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28-08-2006, 10:29
throwing off the idea of comming with solo chariots and ahving some cool confertions in mind I am planning to make a dark elf hunter army.
the idee was of making a fast army who can totally surround the enemy and target the weak points ( mages warmahcines etc) then set up combined charges of 4 units vs 1 enemy and slowly raid his army to death.
strong charges will be catched with the black guards and heavy enemy units will get hit by bolts.

Arjen beast lord of karond kar and leader of Melekith's personal hunting army.
1 * Highborn @ 557 Pts
General; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield
Crimson Death [35]
Blood Armour [20]
Heart-stone of Darkness [45]
1 Black Dragon @ [320] Pts

beast lord aprentice
1 Noble @ 191 Pts
Lance; Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak; Shield
Deathmask [50]
1 Dark Pegasus @ [55] Pts

the tamed air force
5 Harpies @ 65 Pts

dragon slayers
2 Reaper Bolt Thrower @ 200 Pts

minotauer slayers
10 Warriors @ 110 Pts
Repeating Crossbow

minotauer slayers
10 Warriors @ 110 Pts
Repeating Crossbow

the raiders
5 Dark Riders @ 127 Pts
Repeating Crossbow; Musician

first flanking hammer
( thinking about getting rid of him for a nother pegasus)
1 Noble @ 214 Pts
Lance; Heavy Armour; Sea Dragon Cloak
Enchanted Shield [10]
Seal of Ghrond [25]
1 Cold One Chariot @ [95] Pts

second flanking hammer
5 Cold One Knights @ 188 Pts
War Banner [25]

the personal body guard of Arjen ( wil be a big confertet unit with whips and every thing)
13 Black Guard @ 238 Pts
1 Master @ [14] Pts

Casting Pool: 2

Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 61

this is pritty mutch it. the list si far from perfect and I will be testing it tomorrow. hope you can give my commants. I want it to be a tournament army but the basic idee of the army has to stay the same.
1 disadvantige is that I don't have mutch magic defense but I will early destroy the enemy magis with the flying units.

tips & tricks plz:)

28-08-2006, 17:03
The one problem i have is that of a fluff issue. RBTs aren't exactly highly mobile, so getting them from one place to another would slow down the army. Where as everybody else can simply move at their own speed, if you're bringing RBTs, you have to devote a crew to carry it, which won't be up to par with the rest of the army speed.

This is speaking strictly out of game.

You could solve this perhaps by creating lightweight ones that are on wheels or something similar to a caisson(sp?)

28-08-2006, 19:49
Does it really matter if they have wheels???

the fire lanes might be blocked.. but I'd keep them.. I actually like the list!

28-08-2006, 19:56
you missed my point. In game, the list looks very fun and tactical. My point was that if it's supposed to have a very mobile, fast moving background(i.e moving from battle to battle very quickly to keep up with foes), then lumbering yourself down with warmachines that slow down the force wouldn't be wise.

This is why I suggest modelling it a bit differently to suggest that you've adapted your bolt throwers for faster transit.

28-08-2006, 20:15
it's a hunting army so you gatto have something against giants and stuff:D
I can put it on wheels and put horses infront of it or something.
anyway, commants on the list plz cous I first want a good list and then confert it in such a way.
( if I did it in a other order I would have some conferted untis I wouldn't even use)

28-08-2006, 21:21
The black guard dont fit (I'm not talking fluff), I can't see how they fit into the tactics??? The points could be spent MUCH better on more shooting or more fast attack chariots etc...

Loose them, far too easy to avoid.

28-08-2006, 21:36
the tactic was pritty mutch deplying it like this

W= warrior
B= bolt thrower
Bl= black guard


so I will have some sort of a front. cous I spent more then 400 pts in shooting and it's to big a waste to let them all be killed by some low cost cafalry
black guards are 1 of the only units ( thinking this cous I've seen the rules not by testing it) who can do both great dmg (against infentry) and can surfife charges from heavy cafalry and chariots.
and then can beat the enemy with the help of 1 of my many support units.

if I would get rid of them I want another infentry unit cous like I mentioned before the shooting costs too mutch.

so what kind a unit should I get?

29-08-2006, 14:32
A regiment of 20 Rxb warriors with shield (Hand weapon/shield + light armour save = 4+) with full command. So a shooty combat unit ?


Corsairs, they would go well. Hit hard and a good missile save.

I would still go more cav/chariots insteed of BG, they would be TOO easy to avoid. Your 2 RxB regiments and 2 Reapers should be Ok for a turn or two, enough time to upset a few people, making them send combat regiments against them.

Less 'hard' regiments to fight.

Edit: Have a look at this:

Nice neat army.

29-08-2006, 15:31
The black guard would simply be too easy to kill. Black guard are great for flanks and the like, but outside of that, they're too easy to kill and they cost too much.

Another chariot or some more cold one knights could do the trick.

29-08-2006, 17:22
you guys are probably right about getting rid of the black guard.
and my other fast units can also protect the shooting units.

I like the army changes some equipment and deleting a few models would make it a nice 2000 pts army list.
don't really like a manticore actually, he dies to fast of shooting and is a large target.
corsairs is a nice choise and easy to confert the way I wanned ( was planning to get corsair boddies and give them whips and black guard axes, but by not giving them axes they're corsairs:) )

I'm having a battle soon ( was delayed) and I'll post the enw things I think need to be changed here.

29-08-2006, 18:07
I like the idea behind the list ... so that's positive. About the infantry thingie:

- If you're looking for a single defensive infantry unit to defend your firepower, there's nothing in the druchii army that's better than the Black Guards ... because they are stubborn. Every other Druchii will simply break when charged by anything serious and Black Guards will more likely than not hold the line.

- There is another option however ... use MSU tactics for your defence. For (roughly) the same points you could buy 2 more Warrior units (xbows). Shoot at everything that comes near (should scare skirmishers/fast cavalry away) and if something very dangerous comes near you could always flee with the unit it charges (stranding it, shoot it again) or position the target unit into an awkward angle and divert it (puts it out of position, shoot it again). Both ways give you more time to shoot it and/or react with your very fast assault units.

(PS I hate anything that goes stupid, Nobles on Dark Pegasi are great however!)

29-08-2006, 22:19
defending it with many small elite units is something that sounds really nice.
think I'm swaping the black guard for a hydra.
a big flanking monster in a forest is alwais scary:skull:
and except the hydra I have a lot of fast moving units who can setup to perform flank when the enemy gets close
and fits more in the army ( and black guards are expencife especially with the confertions I was planning)