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22-08-2006, 18:24
I've heard the word used here and there on this forum but i don't know what an interex is.Basically what ime asking is could someone give me some fluff on the interex.

22-08-2006, 18:32
The Interex were a human culture that Horus and the Lunar Wolves Legion encountered. They feature in the books "Horus Rising" and "False Gods"

They had an STC system, and knowledge of the nature of Chaos.

Horus and the Sons of Horus Legion mostly destroyed them.

22-08-2006, 18:39
Actually they were never destroyed. They withdrew from the planet and would tackle the task later on.

22-08-2006, 18:42
Oh, they were also known for rather peaceful relations with Xenos. A major point of contention.

22-08-2006, 19:09
will people use bloody spoilers please, ffs.

22-08-2006, 23:00
will people use bloody spoilers please, ffs.

Someone asked for fluff on the Interex.

It's pretty safe to say that any fluff on the Interex will be a spoiler.

Indrid Khold
23-08-2006, 21:00

While in "Horus Rising" the Luna Wolves withdraw from the Interex system to take them on at a later date, there is a single line in "False Gods" that indicates that they were subsequently destroyed. It may be a continuity error, but it is in there.