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25-08-2006, 16:15
I don't have the BRB with me today and I've been musing over my last game a bit.

Background: A three-base bat swarm charges some khornate knights of chaos in the flank. The knights predictably win the combat and want to increase their attacks to reduce the swarm faster. At the time, the Chaos player effectively "lapped around" four models to get them in combat.

Query: In retrospect, should he not have "expanded frontage" to change his formation from this:


to this?:


Then when he inevitably destroyed the bats, he'd have to readjust his formation to get it back to full effectiveness (because a frontage change is permanent).


Many thanks.

- Gukal

25-08-2006, 16:56
Chronicles 2004 - If a unit which is flank charged wins combat it can only lap around if it has an unengaged rank.

Your opponent should not have been allowed to expand frontage or lap!
i.e. you would have won in subsequent rounds Gukal!

25-08-2006, 17:49
Very controversial.

We'd have allowed the Expand sideage with a slight variation. This is based on an earlier Q&A and the interchangeability of word 'rank' with 'row' in several places. It would have been a permanent formation change.

In other words, the K did have a unit of five rows/ranks when viewed from the side.

(facing up)

How would you deal with it in 7th? Units can turn to face, then 'Change Formation'.

This, IMO, is one of the things NOT fixed in 7th.

Mage Ith

26-08-2006, 06:59
Very controversial.
Very much agreed...

But wasn't only models in *non-fighting-ranks* allowed to lap around?

In 7th, this problem does not exist anymore, as there is no lapping round. There is the problem of the reform in combat now, though.


26-08-2006, 08:07
I've only got a vague memory of this rule in 7th.
Can someone clarify this rule?

Is the 'Change Formation' rule applicable to ranked up units after 1 round of combat and then units could face each other or was it must face each other?
What would happen in multi-unit combats where at least 1 unit will always be in flank combat?

26-08-2006, 09:54
The lapping round rules are written in a way that makes them difficult to apply to units that a) only have a single rank or b) have been engaged in the rear or flank.

There no support in the rules for the reverse of increasing frontage, i.e. narrowing the unit to bring more fighting models to the flanks.

Anyways, there is no point in listing all the possible situations were it is awkward to attempt to apply the Expand Frontage and Lapping Round rules.

Suffice to say that the situation was resolved in a way that seems reasonably realistic (in my opinion), but that would require some clever rules-interpretation to conclude as legal.