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28-08-2006, 12:05
i'm mainly asking people who have read the 7th ed rule book, as they would know how effective each lord would be in that ruleset

Okay, so the coice is between a dragon lord, and a 3rd level arch mage with the tricks to help him dispell, the core of the list they will be in is as such

Commander with great weapon in tiranoc chariot
another tironic chariot
2x 20 spearelves, full command
5 dragon princes, full command (i think magic banner)
10 silver helms, full command, warbanner

okay If I use the dragon prince, I'll have a level two with seer and something else to hlep him cast

If I take the arch mage, I'll hopefully squeeze in a 5 man unti of naked helms with a champ.

My tactics for either lord will be hold the center with my spear elvews, and hold the chariots for counter charging, run the DPs and silver helms up one flank (dragon or other helms there as well) and crush any opposition in there way. Yeah this list might not work, but meh, they still look cool

So please choose my Lord

28-08-2006, 12:21
personally I think level 3 mages suck.
if you make him level 4 he might be usefull but in this agressive high elf army without bolt throwers I would take a dragon