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17-03-2005, 23:14
Here is a list that I will be using this weekend. I am hoping for some feedback as to its fluffiness and effectiveness. I know that my opponents will have some skaven, Tomb Kings, and/or Vampire counts. What is your oppinion folks.

Beast Lord Khorne: Horn of great hunt, Gaze of Gods, Slaughterers Blade, heavy armor. (241 pts)

Wargor of Khorne sword of (+1 attack) heavy armor (126).
Wargor of Khorne sword of (+1 strength) heavy armor (121).
Wargor of Khorne rending sword (d3 wounds) heavy armor (141).

Total Characters 629 pts 31.45%.

15 Khornegors Full command (banner of Rage). 305

4 Tuskagor Chariots 340 pts

1 giant (Mutant of Monstrosity) 230 pts

2x5 Warhounds 60 pts
1X10 Warhound 60pts

Beast Herd (7gor 9 ungor) S/C/M 120 pts (two hand weapons)
Beast Herd (7gor 9 ungor) S/M 100 pts (two hand weapons)
Beast Herd (7gor 9 ungor) S/M 100 pts (two hand weapons)

Beast Herd (5gor 5 ungor) no command 55 pts

Total Unit cost (1370 pts) 68.5%.

Total cost 1999 pts.

I will be ambushing with the 10 warhound unit for rear charges and with two of the heards (with or without wargors depending on the situation).

The general will stay in the central herd Main herd on the table while the wargor with +1 attack will stay in Khornegors.

The Giant will patrol the flanks and set up for rear charges, While the Chariots will due their duty as shock troops.

Although I will be having difficulty controlling the frenzied troops, I will have to have some dogs or that small herd unit screening to prevent unwanted charges. I'll have to be smart about that for sure.

The Banner of Rage keeps my unit immune from psychology so if I loose combat to those pesky skeletons I won't auto break.


17-03-2005, 23:44
Well, overall I like it. But I think ambushing the Hounds isnt smart, since yer LD 6, with HotGH, will still likely fail and you could use that 30pts for other stuff, like something else :eek:

Also, 4 Chariots will drop your soft scores severly, maybe drop 2 and some Hounds to get some Dragon Ogres, with 5 Hounds, 2 Chariots, and the 30 points from the hound that would give you 230pts, and then you could have some heavy hitters.

18-03-2005, 17:56
Get some minos, they should be a staple in any beast army, real game breakers. Drop all the magic weapons on the wargors and swap them out for GW, far better for the points. With the spare points get more hounds and don't ambush any of them. Khorn ambushin armies are disgustingly good, start the game with no herds (except for the small one which blocks LOS to the bestigor) and no wargors on the table put each of them in a herd unit and take out a gor from each unit and add standards. Wack the lord in the bestigor. You start out with bestigor and blocking herd, giant, 2 chariots, 3X5 warhounds (the two chariots and hounds that you drop will get you) 3 minos of khorne with GW and light armour. This can be a bit of a risk as you will have to take 1-2 turns of shooting and magic with only 4 dd but once the ambush gets there you should do really well.

18-03-2005, 21:05
I see,

Thanks for your comments folks. Right now I guess I'll need to get those Mino's and paint them first. Lets have a look at this month's budget again :confused:

I like the ideas of removing the magic weapons and finding something else to use. I have alot of Mortal stuff. I have Undivided wariors, Khorne Calvalry, Undivided Cavalry, huge Marauders, 4x5 Maruader horsemen with flails etc. Sorry no khorne demons.

Of this stuff what should I use instead. I'm feeling like khorne cavalry with War Banner. This would probably do well in place of Mino's.

Suggestions :)

18-03-2005, 21:08
NO! Must remain pure beasts! I hate knights in mortal armies! They really don't fit. Minos are alot better for the role you need them for. I suppose they could do untill you get minos though... :mad:

18-03-2005, 21:16
Oh and another thing, the beast lord can't have gaze and the horn as they are both talismans, so drop the gaze slaughterers blade should keep him alive.

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19-03-2005, 21:21
mixing mortals and beasts can make som pritty sick lists. I think that you should use your knights for now since you dont have any minos (I have both in my nurgle army) and just swap one out for the other when you have a chance and see which you like better. Knights are better at taking alot of missle fire and still having enough power to break a unit when they reach the battle line. Minos are horrable vulnrable to shooting but even if they get charged there is a good chance that you will only loose 1 model and still have alot of s6(great weapons all the way) attacks to deal out damage, perfrct for dealing with heavy cav.

It might not be too bad of an idea to use some points from the chariots and hounds to get another foot unit to hold your starting battle line. Another herd, or if you want to use your current troops i would suggest 12 chosen warriors, a small manuravable(ish) unit that can deal out loads of pain. This unit is actually quite useful to hold up any unit you dont want to deal with for a few turns. or a fat unit of marauders(25) to add some bulk and ranks for a bargan 200 points, perfect to plug a hole that is vulnerable to heavy missle fire.

09-04-2005, 03:59
Sorry It's taken me so long to respond. I've been on holidays and haven't even been near a computer.

I decided to go with 4 Tuskagor Chariots I reduced the magic weapons on my hero's except the one with the rending sword. I used the slaughteres blade only on the beast lord so that I could call the ambush as was suggested (new rule for me).

I took the other points and really loaded up one beast herd to give me two main advancing units and 2 main ambushing units. I also split the 10 dog group into two small 5 dog groups. I decided to ambus one of these since I thought I'd give it a try.

I was playing Tomb Kings(2000) the first time. He had tombs swarms, (heavy infantry with that movement banner), light infantry, scorpion, chariots, Ushabuti, bone giant, tomb king, tomb prince, heirophant, and one more smaller spell caster dude. I can never remember all the names.

He got the first move and decided to haul up the center and he skillfully placed his characters to get the most movement from his spells. I dispelled horibly and had two of my heros in ambush the first round and he was able to get into striking position.

I was lucky to have some disposable dogs which came in very handy. Isent them forth and they manoevered so that any charges had to over un into flanking positions for me. I too moved forward and I sent my giant to meet his giant. I was lucky to have a dog screen for me so I could counter charge.

But fortunately his chariots would have to charge some dogs of manouver through forest to get into my flanks. I was lucky in my deployment.

Seeing that he could not get at me this turn and would expose his flanks he maouvered around. I was much better at dispelling this time too.

When I finally ambushed I realized that It would be better to come in off the side than in the back. He had left his characters exposed on the side thinking I would come from the back. When I did come in I came in on his right flank and had 3 major characters in my sights. This really stalled his plan. My dogs wound up comming in on my side though (stupid dogs). I had some big time chariots and the Khornegors ready to pounce. His tombswarms had still to arrive but his scorpion came in right on top of the big heard with a character. He didn't last long.

By this time my dogs were toast. Failing terror test and combat meat shields but his line was ragged and clearly in a bad flanking position. I again stopped all but one movement spell and his heavy infantry unit with characters joined now was mine for the taking.

Chariots in the front, herd on the side and that unit with all those expensive characters went out in one combat round.

My giant was in combat with his giant and it was stalemate for a long time. His Ushabuti fell to my hero with the rending sword and they were toast. Khornegors with beast lord fought the light infantry and I was luck to have the slaughterers blade becuase he had the blade of eternity. We were in deadlock until my flanking forces reached him. There were a few failed psychology tests and the chariots got a charge and hit my Khornegors pretty hard but they held due to the banner of Rage.

By the end of it all I won by about 600 points with a few dogs gone, a big herd and a character dead. With most of his army in shambles.

It was pretty nice. But I got to say that the dog screen and the small beast herd helped keep my khornegors out of trouble and the giants had stalemate until the last round when my flankers got in.

Good work beasts.