View Full Version : Ogres, ogres and, ogres! Oh my!

25-08-2006, 09:00
Some of you actually participated in my "Minotaur army of doom" thread, and if you remember,I had included a cryptic post at the end about a possible Ogre Kingdom list.

Here it is.

A few things before the fun:
THe lord is pretty rank and standard, with kineater thrown in to keep the ogres fighting exactly when they need to. I'm thinking about a Fistful of laurels for another re-roll.

I like having "Big Big armies". That is, armies with alot of big guys. Having a ton of very threatening targets on the board makes incoming missile and magic fire pick and chose.

All the gnoblars are there for a bit of missile/magic screening, and ultimately to try and bait someone into charging (or forcing them to charge!) the weedy gnoblars, and then getting counter-charged in the side by the MANY bull units.

I also find that having SO many units of ogres on the map at the same time can give me some easy tactical decisions. Afterall, if one unit of ogres gets wiped out, I've got five to seven more where that came from.

The maneaters are there to charge whatever scares me the most, while the leadbelchers are there to shoot anything tyring to be sneaky.

So, on with the constructive criticism!


*Ogre Tyrant:301
Sword Gnoblar X2
Heavy Armor

^1 Ogre Butcher:155
Dispel Scroll

**1 Ogre Butcher:155
Dispel Scroll

4 Ogre Bulls:140

4 Ogre Bulls:140

4 Ogre Bulls:140

*3 Ogre Bulls:105

^3 Ogre Bulls:105

**3 Ogre Bulls:105

20 Gnoblars:40

20 Gnoblars:40

20 Gnoblars:40

20 Gnoblars:40

20 Gnoblars:40

20 Gnoblars:40

11 Gnoblar trappers:66

3 Leadbelchers:165

2 Maneaters:180
Great Weapons
Heavy Armor

Remaining points:69