View Full Version : RAZZA'S BACK! and he's painting an army!!??

30-08-2006, 17:22
hi all! i've not posted anything here for ages so i thought i'd return with some style.
i've only ever posted single display figs in the past, so after taking on a commission to paint a small army i thought it would be a good idea to make a log of it here.

The army is a sisters of battle force painted in the traditional colours with a few tweaks. I know this may sound a bit dull but i'll try and jazz it up with stage by stages and tutorials for anyone who's interested

The first thing i'm to paint is a full squad of 10 sisters then after this the canoness. I've got 4 of the squad done so far and i'm hoping to get them all done within a week. here are some pics of the first 4 (no backpacks and unbased)

30-08-2006, 17:24
Awesome job, top notch quality!

The face looks really nice too. :)

30-08-2006, 17:24
these are looking gorgeous, although i wouldn't expect anything else really.
looking forward to tutorials and the like.


30-08-2006, 17:24
Absolutly fantastic. Love the lenses. Really clean and well painted, you should be proud.

30-08-2006, 17:28
I reckon noone here would call your tutorials bad, unless you are going to do them on the level of how to paint your Battle For Skull Pass models in WD321:evilgrin:.

Can't wait for more of your stuff especially that I remember the High Elf Lord!

30-08-2006, 17:37
Hi again,
i always find painting female faces very different, you need to be a lot softer with the shade or they can end up looking like a 60 year old trannie:eek:
For anyone who wants to know here is how i painted the faces on my 20 year old stunners!:angel:


*Normally i'd start off with a bestial brown basecoat on skin but for these i wanted a smoother look so i used a 70/30 mix of dwarf flesh and bestial brown.
*then i layered on dwarf flesh on its own (very thin)
*then i used a 50/50 mix of dwarf flesh and bleached bone for the next highlight.
*then bleached bone on its own (nose, cheeks etc)
*then i used a small amount of skull white on the nose and cheek bones.
*the eyelids had a glaze of turquoise
*the lips had a thin line of scab red to finish

hope this may help in some way, i'll post a stage by stage face asap.

30-08-2006, 17:39
I reckon noone here would call your tutorials bad, unless you are going to do them on the level of how to paint your Battle For Skull Pass models in WD321:evilgrin:.

Can't wait for more of your stuff especially that I remember the High Elf Lord!

the hobby team paints those stage by stages, not eavy metal:cool:
i demand satisfaction!:)

30-08-2006, 17:52
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Your back with more brilliant goodness! :D :D :D

30-08-2006, 17:58
the hobby team paints those stage by stages, not eavy metal:cool:
i demand satisfaction!:)

I do sincerely and honestly apologise to you for that slander:evilgrin:.
I just hope you will not be holding a grudge like Thorgrim!

30-08-2006, 18:15
nah mate, all's cool:)
a lot of people think we do the hobby suppot in WD, most of it is done by the hobby team (our bitter rivals):evilgrin:

30-08-2006, 18:22
You stole them from the 'Eavy Metal Team, eh? :evilgrin:
Very nice, especially the faces. But what about the bases?

30-08-2006, 18:32
Lovely, just lovely...

...except all-metal bolters. The outermost plate could be of different colour (and who am I to argue?), but otherwise the models are absolutely stunning.

30-08-2006, 18:33
This is the day I prayed for on more than one occasion. I cant wait to see more. They are beautiful pieces Razza, they take me back to my early days of mini painting in 2nd ed for some reason.

30-08-2006, 18:40
That is an absolutely beatiful skin tone on the faces, thanks for the break down

30-08-2006, 18:57
They are great, and cheers for the tips!

30-08-2006, 19:28
You stole them from the 'Eavy Metal Team, eh? :evilgrin:

He is in 'Eavy Metal team.

30-08-2006, 19:35
There are very nice and I mean very nice ,I bow to your skills with a paint brush :)

god octo
30-08-2006, 20:20
those girls are lloking amamzing and yay, another WH blog- maybe i should restart my sisters army!

30-08-2006, 20:32
Great work on the faces, I've seen girls in real life with less realistic looking flesh. Well, that's not true, of course. I'm a wargamer, I've never seen a girl in real life, but still. Er.

A whole army done like that is going to look great, though I agree that some variety of colour on the bolters would go down well. At arm's length they do really look like real people, only very small. Most impressive!

30-08-2006, 20:56
Thank you for painting sisters haha, My hero. =P

Anvils Hammer
30-08-2006, 21:16
These are amazing, its great inspiration for me, makes me want to go the extra mile painting my IG to the highest standard I can.

thanks for the face painting tips.

30-08-2006, 21:23
And I was hoping you would do the Sons of Pertinax... ;)

How are you going to base them?

30-08-2006, 21:47
i hate you :p

excelent as always...

what did you do for the hair?

Dead orc
30-08-2006, 23:00
Some great inspiration for my SoB army. Maybe I'll be able to get that damn squad painted now...

31-08-2006, 06:41
very well painted sisters. perfect skin, good highlight, nice red,...
i'm waiting for the whole squad!

31-08-2006, 07:44
WOW, those are amazing! Are you going to do the whole army to that standard? Seems like that would take a VERY long time.

31-08-2006, 08:33
Nice job, so comeon, base them, and let them be complete

31-08-2006, 09:08
Highlighted grenades....
Very cool. Great job.

31-08-2006, 10:54
Great work.
So crisp, smooth, just lovely!

31-08-2006, 10:59
Razza's back?
Oh, great, time to start beating my head against the wall in frustration at my feeble painting skills again...

Absolutely fantasttic models, really liking the work on the faces. Now, to find something to criticise...
Nope, can't do it you clever bugger. They're just too darn good.

31-08-2006, 13:36
Really cool, Razza. I know the sisters have white hair, but why? Personally I like different hair colours, but that's just me. Are they all going to have white hair?

Keep it up,


31-08-2006, 16:46
Hi again!
i've made a start on the next 2 sisters here they are...
i'm going to start the special and heavy weapon tomorrow and finish all 4 together.

thanks for all the great comments! here are a few answers..

*the bases- they were going to be cityfight bases but i then realised that on the tabletop the sisters would disapeer being in black armour so i'm going for the traditional eavy metal style, this will ping the figs out when gaming, i'll add some rubble here and there though.

*bolter casing- yeah, i suppose the all metal bolters are a bit:rolleyes: but remember that this is a commission and if they where in a different colour what would it be? can't be red, and it would be way to much black, any ideas? besides, i quite like it as metal, it gives the gun a bit of weight and draws focus on them.

*hair- the hair was painted spacewolves grey first then i washed shadow grey into the centre parting and any shaded ares. after this i overbrushed (similar to drybrushing but with more paint and slower) white over the hair but concentrating on the top.

thanks again!:)

31-08-2006, 17:00
hi, i decided to do a stage by stage for the faces, it's one thing saying "i did this then that" but i thought i'd show you how i did them.

*Stage 1 (bestial and dwarf mix 70/30)

*Stage 2 (dwarf flesh)

*Stage 3 (dwarf and bleached bone mix 50/50)

*stage 4 (bleached bone)

31-08-2006, 17:02
*Stage 5 (white)

*Stage 6 (scab red lips, finishing touches)

hope it helps!:)

31-08-2006, 17:23
He is in 'Eavy Metal team.

:eek: Fo' real? Well, that would explain much. :D

31-08-2006, 19:13
great explaination. She's an ugly b*tch without the teeth done.

31-08-2006, 19:46
Hi again!
i've made a start on the next 2 sisters here they are...

wow.. excellent highlighting! on of the best I have ever seen. Honestly!
you're the first person who managed to make SoB look "sexy" :D
The little lines on their boobs :o could be the reason..

Show us more.
greetz tagsta

31-08-2006, 21:49
Excellent stuff mate, really liking it! Love that flesh! Makes my efforts seem like old biddies!


01-09-2006, 16:06
How do you do the highlights on black? Do you go the Shadow Grey line or do you use blue?

01-09-2006, 16:43
whatever you have used it looks great, the faces are great, i never went as high as bleached bone but it works really well here, well done and i look forward to seeing more of these, how did you paint the armour? as i agree so far it looks very fine

02-09-2006, 14:38
Hello again!
been busy on the next 2 here they are...

The black armour-
*choas black
*regal and black mix 50/50
*mix in spacewolves grey to the mix 50/50
*spacewolves grey for a final highlight

keep the lines very thin but even more so as the highlights get lighter, cheers!

I've also finished the sister superior, what do you think? goes with the others? i've added more gold on the shoulders and weapons, Bling!:)

thanks all!

02-09-2006, 14:50
:eek: :D ....omg....you must be getting paid a fair bit in commission to do a job like this.

Bravo! excellent figures that are exactly like the codex ones.

Just out of curiousity, what brush to you use to create such fine highlighting on the armour (im thinking of doing the same highlighting on my Ordo Xenos deathwatch).

02-09-2006, 15:14
the brush i use mostly is a W&N (citadel masters) size 0. good brush size that one :)

02-09-2006, 15:20

Do you have a site? I would be interested in seeing more of your work.

02-09-2006, 15:54
MM nice we love em so give us more. The painting is masterclass and you´re such a good painter that the commission guy must be paying a lot of money for thoses (they deserv alot). What bases will they have? keep up the good work!

02-09-2006, 17:30
Beautiful mimins! :) I think the gold and silver bolter looks better than the all metal look.

Inquisitor lorr
02-09-2006, 17:49
Awesome as per usual,i prefer yours to the 'Eavy metal army.Did you paint those ones by the way?

Could you tell us how you did all the other little bits like the purples,gold and red(espcially red-:p )


02-09-2006, 18:27
the sister superior's very nice mate, i think the gold on the bolter looks alot better than just silver. it's good to see that your doing them fairly quickly aswell.


02-09-2006, 18:32
Very, very nice. There's not much else you can say really. All you can do is stare. Or something else, but this isn't the place to go into that. :D :p

02-09-2006, 19:18
Your tips have been very helpful, especially the little things like the brush you use. So often that sort of stuff gets ommitted. How much, if at all, do you water down your paints?

Oh yeah, when I saw these I had to change my pants.

Brush your teeth
02-09-2006, 19:33
great work as always. you definately deserve your job!

cant wait to see more

02-09-2006, 20:24
whoa, sweet.

i think they beat most other (non-eavy metal team) minis ive ever seen, in terms of painting. will this be an army made for play? if so, hows it gonna be organised? all SOB?

02-09-2006, 21:54
wow, these look awesome...could you please post a mini tutorial on how you did the red cloth? I like that look a lot!

04-09-2006, 01:38
Any chance we can get a tutorial on the gold on the gun?

06-09-2006, 17:57
Hi all,
here is a sister with a simulacrum imperialis i had to convert for the squad...

i'll be working on a stage by stage red and gold next aswell as finishing off the squad (this weekend hopefully). Then it's a converted canoness!!:)

06-09-2006, 18:02
Its unfair how much talent some people have.

Those models are perfect.

06-09-2006, 21:58
yeah talent is split like money in the U.S. as in the Rich have plenty of money and the poor have nothing (My economics teacher told me other stuff but it went in one ear and out the other).

[SD] Bob Plisskin
07-09-2006, 04:17
where did you get the skull from for that simulacrum thingy? I need to get hold of a few skulls for chaplain conversions....


07-09-2006, 06:55
That really is all excellent work, makes me want to start SOB!!!! Arrrghh must resist.

07-09-2006, 07:27
Awesome work Razza! I have never seen a sister 'army' like this :) can you make a tutorial for the red cloaks? That would be awesome!

07-09-2006, 08:10
http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d103/DarrenLatham/PICT0120.jpgI'd hit that ;).

These are awesome razza, you need to start doing some tutorials for warseer, seriously, single models explaining valuable techniques like the female faces.

I hope you think about putting together everything you suggest someday :).

Also, bloody brilliant :D.


The boyz
07-09-2006, 10:19
Wow these are some great looking SOB Razza. They look fantastic, the paint job is superb.

Great tutorial as well for painting faces Razza, cheers for that. I am going try your technique out sometime.

07-09-2006, 18:04
Puh, lucky me I'm over my SOB horny period. :D
That's awesome as always razza, but i agree with TG, you should make a huge tutorial for the more advanced stuff.
I'm keeping an eye over on this thread for further quick tutorials. ;)

07-09-2006, 19:31
Whoa! Those are nice.

You even inspired me to continue on my own SoB...

The glade wanderer

08-09-2006, 16:48
Hi all!
I've been busy on the squad, it should be finished before next week, untill then i've done a stage by stage red for all who wanted to know.
also some of you have asked for a more in depth tutorial on painting methods etc. I'm working on a converted canoness next so i'll do this for her, loads of pics from start untill finish, hope that's cool! she will be holding a spear of some sort with the tip as the sisters symbol. any ideas?

hope the stage by stage is ok, i'll do a gold one tomorrow. cheers and thanks for all the great feedback!

1. scab red and blood red mix 50/50

2. scab and black mix 70/30 washed into deep areas.

3. blood red layered over as a base colour (few coats)

4. blood red and blazing orange mix 70/30 highlight

08-09-2006, 16:50
5. blazing orange highlight

6. dwarf flesh highlight


08-09-2006, 16:50
Smooth! I always wondered how you get nice reds. Now I know.

Excellent work there by the way, those faces are most awesome, they really do make the model.

08-09-2006, 17:10
also some of you have asked for a more in depth tutorial on painting methods etc. I'm working on a converted canoness next so i'll do this for her, loads of pics from start untill finish, hope that's cool!That sounds brilliant :D.

Great red tutrorial, superb :).


Inquisitor lorr
08-09-2006, 17:57
Awesome,thanks for all the tutorials,you're the moset helpful guy around..:D

For the spear one of the banner bearers has a banner pole(obviously..:p ) with the fleur de lyse(sp?) on it.This could work.

08-09-2006, 18:13
nice red, might have to give it a try.


08-09-2006, 18:31
what do you think about a vine of roses wrapped around the spear?

Inquisitor lorr
08-09-2006, 18:34
That would look awesome,would you make them out of green stuff?

If you try and do a similar thing to the roses on St Celestines sword i think that would look great.

08-09-2006, 18:39
yes mate, wire and green stuff, like the living saint, i think it would work well. the canoness fig is the origional one.

08-09-2006, 18:43
i take it the spear will be in the hand that has the icon in it, above her head?

08-09-2006, 18:45
yes that's right, pointing upwards though.

god octo
08-09-2006, 18:50
that would look very nice, though if you added a few more purity seals, it would lookm as though she is truely a vet of many campiagns. I really ant to see this model, its going to be amazing, miles better then my cannoness i did yesterday.

08-09-2006, 19:20
how about using the sword from the new canoness (the one with the purity seals) as the spear's blade?

The Judge
08-09-2006, 19:20
Ouch, Razza returns with beautiful stuff as ever. Nice to see.

08-09-2006, 21:46
Oooh, that's some nice ideas you got there, the roses will be awesome!
Nice tutorial on the red there and it will be nice to see that long step-by-step guide. :D
Keep it up!

09-09-2006, 06:36
Thanks for the tutorial for the red cloaks Razza :)
Maybe a stupid question but how long does it take for you to paint one sister like that?

Chaos marine3
09-09-2006, 14:12
Nice Sister of Battle, you make me wanna do one! :p Nice tutorial to.

09-09-2006, 14:21
hi, i've not had time to take any gold pics yet but here are the colours i used...
*brazen brass basecoat
*shining gold layered over
*then burnished gold
*then burnished gold and mithril silver mix 50/50 highlight
*wash with brown ink (deep areas only)
*finish with a fine highlight of mithril silver

it's going to be a long day tomorrow but i'll try and get some pics posted of the finished squad. thanks again all!:)

09-09-2006, 14:24
cool, not too different to how i do gold myself.



09-09-2006, 14:26
almost forgot, each sister takes about 4 hours to paint so i'm working at 2 a day, thanks.

09-09-2006, 14:26
Razza your work is excellent.

Looking forward to the next update,


10-09-2006, 17:51
Hi, i've finally managed to finish the first squad! woohoo! and today was a looooong day.
here it is, the pics are a bit crap but they'll do.
let me know what you think, next.....the canoness!!
(drops dead on floor)


Brush your teeth
10-09-2006, 17:53
looking pretty swish, nice work.

cant wait to see more

10-09-2006, 17:54

Inquisitor lorr
10-09-2006, 18:21
:eek: -Well....incredible..

Could you tell us how you did the metal(i don't think you have yet-i can't remember)

How many models are in this army? and are there any vehicles?

god octo
10-09-2006, 21:08
oh my god, they are amazing- now to kidnap you an force you to paint my army:)

10-09-2006, 21:13
@ Razza: How are you varnishing these models?

11-09-2006, 19:03
i'm using purity seal spray varnish on 'em.
chanks for all the comments!:)

15-09-2006, 15:37
Hi all!
On to the next thing now, after a discussion with the client we decided not to go with the spear idea for the canoness as this would not be sturdy enough for repetative gameplay. instead it's a choice of these ideas- sword, chainsword, book or the icon.
take a look and let me know what you think....
i'll be starting this lass at the weekend with a 'different' colour scheme.

15-09-2006, 15:59
i think the power sword looks best on this model.


Suicide Messiah
15-09-2006, 16:00
Sword all the way.

15-09-2006, 16:13
I'm not a fan of the raised up sword. Reminds me too much of the 80s He-Man cartoon.

I like the Icon. You can always paint it up w/ a glowing effect and use it as a power weapon. Or, add a power cable that leads to the armor which could represent it's power source.

god octo
15-09-2006, 16:56
i woudl vote for either the evisceraotr or the power sword, with a preference for the big, slicy chainsword of slashy doom.

15-09-2006, 17:56

but the Icon with glowing effects is totaly the best

15-09-2006, 18:22
Chainsword gets my vote!

Inquisitor lorr
15-09-2006, 19:02
I think:

Sword:too small and weedy for the model and is very "typical"

Chainsaw:awesome,perfect proportions,different and it makes her look nails.

Book: very fluffy,looks cool and is a perfect fit for the model.The only problem is gameplay and the lack of a second weapon


15-09-2006, 22:58
You could hang a weapon off her belt to represent it. I say Icon, books are meant to be read, and weapons look....wrong somehow

static grass
15-09-2006, 23:38
I vote icon

16-09-2006, 00:32
Sword gets my vote, it suits the model

Inquisitor Skyshadow
16-09-2006, 01:11
i say book cause it looks cool.

16-09-2006, 02:47
If you make the book look like a 80ies edition of playboy then maybe..

the chainsword is coolest imo though

16-09-2006, 03:16
If i might add a differant option; Mold the icon in to a power ax. Sorta make the "centre" (or the near centre) the housing for the a head and also the as stated byfore power surply. Ace work.

16-09-2006, 05:14
The chainsword looks best, but the power sword would be best for game play.

Hang the book/icon on the belt.

16-09-2006, 05:27
thanks for the feedback guys, we have decided to go with the chainsword, she looks nails with it!:) i'm starting on her today so pics soon!

18-09-2006, 18:15
Looks over rules. Good man!

30-09-2006, 16:04
First i'd like to say sorry to anyone expecting a long tutorial on this canoness, i just had to get her done and out of the way so there's no stage by stage pics etc. sorry!
But here she is with lots of pics for you, i'll go through a colour guide if anyone wants to know. the general idea was the living saints colours on a canoness.
let me know what you think!
cheers all! Daz

30-09-2006, 16:05

30-09-2006, 16:06

30-09-2006, 16:12
She looks fantastic, particularly the detail work on the shoulder parts of the cloak, you really have excelled yourself on this mini :).


30-09-2006, 16:16
Very nice, but I'm not going to be quite so fawning.

Compared to the rest of the figure, I would say that the thorn pattern on the bolter and the chainsword are look too grainy and, in all honesty, a bit rushed. In relation to the rest of the figure, that is.

30-09-2006, 16:19
mmm, freehand with metallic paints is a pain in the ass, but i do see your point. ta!

30-09-2006, 16:21
Wow! She's a beauty! :D And I mean that strictly in a paint-job sense, ha!

Very nice painting, well done, Razza! :cool:

30-09-2006, 16:23
cheers! i forgot to say that it was great to see some of you at games day uk, it was also a little confusing aswell! :)

30-09-2006, 16:41

30-09-2006, 16:43
sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooood

30-09-2006, 16:49
very very nice, i love the freehand on the inside of the cloak.

what's next for this lot?


30-09-2006, 16:59
yummie yummie!

I like your style.

old guard
30-09-2006, 17:02
That is great, one of the best looking SOB's I think I've seen. Please show us how as you have before.

30-09-2006, 21:18
Really nice job on the canoness, great work on the freehand.
Two thumbs up!

god octo
30-09-2006, 21:51
oh my god, that is amazing- i want to hurt you its soooooooooooo good. How long did it take you?

30-09-2006, 22:13
the differeence in posting time is like two weeks

30-09-2006, 22:18
Excellent work mate, really looking forward to more updates.

p.s. Was great to meet you at GD, and Anja(sp?) is pretty cute!!

01-10-2006, 12:55
Very nice, but I'm not going to be quite so fawning.

Compared to the rest of the figure, I would say that the thorn pattern on the bolter and the chainsword are look too grainy and, in all honesty, a bit rushed. In relation to the rest of the figure, that is.

I might agree with that, but Pertinax, remember that these "flaws" are visible only on big closeups.
Meeting up Artists and Warseerers might be the most tempting thing for me to move my bottom to England next year after 25 years of absence at Albion shores...

01-10-2006, 13:48
Agreed. Although Razza is the only one that can actually tell if the pattern needs to be re-touched.

I was merely bringing it to attention.

02-10-2006, 18:21
Hey Razza, I think your work is stunning, so i wont go all fan boy on you, but i wish to ask a simple question..

What colours do you use for your bases? I love the light brown, it's much better than the brown you have to use in 'Eavy Metal.

02-10-2006, 18:23
So what's next on your schedule?

And can we get a group shot?

02-10-2006, 19:21
Hi fellas!
thanks for the comments, sometimes i think i shoot myself in the foot posting large pics but i like people to see the figure and the detail.:)

the base is the same as the eavy metal ones-
*bestial all over,
*bubonic brown drybrush,
*bleached drybush,
*graveyard edge

Next up is a 5 woman strong squad of celestians in white! Nooooo! WHITE!:eek:
these should be done by next weekend and i'll post some WIP shots in the mean time. i think they may be having a paper banner aswell (old school style) :cool:
cheers all!

Inquisitor lorr
02-10-2006, 21:54
Well that canoness is amazing,the gold is awesome.I'm looking forward to the celestians.

Aslo i'd like to say thanks to you (and the rest of the design team) for making my games day.I spent the whole thing(quite literally) talking to 'eavy metal,the sculptors and designers.I was the kid who kept asking you all the schemes(like how you painted your blood ravens and the new space wolves)
So anyway i spent ages talking to you,neil langdown and seb....So thanks..:D..

EDIT: oh yeah was the gold on the canoness the same one you made a tutorial for?

03-10-2006, 22:00
Fantastic work on the cannoness, the freehand on the cloak and sleeves makes the whole thing pop.

How are you painting the white cloth and the metal?

El Diablo