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25-08-2006, 11:12
Well, people asked for it, so here it is!

To start with, my craftworld is Modrenar. I first named it and started painting eldar back in the days of Rogue Trader and it has evolved since then. Colour-scheme wise, it uses pale blue undersuits and bright yellow armour plates on top. Vehicles are a much deeper blue-purple with yellow highlights.

The name means "Chain of Duty" (defined before the lexicon started to expand) and there symbol is an S shaped chain of 7 links. This is known as the Chain of Vaul, as it shows the punishment for not fulfilling your duty as required and agreed.

The craftworld itself is quite small, and physically located out in the Lesser Magellanic Cloud (whether this is still possible with current fluff, I'm unsure). There are a large number of scientist / technical types on board (it was researching the cloud...) which means there are many guardians who would be proficient in manning heavy weapons or driving vehicles (a later addition to try to find a niche not already claimed by the Big 5).

That about covers it, so who's next?

Farseer Karasu (of Craftworld Modrenar)

25-08-2006, 12:57
I'd like to contribute, but further than what I already posted (below) is in a state of flux so I wouldn't want to cut off any creative avenues for myself by presenting it as is.

It's very Battlestar Galactica inspired (a show I've loved since I first saw it - back in the early 80's!) as in, the Craftworld had seeded several colonies but these eventually get wiped out somehow.

The survivors are taken in by Aila-wyn, their original craftworld, but these colonists are very bitter and angry, and don't mix well with the original craftworlders.
So the Bonesingers start expanding the craftworld in several areas to accomodate them, and eventually these new domed sections are seperated away to follow along - like a 'Colonial Fleet'...

25-08-2006, 14:41
Well, technically it's not a craftworld since it is a colony world of a craftworld, but it also requires explanation of the craftworld but also a significant expansion of the 'fluff' on the Eldar. I will post the link rather than the text, which would take many posts (unless I am invited to do so).

Anyway, here it is: Tir'asur, colony world of the Lugannath craftworld (http://wiki.anargo-sector.net/index.php?title=Tir%27asur_Gamma).


25-08-2006, 20:30
Here's my fluff so far. The craftworld is still unnamed, but I'm slowly figuring out an Eldarish-sounding one. It was supposed to be the fluff for my new army, but I may decide to go for a Coneworld army. However, this craftworld will fight a swift fight, bringing destruction to their enemies quickly and ruthlessly.

The prophecies of the great Farseer Aremorthil set the path of the Craftworld -------- for millenia to come. Spoken in his visions,the Great Yngir Void Dragon was; once awoken; to lay destruction of an unimaginable scale upon the galaxy, and the -------- craftworld would be doomed in his wake. The seers hailed these visions as a sign of hope; their race may yet have the power to survive. And so began a quest to seek out the Void Dragon, and destroy him with the tools of the ancient eldar; the Talismans of Vaul.

For millenia the Eldar prepeared their warriors for battle; searched the galaxy; and looked to the ancients to guide them, but to no avail. Farseers used their minds, rangers used their senses, and ordinary citizens blessed their ancestors and gods. But no trace could be found of the great Yngir.

Now a young farseer; coming from the lines of the great Aremorthil has recieved a vision of a red planet, one at the heart of the Imperium of Man, and of one remaining Talisman of Vaul - all of which were thought to have been destroyed years before. Forces have been dispersed over the galaxy to seek out the last of the great weapons, all the while a final showdown with the Void Dragon is being prepared. The Eldar of the -------- Craftworld will find the last talisman no matter which enemy stands in their way; no matter how much blood it will cost them; no matter the chaos which could be unleashed, as long as it means their survival.

Indrid Khold
25-08-2006, 21:17
My Craftworld is called J’dai Bendau, a modification of the name for the samurai movies after which George Lucas named his famous Jedi Knights.

The original idea was that the Craftworld was small, located on the outermost fringes of the galaxy, but that it sent small teams of Farseers and Warlocks far and wide throughout the Webway to make sure the interest of the Elder were being properly served (like the Jedi). In my infinite arrogance, I imagined that some of these Farseers were part of the plan to engineer Tau Ethereals.

The Craftworld rarely mobilizes for war, and has done so only at a few points in is history. Twice it has risen to fight the forces of Chaos, once to protect the nascent Tau civilization from destruction by an Ork Waagh!, and once to protect an Exodite world from Tyranids. Until recently, it had never clashed with the Imperium. Here is an abbreviated version of the fluff explaining why it has suddenly become active:

A comparatively young Farseer named Urias Nikko foresaw a great cataclysm that would befall the Galaxy unless J’dai Bendau stopped the Imperium from recovering a downed Talisman of Vaul (aka Blackstone Fortress). If the mon-keigh recovered the Fortress, Nikko saw that within a century or two it would fall to the influence of Chaos, thus giving the Great Enemy a powerful battle station and keeping the Fortress from its intended use against the C’tan.

Nikko’s prophecies were treated with respect, but the Seers of J’dai Bendau grossly underestimated the power of the Imperial Space Marines who had been sent to secure the Blackstone Fortress. Nikko was allowed to hand pick only a small cadre of warriors, and was forced to use Guardians as his frontline troops. When he met with the Astartes warriors, his force could not stand before their sheer brute force and was almost entirely annihilated. Nikko himself was killed in the campaign (this is an in-character explanation for the few, disastrous, games I played with a proxy Eldar army).

However, the Farseer had foreseen his death and had walked into it willingly. His sacrifice made the Craftworld aware of the scale of the Imperial threat, and its military has been more properly mobilized, with Aspect Warriors forming the fighting core (representing the shift away from Guardians to Dire Avengers in the new Codex). Nikko has returned as a Wraithlord, and several of his Warlock apprentices have chosen to walk the path of the Farseer in his place. The Craftworld’s forces are led by several Exarchs and Autarchs that Nikko had cleverly positioned into places of power long before his death, and J’dai Bendau is ready to once again bring the wrath of the Eldar upon all who oppose them…