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28-08-2006, 09:24
Next weekend there is a tournoument in Utrecht.
I want to enter with a Empire army 2000pts.
Here it is. I still have some doubts about some things.
Comments please. The point cost maybe a little of but will fix it soon.
Count: 2handed weapon and Armour of Met iron.
Wpriest: h. armour, shield.
L2 Wiz: dispell scroll, power stone Lore of Shadows
L2 Wiz: Dispell scroll Lore of Shadows

20 Spearmen: shield full com GriffonStand
-detach: 10 freemen
-detach: 10 halberds

20 Spearmen: shield full com
- 8 archers (fire shield for slayers and spearmen)

10 Knights: inner cirkel, full com, warbanner

6 Hunters

2 mortars (kill wizards and T 3 units)

10 Longdrong slayers
4 Leadbelchers

Tactics: Kill wizards with mortar in the open fase. Shadow steed Longdrong to the front to stop marches and hold up blocks. Shadow steed Wpriest to heal and ward Longdrong. Shadow steed Count (maybe) into small S 3 units. He has armour 1+ but still has to win the combats.
Knights and Leadbelchers go on one flank and will hit together. Slayers on opposit flank. Spearmen make up the centre and hit in second wave.
So, what do you think? Problems will be with Beastmen and Ogres.

28-08-2006, 09:50
I'll give credit for an original list, but there's a few points I'd like to make.

-No ward save on Count and you're planning on running him solo?!
-20 spears is a bit light. They're WS3, S3, 5+ saves, so they'll die in droves, should do a block of 25 IMO. In addition, Swords>>>>>>>>>Spears>>......>>halberdiers
-Two melee detachments on one unit and none on the other is a waste, they are the alpha and omega of winning combat as Empire
-A unit of 10 knights is a waste. You'll never get all of them into combat in one rank, and 125+ points for +1 CR is stupid awful. Its much better to go 6(or 7 if you're concerned about the casualty) with the 25 pt. warbanner for +1 CR

I see major issues this list will have against non-horde armies with competent generals, especially something like a lizardmen list with a slann that shuts down your magic and has S4 T4, which you have little to counter(note: no idea what leadbelchers are).

28-08-2006, 11:38
Aaah at Ducosim, I used to play there(Won a lot).

People there are very cheesy, and I mean very very cheesy, nmake sure you've got an all around list.

You want a cannon, people will take dragons, steam tanks etc etc.

You want your units to be 25 man, and rather have swordsmen as main unit and halberdiers at detachment
I don't think you will win much. but it's always nice if there
s one person wit ha nice list(I once had seaguard in my HE army, didn't stop me from getting 3rd I beleive ;))

28-08-2006, 13:47
The count is only going in solo if the target is juicy enough. I already played at Ducosim 2 times. Hard lists there. The trouble is with the spears and other units as swordmen and halberds is that i don't have any more at the moment.
Maybe i barrow some. Thinking about dropping some knights for some handgunners or a cannon (which to take?). Against lizards/skink the mortars come in handy on the units. The Spearmen with archers are left behind a bit. They can also be used as bait. Leadbelchers are from the Ogres, walking hellblasters with bellies.

28-08-2006, 13:49
Mhm, maybe I know you then, I've played at ducosim the first one of this year, I think I played Tk or HE there. Were you the one that always had high paitning points?

But the list just won't win, your units are too small, you need a cannon especially against he power players there, and I advice some units you can sacrifice

28-08-2006, 23:41
if your going to press a centre advance, try swapping spears for swords, and playing offensive across the board

29-08-2006, 06:32
Ok, the count now has a horse to go with the 6 knights. I have put a cannon in. I think that target priority for shooting and first attacks for the opposition are the hunters, slayers, ogres, knights and detachments. By that time i should have found the right targets for my spearmen. My ogres and knights should be in combat by that time. Also the mortars and cannon should have done some damage then. I don't like to make a too cheesy lists, i like a balanced force. Ok, in one tour i have put up 3 warlocks and a greyseer. Still everything blew up by the 3e turn.

08-09-2006, 05:21
I'd almost suggest drop the slayers altogether and field another block of infantry or warmachine. I understand the need for a flank anchor, but unless you're playing defensively the enemy is just gonna bypass them.

09-09-2006, 17:28
I think Brazen has a point there.. you are going offensive and therefore you don't need an anchor..
Just my $0.02

09-09-2006, 18:05
Always give the priests Great weapons. Leadbelchers are over-rated in my opinion, an inconvenient halfway house. Either got for more shooting and grab a cannon or a hellblaster, or go offensive and get ironguts instead.

21-09-2006, 08:35
The Long drong/ steed of shadows combo worked its charm. He killed 5 longbeards in 3 turns in one battle. 20 gnoblars and 2 ogres in another
The mortars and cannons where a disapointment as the scatterdice where really with me. Misfire and 8to 10 inch scatters. My aim was not bat at all though. The ogres are fun. The spearmen didn't see much combat.
three battles: one massacer loss against WE because of failed panics in the last round. One minor loss against dwarfs. A fun and educating battle.
A minor win against ogres. It was Long Drongs biggest moment. The rest of the slayers failed to cause any hits. Canon only killed the gouger that was sneaking up. I found that the army had not the hitting power as i thought it would have. It was hard to get the spearmen where i wanted them. A second unit knights and a unit pistolliers are maybe better.