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24-08-2006, 02:36
G'day all,

I'm starting out on the long road of building a first WHFB army and would like some critique on my ideas so far. It is a Chaos Mortals list, lead by the mighty Aknaag of Aagmor, eternal servant of Nurgle...

I'm really keen for the army to be an all infantry force, made up mostly of Warriors and Marauders. No chaos knights, or marauder horsemen here! Can anyone recommend how this could work successfully? (if at all)

Here's a basic list of what i'm thinking for 2000pts:

Aknaag (Chaos Lord, Mark of Nurgle, Dragon + some nasty wargear)

Aspiring Champion (Mark of Nurgle, Battle Standard)
Chaos Sorcerer (L1, 2 x scrolls)

15 x Chosen Chaos Warriors (Full command, great weapons)
15 x Chaos Warriors of Decay (Full command, 2nd hand weapons)

24 x Marauders (Full command, lead by Aspiring champ)
24 x Marauders (Full command, lead by Sorcerer)

6 x Hounds
6 x Hounds

Chaos Spawn

(Approx 2000pts, give or take a dragon or two ;) )


24-08-2006, 10:12
(This should be n the Fantasy Lists forums...ahem...)

Firstly, I would switch the config of your warriors. Make use of the millions of potential attacks a unit of chosen with extra hand weapons can have. You don't want to waste the points only to have your enemy strike before you to negate your chosen status.

Marauders could prob do with some command. The extra CR from them is going to be invaluable, especially seeing as how really, you haven't given them a nasty combat character for accompaniment.

Heh, dragon.

24-08-2006, 14:43
I also play Chaos and I really like the idea of playing with infantry-based lists. However... I never managed to pull of a victory with them.

I am always having the idea that I lack too much in manouvrability. If the enemy has got some fast cavalry or (even worse) knights, then he will get to choose wich units will fight each other.

That's the reason why I always have at least 2 units fast cavalry and a chariot or two, to support the infantry.

I am curious to hear if your list works or not...

25-08-2006, 00:54
I thought this thread might end up in here if I put a list down. I was actually more interested in discussing the tactics/feasibility of an all-infantry chaos army, rather than the particulars of the list I attached before.

Sad to hear it didn't work out for you Shaitan, father Nurgle will not be pleased! What army were you fielding and what did your opponent(s) crush you with...?

Yeah, dragon, can't loose... surely. :p

25-08-2006, 02:33
I don't know how they will work in 7th edition but you may want to try some Nurgling swarms as a "Rotten Meat Shield" and to intercept charges from knights chariots, and any other thing that needs to be held up a turn or two. Maybe drop some warriors and increase the size of one or the other Warrior units and use the leftover points for nurglings.

25-08-2006, 09:56
You don't want to get march blocked with that list. You need to guard your back with warhounds and maybe even the dragon.

And take hw + shield for all your big blocks. You need the resilence.

Units of 10 marauders with flails would also be great, as they have S5 on the first turn and cost only 60 points!

Infantry armies usually need magic to support them, but going no-magic might work as well, although it could be more difficult.

25-08-2006, 11:53
I fielded an army consisting of mainly Marauders and some Warrior units.
My opponent crushed me with flank charges from the fast cav and knights.

Units of 10 Marauders with flails are indeed nice 'detachments' for only 60 points. You should make sure that they will not be charged intead of your big blocks so put them a little behind your front line.

28-08-2006, 11:22
a good idea would be too take out the dragon...i had basically the same list as you with a dragon it got shot to bits and then ran off the table..........:mad: lol well thts a hell of a lot of points freed up then u can put him in a chosen unit and they go mental...........spend the points on either more warriors or some chariots...i know they arnt infantry but they rock!!!hope this helps you:skull: