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31-08-2006, 20:16
This is a horde list (aren't all undead armies hordes?)
Lords: Blood Dragon Vampire Count Aethulwulf Engelbrecht=364
- Lvl 3 Wizard
- Barded Nightmare
- Second Hand Weapon
- Heart Piercing
- Master Strike
- Blood Drinker
Heroes: Necromancer=100
- lvl 2
Heroes: Necromancer=100
- Lvl 2

Core: 8x12 Skeletons=864

Special: 3 Spirit Hosts= 195
Special: 11 Black Knights=360
- Joined by Aethulwulf Engelbrecht
- Full Command
- Barding
- Banner of the Barrows

As always, please rend and tear.

31-08-2006, 20:50
Your characters look pretty solid, although I would probably forgo the casting level upgrade on the lord in favor of some magic items for your necromancers. The bound spell items for Hellish Vigor and Dance Macabre are always good to have, and dispel scrolls never go too far wrong.

I think you've overdone it a bit with the Skeletons. As I mentioned for your other army list, you will generally want fewer but larger units of them - having eight blocks of skellies running around will just make it imposable to maneuver - and you really don't need to start with so many in this size list. Also as mentioned in the other thread, I'd suggest exploring their unit options as a value magnifying choice for these blocks.

For this list, I also strongly recommend a block of Grave Guard. I would even pull the lord off his horse and put him in with them. Outside the charge Black Knights are basically just Grave Guard on horses, but they're a heck of a lot more expensive so I usually don't take them. Since they are part of your army theme though, just make sure they have backup. A single unit isn't enough killing force for your army.

Last but not even close to least, take a Black Coach! The Coach is a fantastic compliment to your Knights, and a combined charge from them can be ridiculously deadly. With his speed, maneuverability, and Terror, he’s also well used as a run-around harasser for clearing out your enemy’s back field of lingering spell casters, cowardly artillery, and other such shooty nonsense.

31-08-2006, 22:17
Although you've probably given it some thought already, I strongly suggest you get a Ward save for your general. At 364 points that could be a lot down the drain from a Killing Blow.