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29-08-2006, 19:55
I'm kinda at a loss for figuring out how to win with my dark eldar.

I've won on game with them, but most of that was because I studied my opponent and worked at disrupting his stratagy. He was playing CW eldar and after the initial assault, I had him chase me down until he left him self in the open. But, mostly I won because he had no idea about my playing style.(aggresive kamikaze).

Then I played against a chaos fleet. my problem there was that he was bunched up and I didn't know what to do. I tried to flank around him until I lost my head and charged him at the center of the board(we played longways) from the side. Then i was mostly that I misguessed my ranges and was left vulnerable.

the fleet list I usually use looks like this.

Torture class cruiser- Archon, launch bays
Torture class cruiser- phantom lance
4 Corsairs- 2 phantom lances, 2 with extra batteries
4 Corsairs- torpedoe bays

this comes to 980pts

29-08-2006, 21:17
Alpha Strikes

To win with Dark Eldar, generally, you must perform a severe 'Alpha Strike', as I call it. What is this, I hear no-one ask?

It's simple, I say. I say: It's a simple manner of putting all your strength against a big weakness(or even just the weakest point) of your enemy, or some compromise of both(less strength against a better (more weak) weakness).


Above, you say you lost your head. Don't do that. It's a bad idea generally, with nothing particularly specific to do with the Dark Eldar.

Your plan would have worked. By getting behind him, he *has* to manouver to fire at you, as ordnance isn't the most effective weapon. This means he *cannot* simply Lock-On to you and let loose the dogs of war. The worst way for you to do it would be to simply approach *at* his broadside, where his ships can all fire at you from Lock On at less than 15cm away, with you closing. Instead, you want to manouver such that you're ships are abeam when he finally fires at you, and that he can't just *lock on* at you.

In small games, this is feasible for the entire fleet. In large games, your firepower should obliterate them anyway.

Lining it up such that you can not only manouver to a good position but also commit your alpha strike whilst *locked on* and beside a big strike of ordnance is ideal. This way you get *all* your weapons and *all* your ordnance firing at peak efficiency.

Ideally, that is. It's often less than ideal.

For the fleet itself, I usually go for a combo of Phantom Lance Cruisers, LB Cruisers, a ton of Phantom Lance Escorts and maybe a fair few Impaler Escorts.

I rarely use torps, but that's just me, they're actually pretty nifty, so it seems.

Dark Lances whilst locked on are immense, allowing a tremendous amount of damage to be inflicted if things are even *just* above average(lock on helps ensure things are *just* above average).

DE Ordnance is good, but not too fantastic, as it's bloody expensive. Make good use of it.

Don't be afraid to board people either, especially by tag-teaming cruisers against other wounded capital ships! Not often as impressive as locking onto someone with a full prow array, but if you're needing to turn anyway, and maybe you failed your reload order...


30-08-2006, 01:06
in that game, it was three straight turns of just manuvering. I just got really bored. ... Damn, patience really is a virtrue...

Zhai Morenn
28-09-2006, 01:06
Dark Eldar look good in two respects that make up for their lack of mobility enjoyed by other eldar. Leech torps which cut speed of hit targets and Impalers- they're hard to hit and an Impaler is (if I understand the rules correctly) an instant critical strike weapon (bloody amazing) and good for cutting systems (i.e. perhaps those pesky broadside batteries) or extra damage off the target.