View Full Version : Red`s Ressurection of his O&G army

Red Skullz
30-08-2006, 10:04
Okey I`m a greenskin player. I`ve tried tons of other armies and failed miserably cause I just don`t get the same good òl feeling like modelling, painting and playing with my greens (this goes for ALL game systems).

Now the new army book is out in a month approx. My plan is getting the theme and test models out of the way until then. When I get hold of the army book I`ll do the army composition. All I know is that I want to max out on the horde factor as far as I can stretch it.

My current 2 armies for greenskins in Fantasy are:
- 3000 pts common O&G
- 2000 pts Night Goblins

So let`s do theme first. My initial first themes that I`m pondering about are these:
- Nippon, samurais, etc
- Mongolian, cavalry based
- Vikings, horns, beards and long hair (hey I`m scandinavian -lol-)

Please bring other themes to the table or give a vote (if ya can include conversion ideas for the units even better!).


30-08-2006, 11:13
i've always wanted to try this if i ever make an O&G army. Get some chaos warhounds and file away the horns and spikes and mount goblins on them. voila! goblin wolf riders. You could try making moulds so you dont have to keep converting warhounds into wolves.

This would fit in really well with the mongolian idea.

Red Skullz
30-08-2006, 11:35
I do in fact have a lot of those heads. I thought of using them on character mounts or even regular boss mounts.

Oh and I forgot to say in my initial post that my 2 old greenie armies are to be converted and themed into 1 army in the area of approx 2500-3000 pts. Those two armies ain`t hordy enough as it is now..or good enough painted..

So common O&G are to be incorporated with Night Goblins in the best way possible.

Captain Ardias
30-08-2006, 15:15
I thing all three of the ideas are great, I cant decide which one is the best.
What about:
Orc pirates?
Chaos orcs (some boyz which ventured to far and to long in the northern wastes)?
Araby orcs?

Red Skullz
30-08-2006, 18:45
Well pirates are the theme I`m doing on my Mordheim warband so that one is reserved.
Araby could be cool.

As for Chaos Orcs. Well the viking theme kinda covers that one don`t ya think? Vikings=Marauders.

Well I`m at least leaning more and more to vikings. Would fit well with some rock/snow bases since I`m doing a table somewhat in that direction.