View Full Version : Imperial Stormtroopers Project Log

Imperial Stormtrooper
31-08-2006, 04:56
Well, i've decided to keep a project log to hear what other people think of my World Eaters. I need motivation to help keep me going, and i would like your thoughts on how it is coming. I've been collecting this army for awhile now, and it is my first and only warhammer 40k force.
My Rhino! its my only painted tank
Half of my bloodletter squad. The other half is being primed and painted.
Cartwheel Man! Everyone at my store knows him and likes him. He distrubs the veterans.
Completed berserker squad with Cartwheel man as Aspiring Champ
Close up of one of my Berserkers
Kharn the Betrayer! I dont use him much, but i like him.
Marine that has just switched to chaos. Has tau legs surgicly attached.
Aspiring Champ for my normal Chaos Squad(They still have mark of Khorne)
Second Berserker Squad in progress
Joe, the Daemon Prince. Hes bad now, but once i get his wings and spear in, he will get a fresh coat of paint.

I know it looks weird now, but i dont know how to get it as Pictures in the post, so i will attach as attachments for know until i learn how.

Cpt. Drill
31-08-2006, 05:15
Cartwheel man should be renamed 'Captain Special... Leader of the Win brigade!'