View Full Version : 500 point Haradrim list

28-08-2006, 12:05
After using High Elves for the longest time I've decided to switch to haradrim. I pulled out all my models and threw together a list. Comments?

1 Haradrim Cheiftan w/ hand weapon
1 Haradrim Chieftan w/ bow and spear
1 Hasharin
1 warrior w/ banner
5 haradrim raiders w/ lances
12 haradrim warriors w/ bows
24 Haradrim warriors w/ spears

45 models.

28-08-2006, 17:06
Perhaps mount one of your Chieftens to give your cavalry a hero.

30-08-2006, 17:39
I would consider dropping the assassin. I've played Harad since they came out, and I've rarely been impressed by it.

At the same time, I would consider putting spears on the bowmen. This deepens your formation (which I guess you would be playing). I would drop the bow of the chieftain, and try to fit in another chieftain (or even a king on horse).

If you can get your model count up to the max (I'm guessing it's 50), then do so.