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02-09-2006, 15:29
This is my first list with a warlord instead of a grey seer, so any suggestions would be welcome.

1 Warlord 176 Pts
General; Heavy Armour
Weeping Blade [45]
Warpstone Amulet [25]
Enchanted Shield [10]
With Plague Monks

1 Chieftain 149 Pts
Heavy Armour; Battle Standard
Sacred Standard of the Horned Rat [75]
With Clanrats 3

1 Assassin 155 Pts
Warpstone Stars [50]
With Gutter Runners

1 Warlock Engineer 135 Pts
Supercharged WP Accumulator; Upgraded Warp-Energy
Condenser; Warp Blades
#1 Warpstone Token [0]
Dispel Scroll [25]
Dispel Scroll [25]

25 Clanrats (1) 140 Pts
Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

25 Clanrats (2) 225 Pts
Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

24 Clanrats (3) 219 Pts
Spear; Light Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

2 Ratling Gun 120 Pts

20 Clanrat Slaves (1) 40 Pts

20 Clanrat Slaves (2) 40 Pts

20 Clanrat Slaves (3) 40 Pts

2 Rat Swarms 90 Pts

2 Giant Rat Pack (1) 60 Pts

2 Giant Rat Pack (2) 60 Pts

9 Gutter Runners 144 Pts
Poisoned Throwing Stars

24 Plague Monks 232 Pts
2ndWeapon; Standard; Musician
War Banner [25]

1 Warp-lightning Warp Cannon 100 Pts

Casting Pool: 4

Dispel Pool: 3

Models in Army: 204

Total Army Cost: 2005 pts

02-09-2006, 16:45
Where are you putting your characters?

Combine the two rat packs into a single large one for maximum effect.

02-09-2006, 16:55
Drop one rat pack, then combine the remaining one into the other 2 (for a 3 pack rat pack) and use the points to bulk the plague monks to 25, clanrats to 25 and the remaining points to add troops to slaves, clanrats etc. With only 24 they will look weird (new rules 5 rank wide minimum) and lose rank quicker.

02-09-2006, 17:55
Well I was thinking to use smaller rat packs using them only to negate ranks when they flank charge, as I found it hard to use them as a real combat unit since the rats are really bad (no armor save, no banner) and cost just a tad less than a clanrat. Also the 2 rat pack idea was recommended in the article on the GW website so I thought to give it a try. The missing spot in the plague monks and clanrats units are to be filled up by characters, I'll edit the post so it says so. The warlord is in the plague monk unit, the bsb in the clanrat unit and the assassin is with the gutter runners.