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30-03-2005, 08:06
This idea came to my mind when i saw the new Epic Scale Kuanor Hunting Titan from the Epic Swordwind Eldar Army. I thought to myself oh what wonderfull Aspect Warriors that would make, especially if you would use the Phantom Titan as Exarch.

I would be happy if you folks would take a look at their profile :) and point me the right way, and its good to be back on portent ^^

"With long jumps the Hunters flew over the battlefield, their new Aspect Suits provided all the mobility they needed. They were not like the other Aspects,
newly founded alot of the young daring and brash Eldars felt drawen to it. It was the Aspect of the Hunter...no not the stealthy hunter, but the brash daring one.

Like the Wild Hunt, trumpets and clarions sound the hunt begins high on horse or on foot, the spear in hands rushing after the prey...oh yes Danash thought to himself that was what he liked most about his path of the Hunters of Kuanors, they did not hide or sneak to catch their prey...they chased it and in the end killed it no matter what..machine or men..in the end they would be dead, pierced by their Pulse Lances..shredded and ripped apart..in the end they would be the ones to laugh.

He felt the urge to howl a hunting cry as they landed behind a mob of orks, totally puzzled about how the eldar came behind them they did not stand a chance...beams of lights ripped through them from the weapons of the hunters and a second later all was over.

Danash was all worked up with the thrill of the hunt...and he knew that if he would let go of himself now..his path would be written...and he would be forever lost on it..."

Hunters of Kuanor - Eldar Aspect Warrior

Hunter of Kuanor Points: 45 WS:4 BS:4 S:3 T:3 W:1 I:5 A:1 LD:9 Save: 3+
Exarch of Kuanor Points: +20 WS:5 BS:5 S:3 T:3 W:1 I:6 A:2 LD:9 Save: 3+

Squad: 3-6 Hunters of Kuanor

Weapons: Twin Linked Pulse Lances / 18 Inch / S:5 / AP:5 / Assault 3

Charakter: The Exarch may swap his Twin Linked Pulse Lance for a Laser Lance +25 and Energy Weapon +5
An Exarch of the Hunters of Kuanor may use following Exarch Abilities: Dodge +10, Hail of Fire +20

Special Rules: The Unit uses the special Rules given to the Tau Combatsuits listed on P.16 Tau Codex

thanks in advance =)

30-03-2005, 11:04
Sounds good to me, but i know very little about the elder. I like how you wrote fluff in to support your idea. Nice work.

30-03-2005, 15:04
Thanks, what worries me is that they might be too powerfull for their own good and that is something i wouldnt want to built up. Price wise they are in the same range as Tau Battlesuits or Eldar Shining Spears, but they should be ALOT more usefull in Battle than the Shining Spears.

If anyone has some input or Ideas i would be very gratefull as right now im starting to modell and convert alot of new Aspect Warrior castes that i have hopping around in my mind.


30-03-2005, 19:56
They look well balanced points wise, although i'm having problems seeing where they fit into the eldar list as a whole .

Ruleswise it looks like a hashed attempt to give a tau stealthsuit an aspect warrior profile, i'd be tempted to make them normal jump infantry rather than steal someone elses rules, up the points cost to 50 and give them s5 on the profile to represent them using lances in combat[or maybe the psychoblastas rule where they can opt to fire their guns again in the assault when they charge .] .

I also think the lance's range needs to go down to 12 to reflect its assault weapon nature and to fit with the rest of the eldar armoury .

Also what are the weapons/powers your referring to? is a brightlance a laser lance?energy weapon a power weapon?hail of fire=rapid shot? Or are these additional powers for your aspect to be worked out later?

I've never heard of this kuanor titan, do you mean the revenant which forgeworld make a 40k version of?


for using the epic model in 40k i'd be much more tempted by having it as a small wraithlord type unit for fast attack maybe t5 with a 3plus save 2w, eldar jetbike movement and the option for twin lance type weapons .

01-04-2005, 11:24
Ah yes your right,

well for the powers i had to translate them from german codex into english so yeah there might be a mistake :).

The Weapon itself is a pulse cannon from the tau codex.

I don't know why but the Tau Jumpsuit Technology fits the "Hard Hitting and then Dissapear" theme of the Eldar very very good. It is strange that the Tau operate much more eldar like as the Eldar do these days.

The Revenant Titan is the Kuanor Hunting Titan in the german Epic Battle for Armagedon - Swordwind Supplement. Its Epic Scale and thus should be around 28mm so it would fit in perfectly with the rest of the miniature Range.

Making them Jump Troops hmm, it sounds ok. But making them a melee type of Aspect Warrior hmm i don't find it suiting the eldar theme. But then again as they are stated to be brash and young ones it might fit it better.

Weapons: Twin Linked Pulse Cannon / 18 Inch / S:5 / AP:5 / Assault 3

that weapon is the pulse cannon from the Tau Codex aye.

But your Idea is a good one also hmmm

maybe letting them be Miniature Wraithlords like the good old Assassin Droids of old Rouge Trader days.

Small Wraithlord Type

Hunter of Kuanor Points: 50 WS:4 BS:4 S:3 T:5 W:1 I:5 A:1 LD:9 Save: 3+

Squad: Operates in Squads of 1-3

Armament: Twin Linked Scatter Laser, may be upgraded to a twin linked Bright Lance for +10.

hmmm i'll look around for more ideas :) and i will field the "original" aspect warrior idea this saturday for some friendly games and see how it works.

greets and thanks

01-04-2005, 12:51
I'd make it 60pts give it an extra wound, make it fearless, eldar jetbike move and have it count as a steady firing platform . The it would make a very good vyper substitute and would help round out the troops selection in an Iyanden army .

Still keep them as hunter, but have them as the hounds of Ynnead, the hunting wraith-dogs of the eldar god of the dead, who chase down the clumsy vehicles of their foes . Maybe switch the brightlance options for a firepike to fully take advantage of the units mobility .

and it is deeply annoying having the upstart tau nick half the ideas which would make a new eldar codex good and fluffy .

01-04-2005, 13:30
Actually thats a good idea that i will work out.

Maybe a Warlock type Hunter on Jetbike with 1-3 Hounds of Ynnead. That would be even a good way for some conversions. I wonder if it would be a good idea to give the warlock some kind of jumppack *laughs*

but thanks for all the good ideas and input =) i apreciate that very much


21-05-2005, 11:05
I think thisd unit sounds great! I would like to play it very much!! =)

Hoshi No Koe
29-05-2005, 02:58
I really like the small wraithlord idea, as well as the "hounds of Ynnead" name. I'd put their stats in line with wraithguard at:
Hounds of Ynnead 40pts(?) ws4 bs4 s5 t5 w1 I4 a1 ld 10 sv3+
unit size: 1-3
weapons: twin hawk's talon, may be upgraded to twin bright lance at +20pts(?)
Special: Jetpack movement (making them maneuvrable but not as quick as a jetbike), Fearless, independant (like death cult assasins), Wraithsight

I haven't thought about the points cost much. Also not sure wether to make them fast attack or elites. I thought the independant rule would bring them in line with the old assasain droids. The main disadvantage would be the wraithsight but it would make a lot of sense in an Iyanden army.

29-05-2005, 03:35
I took my swing at my own Ynnead Aspect a while ago called the "Grinning Skulls"

Grinning Skulls, Aspects of Ynnead

Grinning Skulls 17pts WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W1 I5 A1 LD9 Sv4+
Exarch +15 WS5 BS5 S3 T3 WI I6 A2 LD10 Sv3+
Weapons: Matched Automatic Shuriken Pistols (Twin Echo Pistols)
Unit: 4-10
Options: Pulse and Disruptor grenades for +4pts per model. One Grinning Skull may be upgraded to an Exarch. The Exarch may take additional items from the armory as a Noble. The Exarch may also upgrade one pistol to Hand of the Reaper for 10pts or both pistols to Death’s Grips for 15pts.
Special Rules
Ambidextrous: The Shrine of the Grinning Skulls trains extensively in using both hands to fight as one, when shooting Grinning Skulls may fire both their Echo Pistols.
Fleet of Foot: The Grinning Skulls have the Fleet of Foot ability found on page 74 BBB.
Phantasm Mask: The Phantasm mask is fitted with a holofield projector that displays a variety of menacing faces surrounded by flashing colors, enemies in base-to-base are at –1 LD.

Death’s Grips
Range: 12” S4 AP5 Assault 1+d6 and power weapon.

Hand of the Reaper
A menacing power glove with scythe shaped finger blades. Counts as a Lighting claw with a built in Echo Pistol.

Echo Pistol
Range: 12” S4 AP5 Assault 2, counts as a close combat weapon.

Idea is they carry as much fire power as possible to reap more souls to awaken Ynnead faster.

29-05-2005, 05:09
thats so wrong, for the abilities you've given them they need to be closer to 30pts and the exarch's stuff should be going on double the points cost you've given .

29-05-2005, 05:19
Well they aren't for the normal Eldar list its from my codex I am making in context with the rest of the army their fire power isn't as heavy.

Hoshi No Koe
29-05-2005, 19:52
Right... Sounds like a really balanced list...

29-05-2005, 20:17
Well they aren't for the normal Eldar list its from my codex I am making in context with the rest of the army their fire power isn't as heavy.

it still doesn't change how many points something should cost, context should only change an individual infantrymans points value by 5 pts at the most . Please post you work in progress codex so i can see whether you're just cheesemongering or not .

29-05-2005, 20:53
17pts isn’t a random number I decided upon, it came from play testing the Grinning Skulls versus random units from different lists. They were tested on how many models they could kill and how many of them were killed in the process in a 36” squad table. Effective against 5+ save units, they were often shot to death by Power Armor armies before they could even reach their targets. On average making one of the Echo Pistols twin linked had nearly the same amount of kills as having two separate pistols. The Aspect it self doesn’t have any special abilities like Mandiblasters, Jump Generators or Banshee Mask to give them any special aid besides the –1 LD mask. Close combat aspects such as Howling Banshees get 2 power weapon attacks, and Striking Scorpions get 3 cc attacks while benefiting from being locked into close combat so they can’t be shot at. Grinning Skulls although have higher then average fire are not effective in close combat as to other Aspects, to maximize their efficiency they will have to remain out of close combat leaving them open to enemy fire, and as a fragile Eldar unit they can take heavier losses, then charging into close combat.

Link to codex (http://ntins.emperorschildren.net/CF0.01F.doc)

Captain Lysander360
01-01-2007, 09:46
i think these sound pretty kwl and if they had models for em then i would buy