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27-08-2006, 06:25
Noble 75pts
Additional Hand Weapon 4pts
Light Armor 2pts
A Resplendence of Luminescents 25 pts

Total 106pts

12 Dryads 144pts
Branch Nymph upgrade 12pts
Total 156 pts

Glade Guard 16 192 pts
Musician upgrade 6 pts
Standard Bearer Upgrade 12pts
Lord's Bowman upgrade 6pts
Total 216 pts

Total 478

My local hobbie shop is talkin abotu running a 500pt army campaign. It follow the required 1 Hero 2core choice rull of any army under 2k points. This is what I was thinking about using, but any suggestions would be helpful.

I currently have:
1 Wood Elf Noble with bow
1 Would Elf Waywather Kindred
1 Branchwraith Drycha model
1 Treeman
16 Glade Guard
8 Glade Riders
12 Dryads
5 Waywathcers

Thats what i have to work with if you have any suggestions.

27-08-2006, 08:41
Looks good, except for the fact that the army equals 523 points and not 478 when I add it up?

27-08-2006, 15:58
I'd drop the resplendence of Luminscients for a different spite, either the annoyance of netlings, the +d6 str 2 magic, poison attack spite whose name i cant remember or the pageant of shrikes so you could pick out any annoying heroes real quick, for instance, Tomb King Hierophants.

28-08-2006, 23:34
mephis right, it goes way over

29-08-2006, 04:08
Instead of the hand weapon and light armour, save yourself some points and get Eternal Kindred.

Drop the spites for Hail of Doom arrow - that thing rips through 500 point armies.

Glade Guard don't need command groups - they're very safe to drop. Branch nymphs also are unnecessary as they're only really in there to accept challenges, and you won't really get any.

Glade Riders are great for delivering a hard flank or rear charge. Highly recommend them.

26-09-2006, 21:10
Agreed Highborn