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30-08-2006, 18:08
well, ahwile back i posted a thread on ganger and ganger related armies. since then i have acquired quite a few to add to my 7th cadian stormtroops. i currently hav about 40 models employed in "street gangs" or roughly 8-14 models. i really want to start this as kind of a discussion forum. got plenty of ideas myself, so dont fret over any of your secrets, go ahead and share stories, troops, painting, assembly, and of coarse gaming and tactics!
here is a pic of my next batch.


30-08-2006, 19:57
There used to be 2ed rules for converting 4k+ point Necromunda gangs into Hardened Veterans units for Guard. IIRC it was published in Citadel Journal, but I have no idea what issue.

Would like to see a 4ed ruleset for that; maybe as part of an "Escape from the Underhive" campaign. Start a squad in the Underhive, eventually work your way out into an Elite unit for IG/DH/WH.

Stats and roles wouldn't be a problem, since Leaders and Heavies could simply be translated into their 40k equivalents (Platoon Leaders, Vet Sgt, Sister Superior, Heavy Weapons Platoon, etc.),with adjusted costs depending on their stats; and stats could simply be averaged across the rest of the troops. Converting some of the special skills/equipment could be tricky; but a lot of it could just be swapped straight across, or given special rules (ie. gangers with needle rifles could be made into 40k Snipers, units with grav chutes get jump packs, etc.).

30-08-2006, 20:30
Can't you just use the ganger models for a "Hardened Veterans" unit for the IG, or have they been removed since the newest IG codex?

30-08-2006, 21:06
I had plans to use my escher gangers as conscripts but using them as vets seems a much better Idea.

30-08-2006, 21:45
Conscripts means between twenty and fifty models. I don't even like conscripts at all, fifty men between two troop slots taking up 320 points (minus weaponry) seems like a lot to me, but forty men for 160 points minus weaponry is insane!

30-08-2006, 21:56
You could always use them as Witch Hunter Zealots. Which is what I do with my horde of old Necromunda models:).

31-08-2006, 03:10
I still have my Guard Planetary Defense Force from the Armageddon Codex. It's actually pretty good, in that you can take smaller squads and lots of heavy weapons. They actually let the gangers take heavy stubbers and heavy bolters in the same squad, like Chaos Traitors. And that's some good loving, right there...

Anyway, I don't know if the list is still legit, but no one has really given me crap about it.

31-08-2006, 03:23
Hardened Veterans work well as Gangs (particularly cool if you use them in Killteam).

By using the Veterans Doctrine you can include 30 gang fighters in your army, the leader and his two most able gangers will obviously be the three HV sergeants (the leader will obviously be in possession of the Honorifica Imperialis), this will then give you access to up to 9 special weapons, three heavy weapons and a whole load of "standard" guys who have a choice of Laspistol/ccw, Shotgun or Lasgun (Laspistol can easily represent a Stubgun or Autopistol, CCW's are going to easily encompass most melee weapons your gangers can have and a Lasgun will easily double for an Autogun) you can use a doctrine to represent the Gang's House traits, Goliaths could easily be Hardened Fighters, Escher might be light Infantry, Cawdor would be Die Hards etc etc.

01-09-2006, 00:27
ive been using mine as hardened veterans.