it distracted the tau enough for my choppers to position themselves to strafe the tau and allowed my hq to lead the infantry across the river. The battleuit commander was becoming lonely very quickly, and decided to try and stop the attack himself, diving into the middle of the Imperial Guard, however his bravery was for naught as his shots missed and he was unable to escape due to the bulk of his armour! My company commander closed in, and it nearly came down to a fight between the two commanders, but the armour that had saved every attack thrown at him for the entire game finally started to give way under the sheer weight of firepower and the Tau commander died before I had to resort to an assualt! Only one batlesuit, hiding behind a hill survived, and the guard infantry took and held the bridge!

14-03-2007, 00:28
Loving the work mate absolutely loving it. I am about to start my own similar conversions but without the Rotary blades. Can't wait to do it. Mines should look a little different from yourself however (if you don't mind) I will be taking a good deal of inspiration from your pegasus's.

Commissar Vaughn
14-03-2007, 00:35
go for it, but what you using instead of the blades?

14-03-2007, 00:45
I'm gonna be using a more of a rotary engine design either like the Vulture or Valk. Of course that is all subject to change. I have my first Russ and sentinals to build up like this. Awaiting my first Chimera in the post.

I will be starting a project log to show my progress. Thing is I know nothing about 40k. Bitten off more than I can chew for my first army in the system? Probably.

14-03-2007, 13:13
I've got to say that your army looks amazing. I applaud your comitment to the project as well.

So often you come across a really good project thread that fizzles out no sooner than its started and never gets finished. So well done for sticking with such a tough project and executing it so well.

Commissar Vaughn
14-03-2007, 20:41
just thought Id add a few pics from last nights game and of the whole force together....

14-03-2007, 20:50
did u win tho?

14-03-2007, 21:13
I like the little sentinel flyers... every time I see this army I just think of Apocalypse Now and Colonel Kilgore... and that poor, poor VC village

Cadian 21st
14-03-2007, 21:34
- I love that army :D. I like that powersword on the Officer. I didn't see it before. It sounded like you won - correct me if I'm wrong.

Commissar Vaughn
15-03-2007, 09:57
Well I lost al my vets and stormtroopers and 1 pegasus. He lot everything except a lone crisis suit whos mates had been killed by an unarmed sentinal gunship....I think thats a yes.

Ill try and get some better pics of the individual squads this weekend, they tend not to come out to well....

15-03-2007, 10:33
It looks great!
Do you think about converting Lemans to some sort of flying fortresses?

Commissar Vaughn
15-03-2007, 23:40
I thought about it but I dont think the model lends itself to the conversion....
Instead Im using Pegasus models with more guns and no transport capacity (see the exterminator above)
Also I cant really justify a battlecannon on a chopper!

Ive started construction on the next two choppers: one sentinal and one pegasus. Unfortuantly Ive just discovered that Ive run out of plasticard! The stuff i have left is far too flimsy, will have to ressuply tomorrow.

Easy E
16-03-2007, 09:23
Do not convert a Leman.

The Exterminator is great, but a flying battle cannon is a bit... unbelievable. Unless your a thunderhawk gunship. I'm glad your on the same page.

Keep up the great work!

17-03-2007, 07:05
How about using the experimental rules for the Leman Russ Annihilator from Forge World? That would have the theoretical chance of actually taking down a tough tank...

Serpent :)

Easy E
17-03-2007, 10:14
Great idea Serpent, and not any heavier of a weapon load-out than an exterminator. I could definitely see it as a Gunship.

Commissar Vaughn
17-03-2007, 11:34
an annhialator? whats that got? twin lascannon or somethin?

Easy E
17-03-2007, 11:37
In one...

check it out here: http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/downloads40k.htm

Commissar Vaughn
17-03-2007, 13:02
hmmm....nice.....now wheres that plasitcard?

17-03-2007, 22:55
The only justifiable WYSIWYG version of a battlecannon could maybe be some sort of guided bomb. The aircraft could have winglets full of these bombs. That is, if you somehow had to include something with such a large weapon.

Commissar Vaughn
18-03-2007, 04:23
I did consider a gunship bristling with missile launcher pods which i reckoned would have the same effect, but I didnt like the idea....

besides Im not convinced I need a battle cannon in the force, theres tons of other marine slaying weapons in there. If I need ordnance Ive got a demo charge! Which so far in my games hasnt hit anythin....oh, except my company HQ once. But they survived!
Havnt done much for the choppers this weekend, too much drinking involved. And Ive been doing those cruisers you might have seen in my mini project log.

18-03-2007, 04:34
Regarding demo charges, one time a chaos player tried to squeeze two squads of khorne berserkers through a channel between a hill and a tree line. Long story short, I was playing catachans and dropped a demo charge on the two squads, wiping out at least 15 of them. But back to your force, battlecannons are unnecessary if you have plenty of lascannons and such (on that note, do autocannons have an ap of 3? I can't recall).

Commissar Vaughn
18-03-2007, 04:42
no, AP4 unfortunatly. put ive 3 MLs, 3 plasma, and 6 meltaguns, plus the demo charge. Thats 13 out off 66 men, oh and 2 plasma pistols! not a bad ratio. And the rest roll a lot of dice!

Having said that one of my infantry coys packs an imppresive ratio of 1 heavy weapon for roughly every 4 guardsmen (and theres 120 of em!) , not all of them are ap2/3 but that ratio doesnt include special or assault weapons!

Commissar Vaughn
25-03-2007, 15:44
I feel like Ive neglected this thread again but its only been a week whilst I built my cruisers! Another pair of choppers are under construction and there will be pics available soon for your viewing pleasure. :D

Easy E
26-03-2007, 07:30
How many are you planning to build total? Planning on making that Annihilator variant?

Commissar Vaughn
26-03-2007, 09:09
Not sure really. 3 sentinal gunships will probably be sufficient to be honest. Id like to get the entire company mounted in pegasi so nobody has to walk, which means Id need another 5(got 2 done, a third underway) for the 8 squads n the company. I think that'd take my company up to 1500pts which is about right for most games around here. We tend to play in multiples of 1500, and each of my supported companys comes to about that which makes life easier before a game, especially when its all wysiwyg-ish! DOnt think Id have room for an annhialator, tho I would like the extra anti-tank power which is something Im lacking unless I can get close enough to use all those meltaguns!

Wolflord Havoc
09-05-2007, 14:09
Just come across this thread

Nice work Commissar Vaughn

I must confess that I have not trawled through all 9 pages - my boss is looking - (and so apologies if this idea has already been raised) but I was struck with a sudden idea with regards to the 'Flying Chimera' and to a lesser extent the 'Air Rat' (or what ever it ended up being called).

I notice that you have no tail rotor on the 'Chimera' and obviously this would cause the aircraft to become unflyable.

However if the Aircraft had 'Contra Rotating' main rotar blades it would not need a tail rotar and would look even better (IMHO).

Have a look at the Russian Kamov KA-27 'Helix', KA-25 'Hormone' and KA-50 'Black Shark' or 'Hokum'.

But this is just me being pedantic (sorry but I spent 3 years training as an AIrcraft Engineer) - they look great as they are - and apologies if this has already been raised as an Idea.

09-05-2007, 14:26
tho being an ex chopper pilot, the tail rotors not needed if they have a notar system (big sideways fan!)

Commissar Vaughn
09-05-2007, 14:53
All the helicoptors do have tail rotors. They are painted black though and Ive never bothered taking pics just looking at them so I spose they are quite hard to see! If you look carefully, and on the WIP pics where theyre unpainted, you should be able to see them.

Theyre quite crude: just a length of sheet plastic and few bits of plastic rod!
But definatly there, and they are definatly "airworthy". Ish :D .

BTW there is anothre chopper under production, and I promise I will get more done asap!

27-10-2007, 03:49
You know, just the other day I was thinking, "boy I'd like to have some helicopters in a 40k army." Have been reading a lot about Vietnam and whatnot, and the important role of choppers.

I think I'll have to steal this idea someday. Those things are sweet.

27-10-2007, 04:22
I don't know if anyone has already said this because I didn't read all the comments, but the Guard most likely wouldn't use a rotor-ed vehicle. That's why you have craft like the Valkyrie. Neat idea for another game, possibly, but not 40K. Bravo on the work on such a project, though I don't think it belongs in 40k

Comrade Wraith
31-10-2007, 17:21
I havn't had time to read the whole article but what do you count these as chimeras or valkaries? personally id love to use the rappelling lines cityfight stratagem with IG but they have no skimmers

01-11-2007, 20:02
Great, unique IG! I love 'em. And you finally managed to do the kind of army that is the wet dream of every IG player that ever watched Apocalypse Now... :D

Great work, keep it going!

Easy E
02-11-2007, 17:53
BTW there is anothre chopper under production, and I promise I will get more done asap!

Promises never kept. Perhaps all the recent attention will spur you to action!

03-11-2007, 04:46
Looks amazing, cant wait to see more.
To represent a lema Russ ay have you considered a 3 rotared heavy flyer? like say have 2 side wings with rotar blades ont hema dn one form the tail? This would give it the stability to fire a cannon.
Or as others have said you could represent the cannon via missile pod much like a gunship

03-11-2007, 08:33
hahahaha. those are amazing. My inner mekboy definately approves.

03-11-2007, 08:56
I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. it smells like .... victory.

Wonderful, wonderful project. I found myself spontaneously humming 'Ride of the Valkaries' whilst reading this log. :D

I'd say that means you have pulled it off nicely.

22-11-2007, 11:18
Great project! Have you considered including a artillery vehicle in your army?

In that case: the US army uses an airplane that has a Howitser in the side, firing 105 mm artillery shells while circeling its target. Might want to consider building something like this, but just make sure the model is BIG, as it needs to be because of the backlash of such a big cannon firing at one side of the plane.


27-03-2009, 05:08
Hey, I missed this log somehow but your air Calvary army looks amazing! Rather unique ideas here, and nice scheme on the troops.
I have to ask about those Chimera's track sections though , you should get cracking on them!
Maybe go with a modern abrams style; keep the low profile, make a flatter turret, proxy some kind of smaller battlecannon...
I know they don't fit in this army, but mixed forces are always better, and dont you want a break from choppers? :D

good luck with the mechanization

27-03-2009, 05:19
Love the ideas and love the execution. I really only have one critique. The landing ski's on the Sentinel's are a bit weak and stand out against the otherwise pristine work you've poured into the project. Consider revisiting those and you'll have a true masterpiece beyond masterpieces.