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31-08-2006, 22:11
having recently settled on Ogre Kingdoms as my WFB army of choice, I finally picked up the army book and wrote up a couple lists. The one I like the most is also one I still have 220 points to spare, so I could use some advice on what to fill it out with. hence why I have posted it here.:)

Tyrant w/ Beatkiller big name, Cathayan Longsword, heavy armor, Spangleshard, Greedy Fist, Sword Gnoblar, Luck Gnoblar
-- 291

Bruiser w/ BSB, Rune Maw, heavy armor, Lookout Gnoblar
-- 184

Butcher w/ Halfling Cookbook, Dispel Scroll, Tooth Gnoblar
-- 185

Butcher w/ Bangstick & Dispel Scroll
-- 185

2x 5 Bulls w/ Bellower
-- 370

5 Ironguts w/ Bellower
-- 250

2x 25 Gnoblars
-- 100

4 Leadbelchers
-- 220

1 Scrap Launcher
-- 165

2 maneaters, heavy armor, 2x Brace of Handguns
-- 180

List edited, 20 points left over.

(more) Suggestions?

01-09-2006, 04:40
Don't like scraplaunchers do to them being a very expensive charriot that still dies to 1 strength 7 hit. I used 1 to limited success, though I would never run two. Maneaters are very expensive, but the brace of handguns in the current edition anyway are amazing. They are considered pistols to the ogre so no long range penalties, no movement penalties that + stubborn they can generally hold flanks vs fast moving flankers.

That being said, the main strength hidden in the ogre kingdoms in my opinion is the butcher. They are truely amazing. Makes ogre units stubborn or regenerate. Awesome options when faced vs combat resolution or unit breakers like chaos chosen knights. No armor saves vs the 2d6 str 2 hits. Muders brets and empire knights. Good fighting stats, its still an ogre! So they can't be so easily taken care of even when stuck in a fight.

Gnoblars, 2 units of 25, GREAT CHOICE! Gnoblars make horrible fighters but they are great for 2 reasons. They cause zero army panic, even to other gnoblars who don't care. They are 2 points a piece, making them a very necessary unit in my opinion to offset the fact your army would consist of like 20 models otherwise.

Leadbelchers are great. I usually ran them in min squads unless I needed more special slots.

Tyrants a beast, almost any variation will work he's a big baddie. Bruisers i'm not so sold on. Rather have a hunter or butcher in my opinion.

If you take none of my advice except 1 thing, then I would listen to the comment about butchers. They are incredible, all there spells are cheap, and they know all there spells. The new miscast table has no affect on us unless we get hit by some erratta, go go gut magic!

01-09-2006, 19:16
Point taken. Well, a few actually.:) I like the idea behind Scrap Launchers, but having not played 6th edition at all i wasn't aware of the str 7 = instakill thing. Dropped one, added another Butcher and pair of maneaters with the handguns. With 20 points left over, should I drop one leadbelcher and use those points to get some Gnoblar trappers, or just add some additional stuff to the characters?