View Full Version : Dwarf 1k Friendly list

31-08-2006, 05:38

Thane - 94 Pts
Great Weapon, MRoGromril

20 Dwarf Warriors - 205 Pts
Full Command, Shields

19 Longbeards - 283Pts
Full Command, Shields, RoCourage

12 Thunderers - 180 Pts

Cannon - 115 Pts
Engineer, RoReloading

Organ Gun - 120 Pts

TOTAL - 997

This is my first dwarf army list so be nice :D

31-08-2006, 07:17
I dont collect Dwarfs but I have versed them many times and this seems like a well rounded list. Good choice on the longbeards... i dont know why, but out of all my friends armies, my friends Dwarfs are the ones who panic and flee the most.