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22-08-2006, 05:20
while i was making a new army list for a lahmia army (see rules development) i realized i could make what i want with just the normal vampire list. the idea is that a lahmia vampire rules over a small kingdom (i see bretonnia being the most likely) that the citizens might not know or care that she is really a vampire. i could say that the miniatures are immune to psy. because they are that devoted/in love with her. here is what i came up with so far:
vampire count
vampire thrall
2 wight lords (using paladin miniatures, he mortal lovers similar to the swains from the lahmia list in the back of the Vampire book)
15 graveguard (her personal guard using old bretonnian halberdiers)
3x 5 black knights (knights that travel to her kingdom hoping to impress her)
as you can see this is mostly a fluff army so it doesn't matter if i lose every game. i thought of using the halberdiers as skeletons leaving me to have an extra special slot and using one of my core choices. this army could also double as a mousillion army replacing the lahmians with blood dragons. any comments or suggestions would be welcome

22-08-2006, 06:53
So you plan to build an army of standard "living" models with the Undead rules? Sounds a bit wrong.

You might be better off building an actual Bretonnian army and putting in som Lahmia models to act as a Damsel and a Prophetess. Rules-wise, that is.

Personally I had great fun painting up my ethically challenged Bretonnian robber-knights in virtually the same color scheme as my Vampire counts, even going so far as using a Blood Dragon model for the Bretonnian Lord.

Who knows what dark things transpire in the barony of Aquisitionne!


22-08-2006, 14:28
Maybe add some DoW alive people for the real human touch.

22-08-2006, 14:51
Fluff wise I could see human (living) protecting their Master. Heck.. they don't have to be skellies.. they could pass for being recently deceased! ;)

maze ironheart
22-08-2006, 15:20
I think pepole that build armies on fluff that they make up is quite good because if they write battle reports they can think of story lines to go with the battle that would make reading the battle reports great.Because me and my cousin make fluff stories for our armies aswell the fluff stories are for a batttle reports he writes for under empire which is a web site for skaven players.

22-08-2006, 15:49
i was going to use the undead trait saying that the soldiers are so dedicated to the vampire they don't care what happens to them, which i don't think is really all that farfetched.