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26-08-2006, 15:09
Hello all,

I'm currently planning a new necromunda gang. They will be called the oldboys, and will be using Van Saar rules.

Now, the fluff is basically they're veterans from the Necromundian 8th spyders who have returned from duty (retirement, shall we say). They find their homes and families are gone, killed in the underhive fighting. They take up arms once again (the only thing war veterans are good at) and set off to reclaim and punish all those young'uns and show them a thing or too.

Firstly, I want to know some details about the necromunda 8th. Anthing about uniforms, famous conflicts etc.

Secondly, I'm thinking that because of their contacts in the IG, and a few "bribes" here and there would help them get the best equipment, hence the van saar rules. Would you guys agree with this?

Thirdly, what is your guys opinion on retirement in the IG? I'm sure some IG will serve and earn themselves retirement if they're too old to fight, or would the imps just throw the old people in the forlorn hopes?

26-08-2006, 16:22
It depends on the unit - after a particularly long and successful campaign, a unit might be allowed to retire to their home world. Or a particularly heroic individual might earn the same right. On the whole, Imp Guard tend to either fight til they die, or are granted new land. The first scenario seems to fit your men fine (I think there might be an Eisenhorn short story concerning retired IG, so there is precedence).

I'm not so sure about the Van Saar rules, to be honest, simply because they probably won't be fantastically equipped - skilled yes, but would IG influence really go that far? I'm also worried about how you would gain juves - surviving members of their families?

26-08-2006, 16:58
I was thinking of younger relatives who survived becoming juves, yes.

To be honest, no other gang rules would be appropriate. I mean, they're veterans who have had a distinguished career - they'll be able to pull a few strings (a few spare lasguns, bolters and maybe a auxilliary autocannon from the armoury), but not too many (a leman russ rolling through the hives and and all out assualt by stormtroopers).

26-08-2006, 19:54
The Eisenhorn story is inside Words of Blood, a collection of short stories.

Inq. Veltane
26-08-2006, 21:21
The Eisenhorn story is also included in the Eisenhorn Trilogy book (as well as the three novels there are two short stories).

My only concern would be that veterans should have a few more skills than normal gangers. Maybe see if you can use the Spyrer rules for purchasing experience? I'd think everyone should have an advance or two at the start of the campaign and if you paid for it I'd certainly allow it...

26-08-2006, 21:23
I was thinking that they're experienced fighting dirty big wars, but not so well experienced when in the hives - it's a different warscape, hence their development.

27-08-2006, 09:54
The Spyders were in Australian WD 284 and had a short history with a sketch of a guardsman aswell. They look like a Cadian with the same armour style and just look a bit rougher, incidentally like a ganster in guardsmen clothes. Their most famous battle in the article was the "battle of Deucalion" and the spyders all have a spider tattoo on their face...and since it was mentioned I think retirement does exist for guardsmen if they manage to survive to old age, Yarrick was supposed to retire, right?

Hope this helps

Gorbad Ironclaw
27-08-2006, 10:26
But Yarrick is quite different from your average grunt. I think it's a safe bet that the Imperium isn't going to spend resources transporting retired soldiers across the galaxy to there home. If you retire, you most likely are stuck on the planet you retired on, unless you are somehow wealthy enough to buy a ticket home.

Of course, they might have gone awol or something. Working as mercenaries and made there way home that way.

27-08-2006, 11:16
I'm thinking perhaps because of the death of their family they were given compassionate leave - or maybe taking shore leave. On the topic of getting home, I'm sure transports will be going to and from the world fetching and replacing regiments.

The Venerable Archmage
27-08-2006, 12:00
There are rules for making gangs other than the standard six on the Specialist Games website at http://www.specialist-games.com/assets/FO40UnkownWarriors.pdf which is probably the easiest guide to sorting out a Spider gang, although precisely how you'd do it I don't know as to be honest I'm not that familiar with the article or Necromunda as a whole.

I think the Imperium probably has a pragmatic attitude to retiring guard. If you are reasonably close to your home planet when the time arrives that you are getting a bit old for active service, and transport is available, they probably ship you home and pension you off. If you're a dozen sectors away from home, they probably just give you a parcel of land somewhere and let you settle. I think they'd eventually pension you off either way if you survived long enough, unless they were desperate enough to be arming the whole population of the region, even the OAPs. The trick is in the surviving.

monkey child
27-08-2006, 12:03
I cant see the Guard giving anyone compassionate anything really, I couldn`t even see them bothering to pass on any news about families.
Another point is whether the necro 8th is a regiment tha actually replaces there losses, most just allow the regiment to shrink in size then combine it with other depleted units. Best bet I can see for them getting back would be if they happened to be in the sector for say a quelling rebellion or such and they go AWOL and manage to stoaeay on a craft going home although i imagine this would knock the old contacts getting them special gear on the head as they wouldn`t be the most popular chaps.

27-08-2006, 13:18
Well travel in the Imperium is possible, heck millions (if not billions) go to Holy Terra on a pelgrimage...I doubt that it would be impossible for former Guardsmen to travel back to their homeworlds if they would like to (depending on the local policies of those worlds of course)

Gorbad Ironclaw
27-08-2006, 13:27
I'm thinking perhaps because of the death of their family they were given compassionate leave - or maybe taking shore leave. On the topic of getting home, I'm sure transports will be going to and from the world fetching and replacing regiments.

I very much doubt you would get compassionate leave from the Guard. Depending on where you are fighting/stationed you wouldn't even hear about it. Some regiments might keep in touch with there homeworld, but I can't imagine High Command seeing it as a priority.
The vast majority of Guardsmen will never see there homeworld again, unless they happen to be fighting on it.

And yes, there will be ships going back and forth between worlds. But you are unlikely to just get a free ride there. But if you can pay, of course you can go. I still can't imagine them sending you home though. It might happen in rare cases, but again, it would have to be something special, like a War hero for PR or something.

And I seem to remember Pilgrims being something special. You get a special ticket allowing you passage on ships traveling some specific routes to shrine and cardinal worlds.

27-08-2006, 13:31
Sometimes, Imperial guard regiments get to settle on new worlds when the regiment is retired. This means the initial colony has a great deal of military ability, and are more capable of defending themselves against any dangers of the planet. The officers tend to form the aristocratic social classes.

As for transport, the IG or Departmento Munitorium is unlikely to lay on official transport for retired veterans, but there are many ways to travel around the galaxy.

One such way would be to sign on as temporary crew/cargo handlers on merchant ships, and work your passage to the ship's destination. Then work as cargo handlers at the spaceport while waiting for another ship going the right way.

Kensai X
27-08-2006, 17:47
Well this can be looked at in two ways, in one theory regiments get regular shipments of new recruits from their homeworld, this would be where some soldiers have the option of retiring (probably a point system rather then some set year amount.)

Of course then it makes more sense to let them settle new lands themselves, plus anyways I don't think retiring is really a true option for the IG, remember these are roughly the marines of 40k, they are the top 10% of most world's PDF.

Evil Lurker
27-08-2006, 21:56
the 8th Necromundian regiment "the spiders" were Ratskins, from the Black spiders tribe.Only one battle have been mentioned,their last stand at a spaceport where they were wiped out covering the imperial armys retreat from the planet.

28-08-2006, 01:07
see http://oz.games-workshop.com/games/40k/imperialguard/gaming/doctrines/unorthodox.htm

One of the many Imperial Guard regiments with a long and proud history is the Necromunda 8th, “The Spiders.” Necromunda is a Hive World, and large gangs control many of the planet’s industrial resources. “The Spiders” recruit heavily from the Spider Clan of the Palantine Hive Complex, known for producing some of the hardiest and most aggressive soldiers in the Imperium.

maybe im just making stuff up but i have the very vague feeling that the 8th may have been mentioned at one time as been involved in the heresy.. as a loyal regiment that helped defend terra .. might be a complete load to.. maybe someones fanfic i read once..