View Full Version : Equipment of Colonist ships of the Imperium and earlier?

26-08-2006, 19:14

Human colonist expeditions.

Am I correct in thinking that there were early expeditions, with sublight sleeperships or generational starships and later expeditions with warpships.

What were they equipped with?

When did the STC system start being a part of colony ships?

What else did they have on board?

Does anyone else think that the ships would have had a Gene Bank? A repository of DNA and specimens of all manner of bacteria, fungi, plant and animal life, with which to create a functional and productive ecosystem? As well as considerable amounts of human DNA, to provide diversity to the colonist population.

What are Imperial colonist ships like?

27-08-2006, 01:10
I'm pretty sure the colonisation of the galaxy was a direct result of the invention of the warp drive and the evolution/invention of navigators. Before that humanity really didn't do anything except fill up Sol's system.

We were discussing this sort of thing in the Death of the Squats thread, looking at whethere the squats and other abhumans had some form of genetic tampering to act as a terraforming race - they send out ships with these abhuman strains adapted to certain conditions who then go through the process of setting up an infrastructure for the following ordinary humans to use.

Explains the rather neat and unrealistic ways in which the squats existed.