View Full Version : First Von Carstein army ever.. VS. Dwarf

26-08-2006, 12:56
2000 Pts vs. Dwarf

Vampire Count (330 Pts) (Walks around with his Grave Guards)
Level 2 Upgrade
Sword of Might
Obsidian Amulet
Aura of Dark Majesty

Necromancer @ 140 Pts (walks with Zombies)
Level 2 Upgrade
Staff of Damnation

Necromancer @ 125 Pts (walks with Skeletons)
Level 2 Upgrade
Book of Arkhan

Wight Lord @ 82 Pts (rides with Blackknights)
Barding;Lance; Heavy Armor; Shield

4 Bat Swarm @ 240 Pts

25 Zombies @ 165 Pts
Full Command

24 Skeletons @ 265 Pts
Light Armor
Full Command

20 Grave Guard @ 323 Pts
Full Command; Shield
Banner of the Barrows

8 Black Knights @ 249 Pts
Full Command; Barding
War Banner

4 Fell Bats @ 80 Pts

Total Roster Cost: 1999

I've never played an undead army before and my first battle is against another new player a Dwarf.

It's 12 years since I've played fantasy last, and that was with Wood elves (still have them).

the plan is to use my bats to try and take out warmachines and shooters while the the necros summon more skeli and zombies.

I'm not quiet sure how to use my black knights and grave guards...

I do have models to field more Zombies, skeli, banshee, wraith, spirit hosts and ghouls.... but 2000 pts is just not enough...

I thought VC was a hord army ??

Any help or critics is much apriciated