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01-09-2006, 10:16
Hi there,

I'm fiddling with my Vampire counts since 3 years of absense from WHFB.

I'm playing a blood dragon list and I want my vampire count on foot. I already decided to use a thrall BSB with flayed hauberk and sword of might

I also want him to have the black periapt and heart piercing, these are just great! No I still have 60 points to play around with...

The thing is, I need another sword of might! I know a great weapon is great, but the price is high, bad save in cc and strike last later on...

So options:

-enchanted shield, book of secrets,black periapt and heart piercing:
nice defense, can switch between HW and GW

-biting blade, strength of steel, enchanted shield, honor or death,black periapt and heart piercing:
still good save, bit more hitty, no chariot killing alas

-sword of battle, red fury, hart piercing, honor or death, enchanted shield
Damn that periapt, lots of attacks!(to bad of that challenge thing)

-sword of might, black periapt, enchanted shield, heart piercing, honor or death
My favorite, but it robs the thrall of his weapon, perhaps he can do with the biting blade?

Well, hope you can make some sense of this or convince me that a great weapon is just so worth it, even without defense!



(ps I did'nt select the 5+ ward save, I feel I should kill stuff before I need the save, I should be protected from cannons and stuff by my skellie bodyguard I guess?)

01-09-2006, 12:46
A great weapon wastes a Vampire Counts natural quickness. I personally prefer mounting him and giving him a lance or giving his a Sword of Might.

01-09-2006, 14:50

As I wrote, I want him on foot and I agree with the great weapon thing, I could use some in dept analysis/thoughts about the proposals I made.

I don't want him on a mount, he needs to be safe in his hufe skellie retinue!



god octo
01-09-2006, 16:33
i would go for this set up-

-biting blade, strength of steel, enchanted shield, honor or death,black periapt and heart piercing:
still good save, bit more hitty, no chariot killing alas

This configuration means he is well protected, but can still fight reasonably well. in a VC army ( i dont play them) i guess the general is the most important character and so should have the most protection.

04-09-2006, 13:09
no,no and no! this is da ****:
sword of striking (30)
black periapt (15)
heart piercing (25)
master strike (25?30? dont remember..) dis dude hits on 2+ against most foes and rerolls in da first turn, and den he has a nasty killing blow....

04-09-2006, 14:29
Nice against characters, but kind of wasted against rank and file. Besides, paying 25 points to reroll 1s to hit only in the first turn of combat is not that great imho.

god octo
04-09-2006, 16:39
Kraal_Lord_Of_Blood, please do not swear and rave in these forums, it will be blocked out and is not nice. Also, beware that posting points cost may get you banned, as it is against forum (and GW rules).

Also, please try not to use l33t speak, suh as da and dis. Somepeople do not understand it and English is not their first language and it can make posts very hard to read.

06-09-2006, 12:03
I use the sword of striking with red fury and strength of steel. Hitting on 2's and getting strength 6 on the charge makes him excellent at killing a lot. I've also used my count with the flayed hauberk, g.weapon and red fury, counitng on winning CC's in the first round.

I never mount him on a nightmare, as I find that the thrall is better for that use. Not that many eggs in one basket, and you can easier keep the genera in the middle of the army, for marching and such...

06-09-2006, 12:45
For my foot count / lord, I usually take Sword of Might, Red Fury, Enhanced Shield, Master Strike and a Black Periapt. 5/6 S6 attacks hitting on 3+, and killing blow against characters. Still has a very good armour save on top of it, and with the new rules, the common items will even be cheaper so I save some pts.