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Flame of Udun
01-09-2006, 22:33
Hey guys, Me and some mates are starting a 500point force mini campaign type affair and I want to put an Ork force together but one with real orky character but I've never played with Orks EVER! So what would you guys suggest that would make a small but characterful force? I was thinking of themeing it on a particular klan (not Goffs) or feral/Snakebites force.

As a note, its just for fun and kicks so I want to avoid any power gaming type forces and it doesn't have to be uber legal just fun :)

Cheers dudes :D

01-09-2006, 22:40
My basic 400p one is very stairght forward and not min/maxed at all...exept if you call useing yoru troops choices exclusivly cheese...

i have...

Twelve sluggaboys two of them with rokits led by a nob

Eleven sluggaboys two of them with burnas led by a nob


Another eleven sluggaboys with two burnas led by a nob...

37 models all in all and 40 wounds...

as you have 100p to spend more i whould suggest two Killa Kans

Very Orky no matter what klan you play...(exept if you like speed)

01-09-2006, 22:53
um...what are we doing here...40k in 40min?

other then that, you really need to research stuff...find the klan you like and base an army off it. dont worry about army lists or anything until then. read my sig for more info.

telling the truth now...read the who loves orks? thread in the race discussion forum...definetly worth a waaagh or two

Damien 1427
01-09-2006, 22:59
As a note, its just for fun and kicks so I want to avoid any power gaming type forces and it doesn't have to be uber legal just fun :)

Guess that rules out The Wrath of Kaaan!!! list.

Flame of Udun
01-09-2006, 23:15
um...what are we doing here...40k in 40min?

Not quite, the story is, me and some mates were in the pub the other night and spent ages nattering about various aspects of 40K and WFB but the thing is we really don't play alot but we've all been into the game for years now and love to talk about it. So to remedy the situation we're going to start having some small games that instead of being tourney legal and boring are fun and fresh and we're going to re write the rules as we go to make it as fun as possible so we can have more free flowing games that allow you to take theme forces and whatever and create much more interesting scenarios etc. Its jus we are sick of having to create a force based on a set of rules that really don't apply to us as we don't play tourneys and do want to spend hundreds creating massive armies for massive battles.

Anyway, I've always liked orkses especially from second ed when they had such great character, so I just want to create some thing mad and fun to play with.

Goq Gar
01-09-2006, 23:24

500/3 = Fun.

( I realise thats not including warboss etc, but come on, its so many grots!!!)

Meh, I would say a hefty unit of 20 Sluggas led by nob with 2 burnas.

Hefty unit of 20 Sluggas led by nob with 2 rokkit launchas.

Warboss with Choppa and Slugga and eavy armour (cheap yet thoroughly effective)

And That leaves you somewhere near... 75 pts to spend elsewhere? *cough* grots *cough* <_< ENJOY YOUR GAME!

01-09-2006, 23:53
I'd go for something like this:

Warboss w/Choppa, Slugga, 'Eavy Armour. 71.
17 Slugga Boyz, 3 Rokkits, Nob w/Powerklaw. 204
15 Grots, Slaver w/Choppa, Slugga. 57
9 Trukk Boyz w/Burna, Nob w/Powerklaw, Trukk w/Rokkit. 167

The Warboss can hitch a lift into assault with the Trukk Boyz-if they manage to get into combat, with the Klaw and the Warboss's Choppa they'll be able to mince through most of whatever they can touch. You've got 4 Rokkits for taking potshots and tanks on the way in, a decent sized grot screen for the Sluggas, and 17 Sluggas with a PK is still nothing to laugh at.

Also, take a saunter down to the Who Loves Orks thread in Groups and Factions for a regular dose of Orky WAAAGHness. And link it in your sig if you decide be become a regluar member of the Orky clubhouse. ;)

02-09-2006, 00:50
Warboss on bike, some badork bikerboyz, and some buggies and traks to back it up.

500pts of blazing, high speed deff on wheelz!! Loadz of konversion oppertunities, stupidly mobile and packing loadz of accurate, big gunz (That'll surprise your opponents, orks that can shoot straight!)

02-09-2006, 01:11
ive alaways thought it would be cool to make a ork speed kult, with ****-loads of bikes, buggies, traks, and more buggies!

Da Reddaneks
02-09-2006, 02:19
no matter what you do you will be ok. why you ask? because your playing ORKS!!!!!!

Congradulations on joining the waaaagh! you are now part of the finest army in the 40K universe!