View Full Version : Do Space Marines serve in Rogue Trader fleets?

Captain Optimus Metallus
26-08-2006, 22:07
I remember some fluff that said that was the case. So does anyone know the specifics?

1) What does it take to get Space Marines in your Rogue Trader fleet? Certainly your average Rogue Trader won't have Space Marines in his forces. So under what circumstances do Space Marines accompany Rogue Traders?

2) How many Space Marines can a Rogue Trader get? Just a handful? A full Tactical Squad? A Battle Company?

3) Who's in command? The Rogue Trader or, if there's a Space Marine Captain present, the Space Marine Captain?

Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks.

26-08-2006, 22:34
Well, the 3rd edition Space Marines Codex has a list of the Ultramarines deployments. One of these is to an explorator fleet.

Combat troops
Captain, Librarian, Chaplain, Apothecary and 2 Veteran Sargeants.
10 Veterans, 30 Tactical Marines, 20 Assault Marines, 5 Scouts.

7 Rhinos, 3 Thunderhawks, 2 Techmarines, 6 servitors, and another Apothecary and 6 Servo-meds.

So, about 2/3 of a company, with some support.

It said the fleet was "under the nominal command of Rogue Trader Santez Knave. Battle command still resides with Captain Idaeus"

So, from that, a Rogue Trader is probably likely to have less than a company of Marines, plus some support.

Also, the Rogue Trader will tell the fleet where to go, but when they arrive, then the Captain will be in command if there is any fighting to be done.

If a Rogue Trader is conducting operations within or bordering a Chapters jurisdiction, then they may be willing to lend some troops.

Any help?

26-08-2006, 22:35
Old fluff-and we're back in rogue trader first book of the Astronomicon- would suggest that RT could have armies of SM. Literally. Dreadnoughts, Land Raiders, the whole armoury. Lots of squads. Plus IG troops and whatever else they fancied.

The RT would be in overall command, but I'd assume the senior space marine would have tactical responsibility.

How that'd work in the modern background I'd guess that some RTs would have treaties with marine chapters to supply troops. Some marines would be assigned to RTs by request of the Administratum. RT missions which attract Chapter/Administratum/Inquisition interest probably attract marines. Possibly Deathwatch kill teams for RTs investigating Xenos, possibly whole armies of marines for major attacks. Certainly some RTs basically have private armies of guard equivalents. Some few can also call on Marines.

27-08-2006, 00:50
Under the current edition of fluff: As Space Marine chapters have been placed apart from the chain of command, a Rogue Trader would either need an agreement with the Chapter Master of the chapter in question or with the High Lords of Terra, who still possess some authority over the chapters of later foundings in particular. As many as the two aforementioned authorities are willing to cede, most likely in accordance with the Trader's task (more for a "crusade" to eliminate an alien race, less for correspondingly lesser tasks) Again, the fact that a chapter had detailed a unit to the Rogue Trader would put him in nominal command, but I'm sure the Marines might have something to say about that if his goals seemed suspect, or if they were recalled by the chapter