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31-08-2006, 16:08
Okay, so as 7ed is underway I'm thinking of starting a new army to play with, and as I want a horde army (not gobbos, as there will be many gobbo armies in the future:p ) I choose the one other horde army that really appealed to me: Skaven! What inspired me even more was to make a unique horde, and as Clan Moulder is the least used one, I decided to make an army consisting of lots of them!

I also remembered that GW had published a article about a special clan moulder list in WD! I know this list isn't legal in tournies etc, but my friends let me play with it and that's what counts.

Also, I think (and some of my friends too) that the special characters that you have to include destroys the personal touch an army can have. Therefore, I (or we) have decided to let me to ignore that rule, and include any other character I want!

The list isn't complete, nor am I not sure if the list should be as it is right now. So if you please could... uhm... inspire me to fill in the gaps I would be most gratefull:)

And oh, I've heard rumours about most placing expanding their points limits to 2250, so if you could come with ideas on how to expand this list even a little further is also welcome:)

Skaven Clan Moulder (Hell Pit) - 2000pts


Master Mutator @ 189pts
- Skavenbrew, Whip

Harbringer of Mutation @ 90pts
- 1x Warpstone token, Dispel Scroll

Harbringer of Mutation @ 65pts
- 1x Warpstone token


3 Giant Rat Packs @ 90pts

3 Giant Rat Packs @ 90pts

3 Giant Rat Packs @ 90pts

5 Throttling Packs @ 200pts

5 Throttling Packs @ 200pts

5 Wolf Rats @ 30pts


3 Mutant Rat Ogres @ 180pts
- Quadropedal, Brain Transplant

3 Mutant Rat Ogres @ 210pts
- Extra Extremeties, Powerhouses

3 Mutant Rat Ogres @ 210pts
- Extra Extremeties, Powerhouses


2 Abberrations @ 120pts

1 Burrowing Behemoth @ 215pts


Total: 1914pts
Models: 159
Power Dice: 4
Dispel Dice: 4

Almost forgot... rules for this army can be found in WD #311;)

31-08-2006, 18:22
As a fellow skaven general and warhammer FB player I'm almost perperd to but my tail between my legs and go hide. First off I would need someone to post a link to a site or topic where you can read the rules. Second... yes... I havn't bought a single WD since 300...

01-09-2006, 06:22
I'm afraid that it ain't to be found anywhere on the net... yet.


I dunno... but it seems hard for you guys to comment on the list? I was hoping for more comments... like overall? How do you think this army would look on the battlefield?

01-09-2006, 16:08
If you can, try beefing the rat packs up to at least 4 groups, so you have a geater chance of getting into combat with (usually) 4 CR. With packs of 3, the enemy only has to kill....2 models to deny your 3rd rank...

Cant really comment on anything else as i dont know the special rules and other units from the WD

01-09-2006, 16:44
I have that WD. Got it just 'cos it had Kemmler, Krell and skaven in. Disapointed overall.

Can't say much on the list as the entire moulder theme goes against what I use. If I were to make a moulder lsit for friendly games I'd play with the normal lists but add the extra units from the WD (Rat ogre types etc) as they can easily be subbed for other troops (rat ogre types = normal rat ogres, throtlings = rat packs).

Now, I'll get on with recomendations.

Get a unit of clanrats. Without them your Master Mutator can be killed with ease by a decent player. Getting rid of one of the units of 3 throtlings will give you plenty of points for them.

Give your master mutator warpstone armour or somthing of that effect. Currently he has no save...he has enough points for warpstone armour and a 6+ ward.

01-09-2006, 17:28
I've played this list once or twice and it was a lot of fun. For reference, the army list was printed in WD310. It's also in Army Builder now if people use that.

On the whole this is a pretty solid list from that army. It has a good balance of masses of little beasties and heavy hitting Rat Ogres. If I were going to economize, I'd probably loose the Wolf Rats (who just aren't very good in my opinion), and maybe reduce the number of Throtlings a bit in favor of some Rat Swarms for jamming up enemy flankers.

Tacticaly, I'll point out that the greatest advantage to be found in this army list is the huge amount of Frenzy available. Not only is it quite powerful, but it cancels out Stupidity (the army list’s other defining trait) while it lasts. Play that to your advantage, and consider taking Armored Rat Ogres and things like Skavenbrew for your Giant Rats.

01-09-2006, 18:22
You'll die very fast... you need more Giant Rat packs!!

02-09-2006, 05:05
1. where are you slaves? The Hellpit list is condusive to a sickening number of slave units, since your Mainstay unit is Giant Rats, which are cheaper, and a have less than 1/3 the min. unit cost of Clanrat Warriors/

2. magic. either take 1 harbinger w/ 2x scrolls for anti-magic or go all out w/ a seer general on a bell w/ support. vermintide is better than pestilent breath (im a BCoN player), but still nothing to write home about.

abberations are great, good call. Unbreakable + Skaven = :)
and remember that the Behemoth's Tunneler rule is optional, and it's much lest risky to have him deploy normally (assuming you keep him close enough to your general to give him a chance on passing his 2/3 stupidity tests before he gets into cc)

03-09-2006, 20:31
Thanks for all your replies!:)

This army is almost like an MSU army, meaning that I don't plan for any unit to attack alone, but to use combined arms and "hit & run" tactics to outmanouver and overpower my enemy.

As for the Master Mutator: I planned to have him join either a unit of Rat Ogres, or a unit of Throttlings. Against tougher enemies I'll let him stand in the back, and against easier opposition he'll stand in the front rank. So I don't think a ward save is too necessary (though it would be good to have one).

What I would like to have is a Grey Seer + Screaming Bell with a unit of clanrat slave pushers. There are 2 reasons to why I don't use this unit:

1. Slaves can't be choosen as pushers to a screaming bell:cries:
2. This unit would come at roughly 500pts. Unless playng larger games, I don't know where to get the points for this.

I really would prefer not using clanrats/stormvermin, as I would lik this list to be more or less pure clan moulder. Slaves are acceptable, as they could be converted to look clan-moulder like. I have doubts about how clanrats/stormvermin would though... doesn't seem quite right in my eyes.

So with that in mind the magic combination I'm using right now allows me to cast 2 Vermintide spells with 2d6, once per game with 3d6, which won't in anyway be critical but if I would get as much as one spell through could have saved my flanks from that pesky fast cavalr unit... With the points I have left I'm figuring of adding another harbringer with eye of the horned rat. Giving me an additional DD plus another spell with 2d6 per turn. Perhaps enough to get more spells through?

And oh, I can't remove one of the giant rat units since I need 3 units to field all the rat ogres I'm currently fielding.

So, more suggestions on what to change?

03-09-2006, 20:54
Well, to my recolection you have to take Troth the Unclean or that crazy Rat Ogre guy who's rules were printed along with that list. A word of warning is that list is not "official", meaning you won't be able to use it in tournament play. One great Idea I was somewhere on these boards was to buy Plaguemonk boxes, and use extra rats that come in it (16) as the base for their rat packs, and to use the Monks themselves as Clanrats/converted into being handlers for the Rats.

04-09-2006, 15:59
If you read the first post throughly, I said that this list isn't allowed in tournies but I mostly play with friends anyways, and they like this list. I also said that we've all agreed that special characters is just lame so we simply ignored that rule and let me have any other character that I wanted (according to the list that is).

As for the Plague Priest idea: A box of plague priesta are 18, which is equal to 3 blisters of giant rats (6 each). The box gives me 16 giant rats + some plague priests. The blisters gives me 18 Giant Rats + 3 packmasters. And are you sure the giant rats from the box are of matching size? (to the metal ones that is) I think I prefer the blisters, but that could give me some variation perhaps.. (I really don't need the plague priests... but If someone would like to share/buy them this would be a good idea indeed!)

The Plague Monks would be nice as slaves though... hmm thanks for the tip! :)

04-09-2006, 16:06
I really would prefer not using clanrats/stormvermin, as I would lik this list to be more or less pure clan moulder. Slaves are acceptable, as they could be converted to look clan-moulder like. I have doubts about how clanrats/stormvermin would though... doesn't seem quite right in my eyes.

Plague monks can just as easily be used as clanrats and keep a moulder theme. I still don't think clanrats look un-moulder-ish.

05-09-2006, 13:43
Not Really Un-mouldish, but they don't fit the theme as well as almost all the other choices ;) hency why I would prefer not to use them.