View Full Version : 1500 points Wood Elves - advice please!

22-08-2006, 11:01
OK, I haven't played for a while, but I'm planning to have a game on Thursday (against a Chaos army, not sure whether it will be Beasts, Daemons or Mortals). Here's my list - it's intended to be a "take all-comers" army, rather than one tailored to a specific opponent. Would appreciate any useful advice...

1500 Points

Noble with Great Eagle, Great Weapon, Light Armour, Shield, Stone of the Crystal Mere & Helm of the Hunt (183)

Spellsinger (Level 2) with Deepwood Sphere & Dispel Scroll (175)

Branchwraith (Level 1) with Cluster of Radiants & Annoyance of Netlings (165)

10 Glade Guard, inc. Hawkeye (126)

10 Glade Guard, inc. Hawkeye (126)

6 Glade Riders, inc. Musician (151)

8 Dryads, inc. Branch Nymph (108)

6 Wardancers, inc. Bladesinger & Musician (129)

6 Wild Riders, inc. Champion, Standard, Musician & War Banner (217)

3 Warhawk Riders (120)

Total: 1500

The costs are from memory, but I think I've got them all right.

The plan is flexible, but generally I'll form a firebase with the Glade Guard, with Dryads and Wardancers in the woods to threaten enemy flanks. The Cavalry will try to get behind the enemy to create flank/rear charges, and the flyers will cause harrassment and contribute to combats which I'm pretty certain I'll win. What do you reckon?

22-08-2006, 11:14
I like it. It's fairly well balanced and you should do well against most armies if you play well. For my tastes you've spent a little too much on characters for a small game, and I wouldn't take so many unit champions. However these are quite idiosyncratic things which are unlikely to make a huge difference to your army's success.

You do lack any unit that can 'stand and fight' head to head. You have no Treeman, no treekin, no eternal guard and only 1 unit of Dryads. Therefore your units are going to rely on being able to choose their targets and getting the charge. Not an unworkable strategy for WE, but it makes you less multi-dimensional.

If I were you I'd use the Warhawks to slow the enemy down so you can have more time to shoot out the units that will frustrate your plans; like warhounds and detatchments. I'd combine your Wild Riders with your Eagle riding Noble (I run exactly the same guy and he's really effective!) as between them these two units can do enough to break an enemy unit easily. The glade riders can be used with these two units as well to help get a flank charge or lure the enemy into a trap.

The dryads can be sent after enemy missile troops, or used to protect the glade guard from ambusing beastmen or scouts. I imagine the Wardancers will be guarding the Spellsinger, so they'll have to play it fairly conservative. Probably best used to follow up the faster part of the army and mop up anything that thinks it's got past the main assault.