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25-08-2006, 19:03
There were 2 woods on my side, one on each flank, and I deployed all Forest Spirits and Wardancers in them with the 2 units of Glade Guard on a hill

Turn 1: Dwarves moved the Thunderers into shooting position. I miscalculated the range and the Gyrocopter happily steamed 2 Scouts.
Treesang 1 wood towards his gunline. My plan was to move this wood as far up as possible. 23 shots on the Thunderers killed only 2! Arcane Bodkins and Hail of Doom together killed 4 warriors. Where’s the legendary WE shooting I used to know?

Turn 2: His miners emerged behind my Glade Guard! He used the Anvil to charge, winning the combat and my hapless Noble had to flee with the Guard.
They fled straight towards the Thunderers and an Organ Gun! I gave my opponent a free re-roll for his Organ gun misfire. His shooting removed 5 archers. Only 5 could shoot the next turn. Dwarves were outshooting Wood Elves!
More treesinging, only 1 spell got through but it was enough. Glade Guard Shooting did nothing but Arcane bodkins removed another 4 Warriors who were starting to look thin. Dryads charged and vanquished the Miners.

Turn 3: The Gyrocopter charged the Scouts. The Scouts fled for the Asrai cause and left the gyrocopter left stranded for my Wardancers.
I charged the Gyrocopter with my Wardancers and chopped it to bits. Arcane Bodkins removed 2 more Thunderers but the Woodies were being outshot by the Shorties. I began to switch my attack to the right flank, treesinging a wood closer, moving the Wild riders in preparation behind the wood and moving my Noble away from the doomed Glade Guard in the middle.

Turn 4: A stroke of luck! The Organ gun misfired and blew up. 2 Bolt Throwers shot at the Noble. It died without striking a blow in combat. More Anvil of Doom antics removed the remaining Glade Guard on the Hill and left the Highborn alone. Fortunately the Dwarves had run out of ammo! The Highborn could run to safety in the next turn.
Time to attack his weak left flank! I moved a unit of Wardancers and Dryads behind the central Woodland ambush and another into the open on the left. 3 units were poised to strike at a depleted Warrior unit and possibly the Thunderers. My Wild Riders continued to gallop round to the other flank behind the woods on the right. They would cover the flank for 3 units hiding in the woods on the right, Wardancers, Treeman and Dryads.
My Highborn quickly ran into the wood with my Spellsinger and waited with the Bow of Loren ready. Treesinging was a disaster (nothing went through!). The attack on the right flank depended on this. For once, Wood Elves had no shooting.

Turn 5:
Using the Anvil, after turning, the Warriors charged my Dryads! This was the critical moment in the battle. If my Dryads did not hold, I would have nothing to counter charge.
Another stroke of luck, I lost CR by 4 and rolled a 4!
Treesinging enabled me to move to within 10”of his infantry blocks. Highborn shooting removed only 2 more Thunderers – 4 rounds of shooting hadn’t removed them as I’d hoped. A double charge on the Warriors broke them and I pursued into the remaining Thunderers.

Turn 6: The game was effectively over. The Dwarven infantry shuffled back out of charge range and the Anvil decimated all but 1 Wardancer who ran and hid.

Result: A Draw! A pleasing result for me. Less than 30 pts from a minor victory for WE.

static grass
25-08-2006, 19:25
A draw! Well done to the dwarf player managing to contain the tricksy elves. I am not biased or anything but my dwarfs labour terribly against WE. I struggle quite a lot with the multitude of skirmishers. But well done to you too The dwarfs I know are a hard nut to crack. These games tend to be a Fire and water event but they are quite fun. And it sounds like you had that too.

maze ironheart
25-08-2006, 19:29
Sounded like a good battle.:)

25-08-2006, 19:49
Shame there is no piccies.

26-08-2006, 09:02
Yes, thank you Maze and Static.

Very enjoyable indeed against a dwarf player who's won nearly all his games so far.
It wasn't just the Anvil that was difficult to play against but the superior magic dispelling power of the Dwarves, their superior static CR and their Toughness.

I'll remember the pics in my next report Cookies:)

26-08-2006, 09:44
Good battle man!

An experienced Dwarf General with an Anvil of Doom can be very hard to handle. There's no such thing as outside charge-arc/sight anymore, only cover or out of (double) range matters.

... can hardly wait to get my new Dwarf army :D

27-08-2006, 10:49
seems like it was a nice battle :)

warlord hack'a
27-08-2006, 11:39
sonds good but for 2000 points, where did the dwarf player leave all his points? How many thunderers did he have?

27-08-2006, 12:05
Force descriptions and setup?

Dwarf player had 4 units 4 warmachines and an anvil?
WE had ~6 units and 2 characters?

27-08-2006, 12:18
Thank you for the interest.


Runelord, Anvil of Doom
Thane, with 2 Combat Runes and Master rune of Gromril
Master Engineer

10 Thunderers
20 Warriors
20 Longbeards
24 Ironbreakers (or 23 possibly)
8 Miners

2 Bolt Throwers, both with Rune of penetration and one with Unbreakable Rune
Entrenched Organ Gun

Wood elves

Highborn: Lt Armour, Shield, Bow of Loren, Arcane Bodkins, Stone of Rebirth

Branchwraith: Cluster of Radiants, Murder of Spites, level 1

Spellsinger, level 2: 2 Scrolls

Noble: Lt Armour, Shield, G Weapon, Alter, Hail of Doom, Helm of Hunt

2 X 10 Glade Guard
5 Scouts
8 Dryads, Nymph
8 Dryads
8 Dryads

7 Wardancers, Bladesinger
7 Wardancers, Bladesinger

6 Wildriders

1 Treeman

28-08-2006, 16:11
Thanks for the battle report. Did your treeman do anything???

28-08-2006, 17:59
Treesang every round, once successfully, forced 2 Terror tests and Strangled Roots once to no avail.
He hid from the Warmachines, cowardly I know but alive.

I agree, I should have made more use of him and my Wild Riders but against ranked up dwarves, I needed a double charge and getting them into position took 5 turns.

I'm against Empire later this week!
All suggestions are most welcome