View Full Version : 500pt Nurgle Beast army

28-08-2006, 21:26
Crozgor's Warband

Crozgor 60pts
Mark of Nurgle 40pts
Scimitar of Skultar 15pts
Enchanted Shield 10pts
Chaos Armour 10pts
Total 135pts

Beast Herd
8xGor 56pts
-Foe-Render 20pts
-StandardBearer 10pts
8xUngor 32pts
Total 118pts

Bestigor Herd
12xBestigor 144pts
-Gouge-Horn 12pts
-Musician 6pts
-StandardBearer 12pts
Total 174pts

Spawn of Chaos 60pts
Beast of Nurgle 15pts
Total 75pts

TOTAL 502pts

any comments would be cool

28-08-2006, 22:31
Another nurgle beast player <3

Erm, I'm wondering why you haven't got any sort of magical defense. A Nurgle Sorceror in a game this small is going to be a beast (pun not intended), and would provide some much needed defene against the likes of the Undead and the Tomb Kings.

28-08-2006, 22:39
yeah i agree with voltaire that would be a smart idea...:D

29-08-2006, 19:15
okok, bray shaman (75pts) mark of nurgle (40pts) then a bray staff (6pts) and then hes only a level 1 wizard so maybe upgrade to level 2(35pts)
thats 121pts for a lvl1, and 156 for a elvel 2, bit pricey in 500pts

30-08-2006, 02:43
I would drop the Nurgle upgrade on the spawn and witch, as that will gilve you just about enough points. If you really need to shave off a few more, just drop the Braystaff. Unless you will be using him as a caddie, lvl 1 is almost as bad as having no wizard at all, so lvl2 is the way to go.

30-08-2006, 20:40
A scroll caddy @ level 1 would be ideal for this level.