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23-08-2006, 19:01
Hey all,

I'm going to be moving out soon, so therefore I'm going to make a new table to wind away those nights.

Also, suspisciously, I'm writing an article to chart this for FIREBASE :)

So, what do you guys use for your terrain features usually?

I'm currently making asteroid fields using cork boulders, coctail sticks and spare GW bases. Grand total of cash spent...2!

Puffin Magician
23-08-2006, 19:52
Take some leftovers from both BFG and 40k bitzboxes, mix in some sprue and you've got yourself a small colony/defence station. Obviously the more you pile in, the bigger it'll be. You could also use those bits to represent hulks, battle debris and such.

Try some cotton stretched out and painted for whispy nebulae. Combine this method with asteroids to make a comet.

Beacons for Navigators? Jumppoint indicators? Warp-Communication arrays?

23-08-2006, 19:54
To make planets and moons use polystyrene balls, and mount them n flying bases.

23-08-2006, 23:08
I think that for planets a better option is to cut the polystyrene balls in half and just put the flat bottoms on the table. Especially good for big planets, also puts less things on stands.

25-08-2006, 15:20
and you get more planets for your buck(quid, whatever it is for you)!

though I do enjoy the aesthetics of a spinning globe.

25-08-2006, 15:54
a trip to your local home and garden center will often net you great asteroid/ cratered rocks for your scenery. nd if you want a truely huge planet that you can fly over try using a Frisbee with some paint and modification.

29-08-2006, 20:02
I recently made a lot of metores using black construction paper and pastel pencils. I simply drew them on oddly cut pieces of paper.

For planets, I cut our old one in half, and cut out a circular piece of paper about 30-38cm across to represent the gravity well. So we didn't have to constatly measure to see where it was.

29-08-2006, 20:53
the rubbish sort of polysterene that you get in packaging can easily be broke up and repainted into asteroids.

Also, if the polysterene is sprayed, it melts and gives you more variety. Just make sure you are outside otherwise you will gas yourself (believe me - voice of experience, i only do it now when I WANT to see stars and fairies!)

29-08-2006, 21:37
For my planets, I prefer 2D so we can traverse them without fussing around, so circular cardboard it is. Asteroids have been explained fairly well, gas clouds colored cotton; warp rifts too, but angry colored, if you catch my meaning.

30-08-2006, 00:58
yeah... bfg is one of those few wargame that you can get away with mostly 2D terrain.