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29-08-2006, 09:02
Hi. I've only really just started playing with tomb kings and haven't really had that much luck with them. I was hoping some of you nice people might be able to help me and point me in the right directions with this first list. Could you tell me what you think and if anything should be changed?

Tomb King with Shield; Blade of Setep; Armour of the Ages; Vamraces of the Sun

Liche Priest with Skeletal Steed and Staff of Ravening (in the light horseman regiment)

Liche Priest with 1 Dispel Scroll and Enkhil's Kanopi (Hierophant)

Icon Bearer with Light Armour and Standard of the Cursing Word (battle standard bearer)

Core Units:
16 Skeleton Archers with Command Group

16 Skeleton Archers with Command Group

16 Skeleton Warriors with Spears and Shields with Command Group and Banner of the Undying Legion

8 Light Horsemen with Command Group

8 Heavy Horesmen with Command Group

3 Chariots with Command Group

Special Units:

Tomb Scorpion

Rare Units:

Bone Giant

This all comes to 1993 points.
Thanks for any replies,

29-08-2006, 10:05
You dont need full command on any of the units. Champions are only needed to protect characters from challenges. And musicians are useless with undead. Keep the stdards only if the unit intends to see combat.

Your combat skeli block needs at least 20 to be of use, 25-26 being the best number.

The Icon bearer is pretty much useless, trade him out for more skeletons or another preist or prince if you can fit them.

29-08-2006, 11:12
warrior unit with spears is way too small, in VC army that could go because necromancers can rise skeletons more than its starting numbers but with only 16 warriors you will be destroyed even if you charge. and i prefer that horseman (light or heavy) are rubbish, light could go if liche is in that unit and the unit is just for casting with liche.

i would suggest that you would drop unit of skeleton archers and heavy horseman to add some spearmen and maybe you should take ushabtis or tomb guard also in this army.

29-08-2006, 11:56
Swarms are a good deal for trading the full commands and some archers. Archers in 3 units of 10? And ofcourse some more spearmen.

29-08-2006, 12:55
The king's equipment could be better. Giving him a GW will have a similar effect to giving him the blade of setep (i used to give my king the blade of setep too). If you're putting him in a unit of warriors then giving him the destroyer of eternities with the collar of shapesh is good for a laugh at your opponents expense.

One configuration thats worked well for me is to put him in a chariot with the flail of skulls, the golden ankhra, and some armour upgrades...very nasty character killer and a treeman's bane to boot. looking at your army composition i think your king would be better suited in a chariot, using the light and heavy horsemen for support whilst riding with the chariot unit. Leaving him on foot makes it too easy for opponents to avoid him considering your unit choices.

29-08-2006, 13:53
In my opinion the best weapon for a tomb king is either the destroyer of eternities or a great weapon - I don't think the other options are worth their cost (except perhaps the spear of antarhak on a chariot mounted king/prince)

The icon bearer is worthless, I think most TK players will agree with me, I would swap him for a prince or better a priest

I wouldn't put any of my priests on horses, you need them supporting your units not on the frontlines, also I don't take any horses in my TK armies I haven't found them to be useful except as a road block which dies and gives VP's to my opponent

you've gone full command mad, remember you don't break from combat but you can die from it, drop to just standerds and maybe a champion in your spear skellies unit - you want numbers so you can get the auto break through fear and survive a lost combat

31-08-2006, 10:56
You can remove the light horseman, and the icon bearer to add 4 heavy horseman, 4 skulls, for all your unit execpt where they are characters, you can remove champion, he's not useful

01-09-2006, 08:17
id suggest to take all cavalry out of the army, they just suck!