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25-08-2006, 12:14
Hey everyone, as I finally near completion of my 2k force of lizardmen I've been wondering which rare choice to take. My first instinct is a stegadon because they are huge, terror causing dinosaurs with giant bows strapped to their backs. However, most people on these boards say that salamanders are a must have. I was just wondering if you guys could post your opinion and what tactics are used to optimize the efficiency and killing power of these rare choices. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

25-08-2006, 17:00

Come on I was hoping I'd get some good responses and debates on the tactics of these units:(

25-08-2006, 17:12
i go with steggies. they are a terror causing beastie, they are a bolt thrower, they are a chariot. multi purpose oxy action of warhammer if you will.

salamanders are limited since they are effective against lightly armoured foes. give them something with heavy armour and a shield, and there will be problems. combat-wise, they are good, but suffer due to their reliance on skinks and a low WS. their shooting is only S3, -1AS artillery dice shots. like i said, great vs light infantry, terrible vs tooled up nasties.

i take 2 steggies in my force, sometimes a carnosaur too (i love my dinosaurs!) and they make great hitting units and staying units. and also your skinks get a 2+save! go skinks of doooooooom!:D

25-08-2006, 17:33
Sallies. Every time. An average of 15 auto-hits for 3 of them, and when they do misfire, oh no: they eat some skinks. Even if they eat all of them if they pass a Ld check and they just carry on. They aren't bad in a fight either, though 7th ed will affect this a bit (maximising models = more skinks in b2b). They absolutely decimate elves, and taking one in smaller games as a sniper is now very viable.

As for sallies not being able to take out tough well armoured things, I've had a treeman taken down in one turn by 3 sallies. I was not a happy bunny...

25-08-2006, 17:38
Go with salamanders. I play against lizardmen with either chaos or bretonians and salamanders always make thier points back. There are also other units that will take priority when I assault so the salamanders are usually around for a while picking off a few models each turn. You know the stegie will be a high priority target for your opponent. Spend those points elsewhere.

25-08-2006, 18:12
Oh, I love the Stegadon. I think it's the best looking model and a real 'centerpiece' for the army (I don't count a Slann, they're just a bloated female orc, and ugly as a nurgling). As stated earlier, they have many more possibilities. With that said though, I'd take both of them if you have the choice.

Salamanders: rip up certain units, easier to kill

Stegadons: multi-use, terror, large target, smaller in base size (fitting in a stegadon in with another unit on a charge will destroy an opponent), by personal preference they're better looking

Both units are only decent in combat, nothing your opponent will gasp at. Once again, I'd use both if you can. 3 salamanders may be too much, 2 is good enough for most people. I'd also never use more than 1 stegadon. For tactics, I'd put your salamanders more to the side to windle down their flankers and weak infantry. Stick your Stegadon somewhere in the middle where it has a little wiggle-room to go where you need it. A double-whammy with most anything else will rip up your enemies.

26-08-2006, 12:38
I voted for a stegadon because i like them so much, however saying that i expected most votes to be for salamanders.

Salamanders are very good, though remember that technically on average each one ought to misfire about once a battle. I would also say don't get carried away on the auto hit things, 5 hits per sallie a turn is good but skinks can match this and they get auto wounds which overall i still think probably serves you better against the tougher ones. Saying all this alot of people swear by these units and i can certainly see a possibility to cause large amounts of damage.

Stegadon is a very nice little unit, i would say don't underestimate their charge with impact hits and loads of attacks and terror, but don't overestimate the giant bow because it barely does anything and often the extra movement is more helpful. Things to watch out for with this guy is Ld, although its an issue for all skink units this is a particularly expensive one.

As the above poster says, i see no reason why you cannot take both, i always do, and afterall, 2 stegadons is too much points for msot people and 2 units of salamanders probably will not win you any friends, so unless you really need the points elsewhere or you want a tooled up saurus unit then why not take both?

26-08-2006, 12:48
My points are tight enough as it is, thats how lizardmen roll! I doubt I'll want to squeeze both of those in there, that's why I have this thread:D

26-08-2006, 13:20
Stegadon! There was never a salamander power ranger

26-08-2006, 14:08
Depend on who do you play with.

Against skirmishers there is no better option in the entire game than 3 salamanders. Fire it to wood elves, shadow warriors, pegasus, necros, some skirmishing skavens, harpies, or (my favourite) beastman gors & ungors. It's a must.

Against well armoured opponents and if you want to make a defensive tactic (waiting the enemy to come and strike when near; versus empire knights, chaos warriors or knights, bretonians) try to use the stegadon.

.-: Namarie :-.

27-08-2006, 10:53
stegadon is really a centerpiece of your army, and the terror ability is also very nice.

that being said, namarie has a point about the skirmishing units.

27-08-2006, 19:53
none is better becouse it's very different things.
it's the same as comparing a cannon against a unit of fast cafalry.
if you need a nice hammer get a stegadon, he has a strong charges, doesn't die easy and other players fear him.

get a unit of 2 salamanders against flank cahrges etc, they are great!
how ever don't take untis of 3, you can't afford to lose 200 pts when they are charged by cafalry.
don't use them to kill cafalry cous they will still get a 3+ save ( or sometimes even 2+) and an avarge cafalry unit has 14" charge range, so if you don't mvoe carefully they get charges after they vomit and you lose them.
again'st knights you wan't kroxigors en saurus blocks with heros.
again'st fast cafalry skirmishers and untis like swordmasters with T3 and only have a 6+ save left you want salamanders!

27-08-2006, 23:35
well thanks everyone for the replies, your input really helped and Id still love to hear more tactics involving both of these units.

based on some of the opinions here Im taking a unit of 2 salamanders (rather than 3) in my lizzie army since my rather small 2000pt force is made up of two hammer units supported by krox flankers and I think salamanders will help deal with pesky units that would normally get in the way of my saurus advances. Although the extra power that comes with a stegadon would be nice, salamanders are also more points efficient although the issue is still up for debate as Im finishing up the last few models in my army.

29-08-2006, 19:27
Salamanders with swarms in the old 6th edition. They were small and you could shoot over them. 3 tends to be a bit of an over kill. But, you can organize a great fear causing lizards force with cold ones and Kroxigors and Salamanders. The stegadon is too many points. At 235 you can do a lot better for your points instead.

31-08-2006, 16:25
Why dont you just take both of them?