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02-09-2006, 23:09
Hello, I'm turning my eyes to something else than Skaven. I'm thinking of either continuing my HE (2000 pts) or VC (1000 pts) armies, or starting a BoC army of Tzeentch, with mostly Beast units, and perhaps a few Daemons.

Are BoC fun to play? Is there much versatility with them? Which troops are viable, and which aren't? I'm looking mostly to Beast herds and perhaps a Shaggoth. I really dislike the Chaos Trolls, Chaos Ogres and Dragon Ogre figs, so I don't want any of those until they are remade. An alternative would be to use OK models as Chaos Ogres.

Would a Tzeentch army made mostly of Beast Herds, Hounds, Tzaangors be a good force? Of the "monstrous" troops I'd probably get a Shaggoth, a Giant or some converted Spawn.

I also have a fluff-problem with my army. I always like to have a strong background for my forces, and I am having a hard time thinking of what Beastmen worshipping Tzeentch are like. Tzeentchians are usually scholarly, plotting, calculating and so on. However, Beasts of Chaos are quite straight-forward, strong and simple. How would you make up your background for a herd of the Lord of Change?

03-09-2006, 06:28
tzeench = change. they are a heavily shamanistic herd, nomadic, lead by tzeench beastlords who strongly value arcane knowledge.
tzeench, imho, is the nearest approximation of chaos undivided, or it exemplifies one of the most prominest aspects, change and mutation :)

There's some warhammer fluff in ether the BRB or O&G army book where the shamans are descirbed as 'da odd ones'. mebbe carry that over for you mutated, dynamic tzeench herd. a sort of 'outsider' theme
just the most warped and deranged creatures, shunned by all other manners of creation.

as for your proposed army composition, sound good in theory but here are some things to think about
1. Tzaangor are 0-1. You can have as many bestigor units as you have herds, but only 1 unit can be marked.
2. Go for some chariots. Beasts have some of the best chariots around, and they are core like mortals, although unmarkable sadly.
3. as for your monstrous troops, it's nice to have a balance of big baddies (giant, shaggoth), tarpits (spawn, essentials), and 3-4 model units of 40mm heavy hitters, especially ogres and minos who can take command and get some static cr from banners, musicians and outnumber small stuff on their US 12. centigors also sorta fall into this category though, although they are not as popular as minotaurs or ogres.
hope that helps :)

03-09-2006, 08:12
I'd stay away from bestigors if it is a faster more flexible force you're after. their block formation severely impacts their ability to react to other enemy units when compared to beast herds and movement 6+ troops. If you do run them you have to be prepared to gear the rest of the army to support them and never ever let them get charged by more than 1 unit. the same goes for beast herds but it is easier to avoid without using dedicated blockers.

03-09-2006, 11:23
I would advise to stick with Tzaangors/Bestigors. This is the only unit that will get you full rank bonus and have a chance of going toe to toe with cavalry, which is usually the bane of most beast armies. The herds are fine, but they don't negate ranks, tend to run when anyone goes, Bo! and are only strength three. I find the Bestigors are invaluable.
I would take one if not two chariots are they are great when paired against pretty much anything.
As for the theme of the army. You said you wanted to use deamons. You take an exalted deamon as your general with that magic item with the beasts worshipping him/her as a demi-god.

03-09-2006, 15:17
I find them to be quite a fun army stopping with mine now because of the annoyances in the new rules. I have used khornegor they have generally killed what they hit.

With Tzeentch being change Morghur(sp?) could be used to represent a seriously warped beastlord/thing. This would also let you make besti/tzaangors raiders.

03-09-2006, 15:34
As for tzeengors, I'm not a fan. They're too pricey for what they do, and as others have said, they're the most inflexible unit in an army built around flexibility.

Herds are GREAT!!!!
Tuskgor chariots are great too
warhounds are good, depending on how you use them(i don't)
centigors(feeling lucky?)
shaggoth and giant are great(but they are NOT equivalants)
tzeentch spawn are FANTASTIC

Keep in mind, with tzeentch like no other, he tricks people into worshiping him. Very often, people don't find out that they're devotion is really to tzeentch until it's too late(poor aekold helbrass), so you could have them worshipping a different kind of deity which is Tzeentch masked.