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23-06-2005, 05:41
Hey all this is my first RPG on this forum so dont be so crabby if it all goes to crap. This is based on being a Cadian Shock Trooper in the 8th Cadian. Im going to need a

6 troopers one with a assult weapon.(no plasma)
2 heavy weapon guys(Heavy Bolter and Autocannon only)

If you would all make a character using this guide line.


I hope this turns out as good as im thinking!

23-06-2005, 11:39
ive got the heavy bolter, the rest will be up later.

23-06-2005, 12:45
kool i thought no one was going to join

23-06-2005, 12:49
Mind if I be a Veteran Sergeant from another unit with two Power Swords and Autogun? He's Armoured Fist.
If not, I'll go for another Guard.

23-06-2005, 13:11
Yea sure thats fine
Ive got a few questions about doing this that I couldnt get out of the other RPGS.
Is this sorta like D&D or do you guys basiclly rune the game and just sorta stear you along the right direction?

23-06-2005, 13:38
Well, you can either make a system made with dice where you do everything, or just keep things simple and Round Roin, IE, free run killing.

Personally I find the latter option more fun, as the GM just posts what we're against, where we are, what we're doing, et cetera, and we're not restricted to waiting for the GM to post a single dice roll.

My Character;

Name; Veteran Sergeant Jeager Helgheim
Sex; Male
Age; 35
Class; Armoured Fist Veteran Sergeant (company destroyed)
Rank; Veteran Sergeant, if you haven't guessed already.

Equipment; 2 Power Swords, gained by Jaeger in a battle against a Traitor Guardsman and his former Commander, Wagner Vorskna, which he killed under the survice of one Inquisitor Lord. He also has 3 Frag Grenades, an Autogun with a specially built holster for quick drawing and firing, also with an easy grip handle for one handed use, and a suit of Carapace armour, including a helmet.

Appearance; Many scars mark Jaeger as an experianced battle soldier, having beaten the average life span, which is 15 hours, in which a Guardsman lives, his hair is short and black, his eyes grey, and showing a sorrow few Guardsmen have.
His armour is black, his clothing underneath is green, from the Cadian 21st Company, the Black Guard.

Jaeger's Life has had it's ups and downs, the first seeing a battle in which his own Commander submitted to Chaos. In a battle five years later Jaeger killed him in a single combat, before finding another Traitor that had been within their numbers since he and an Inquisition party had been attacked by a supposedly jealous Grey Knight. In the tunnels below he met this Traitor, and even had himself healed by this Traitor, a Tech Priest, Cian.
Two hundred lay dead at Jaeger's feet, he has no caring for Chaos life, he wishes to Destroy it.

23-06-2005, 13:50
ok i get it well im going to make a character too. Hes going to be the Vox caster is that ok with everyone?

23-06-2005, 15:01
If we dont get any more people then im going to cancel the thread.

23-06-2005, 22:55
ok Nevermind people this thread is closed

23-06-2005, 23:21
You normally have to give people time to sign up, it takes longer than 6 hours for people to decide.

24-06-2005, 02:02
Name: Alan Wilks
Equipment: Heavy Bolter with suspensors, monofilament blade, splinter pistol
Background:During an Eldar raid, Alan was involved in the last defense of the city, and with the help of his platoon managed to hold the xenos off for 4 days, long enough for a deathwatch kill team to arrive and give support. As the fighing intensified, Wilks was part of a team sent in to counter attack the xenos, and due to chance, or the emperors guidance, he was next to a Marine carrying the heavy bolter, the marine was eventually brought down by sniper fire and Wilks was ordered to pick up the weapon and continue firing it.
Apperence: Wilks stands 7'8" tall and is build like a tank, he has no problem carrying around his weapon either. He wears a cameoline cloak that he stole during his fighting against the eldar, and has also managed to get his hands on a monofilament blade and splinter pistol which he keeps at his waist(shady dealings have managed to help him always have more tehn enough ammunition for this gun, and when ammo is short, it is easy to find sharp blades to load it up with.

24-06-2005, 02:49
Oh ok
Well i have a character but ill wait till i know there will be no more people on the thread.

24-06-2005, 23:37
I hope one more is ok?

Name: Alex Wolfwood
Rank: Private
Age: 36
Equipment: Custom lasgun, laspistol and Bayonet (spelling?)

Background: Alex has spent more time than he cares to remember in trenches fighting, he's survived; chaos uprisings, elder raids and the occasional WAAAGG! Now embittered by war Alex keeps to himself, preffering his own company to that of the young 'hot-shots'who will enivitably get killed the next day. When he was young he fought a lot and so took up the habit of smoking to calm his nerves- now its just routine. thoughout his years he has become quite adept at firing his lasgun and has even customised it - giving it a sight and lengthening the barrel to simulate that of a sniper's rifle.

Appearance: The decades in the trenches have not helped the aging process, he has a lean build with guant features and grey, lifeless, eyes. He wears a long brown cloak that covers his flack armour - standard issue green with brown fatigues.Never wears a helmet as it obscurs his field of vision. Has long brown hair which is tied back.